SRK RELAUNCH - Feedback/Question Thread

but as of right now its completely mixed and not sorted at all. the fighting game category is actually how i would like things to be.

on the forum overview its a own kategory with the “big games” listed up (should be updated) so that you can just click on them to get to the games category. and when you click on the overall fighting games topic
you get to a page where each prior listed entry has its own category. its clean and sorted. great!

only thing i would add are the floating games which are on the main forum page in theire own categorys like
Marvel VS Capcom Infinite
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom3
these are fighting games and should belong in the actual sub category.

now lets take a look at the evo 2018 category

first of all, it has not all evo 2018 games in it.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition
Tekken 7
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Super Smash Bros. Melee
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
Injustice 2
Dragon Ball FighterZ

these games (not sure about smash) are represented on this forum with either single threads or even own category’s and should be put into the evo category or it doesn’t make sense to have one to begin with.

now to the category itself. on the forum main page you can again click on the tekken, dbfz entry and get to a page where you just see content from that game. when you click on the main title “evo championship series”
you don’t see these games clean listed up as in the fighting game category’s. its all mixed up in one big pot.

thats what i meant with messy and inconsistent.

that what everyone tries here. but when you move from your home to another place you take stuff with you which you liked. reaction icons are something which i always used in the old forums like everyone else. its a part of the way people “communicated” with each other and its missing right now and bringing it back would make a lot of people happy.

i get that you don’t want to slap fancy new stuff into this place even tho i think you should be more open to new features like category backgounds ect but reaction icons are nothing new. i consider it a basic feature which is now missing and i hope you put it back in.

I’m glad you like the new Fighting Game Category.
MvC:I and UMvC:3 are doing their own thing because they have subcategories. That messes with my ability to push them into the FGCat (read: it blocks my ability to do that). I need to sort that out still.

Same problem mostly with the Evo layout.

My plan is to add the Retort plugin, but it’s not a simple on/off switch: supposedly I need to make some backing changes. That’s on The To-Do List. I’m hoping to have some time this weekend.

edit: can’t add the retort plugin. sorry.

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Oh good lord, please put in pages as soon as possible. The auto-loading-more-when-scrolling-down thing is one of the worst aspects of Web 3.0, or 4.0, or whatever crap we’re on now.

It would be nice but after researching Discourse enough I dont think any Discourse forum I’ve seen uses pages. It seems like a very hard thing they advertise or enforce and even if it were to be possible we’d probably be the first Discourse site ever to somehow edit in pages. Think it’s just gonna be a thing unless admins have some magic I’m not aware of.

Just kill me.

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Lol, I too miss pages, no matter what other options we have I think it’s clear pages just outshines everything else but the admins are doing everything possible so we just have to adapt to no pages.

FWIW, I’ve started pushing back the UMvC3 Character category threads into UMvC3 at which point we can move UMvC3 under FG. Also did a couple other minor acts of tidying up the forums::category view.

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I can’t log in to my KnightWarrior name

Yes, I have my Password right

might be able to help you…

Anyone else having trouble hitting the reply button on mobile because the message counter is covering the button?

Trying to post without replying to anyone specific has become quite a hassle with me struggling to click the actual button.

Looks like a bug in discourse - anybody else hitting it? Is it a problem in the light theme as well? What phone browser?

thats something i encountered on the dolphin browster (android) too.
puffin doesnt has the issue but overall its pretty…lets say uncomfortable to browse this side with a smartphone for me due to how discourse works.

Reply button being blocked by other forum items on mobile has been a thing since we started using it unfortunately.


Wrong thread.

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My bad lol

That sucks. Thanks for bringing it up. I’ll mention it to the Discourse peoples as a starting point.

Yell at me in a week if you haven’t heard back.

OK, the Discourse peoples tell me that they have now fixed it. Pls report back if still a problem.


Yep, it’s fixed now.