SRK RELAUNCH - Feedback/Question Thread

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10. PLEASE add sub catergories/forums for EACH CHARACTER in character discussions for SFV and other games if possible. At minimum it would be very important for SFV since that still had active discussion in some of the threads until the migration. Right now the only category for SFV Character Discussion is “Character Discussion” which is generic and basically throws every character thread ever for SFV into one big ass subforum. Just a spam of threads criss crossing all over the place.

If you look on the gearbox forums you’ll notice the characters for Battleborn have their own separate category/thread and it’s listed very neatly with previews of some of the threads you can expect in that character’s category.

Right now SFV Character Discussion is basically what would occur if every thread for every character was just piled into one forum. There’s no real separation of the characters right now so the Ibuki tech thread is under the Ryu matchup thread is under the Abigail video thread and so on. It’s like having one character with 900 threads.

On gearbox they don’t even have the tags for characters. It’s just the general discussions and then each character has its own category directly under it. Very neat and easy to see. I guess all the SFV characters just got lumped into the tags just for the sake of a makeshift attempt at organization, but it wont work long term.

@neil @kr15 Do either of you know who has admin privileges to get some of this started? I saw that only admins have the ability to create new categories and fixing number 10 above ASAP would be of good help. If the create category feature was available for mods I would have already started chipping away at it.


updated the startpost with the community feedback/wishes which deviljin collected in his posts.
hit me up when i missed something.

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it would be nice when closed threads dissapear from the Top thread Section.
Right now the old SFV thread is still listed there while the new one isnt.

and move up the Tekken7 thread please…not sure why its put down.

You can see a list of the Shoryuken admins on the About page. I’ll leave it up to them whether they want to grant moderators the power to create/edit/delete categories.

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I have a hard time navigating on mobile. Sometimes the buttons don’t register. It’s even worse when buttons don’t register on the drop down and instead registers the link behind the drop down.

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This happens every once in a while on mobile for me also. Usually if I refresh the page it fixes it though.


11. Please up the data limit for gifs/jpegs. (at least 15MBs or something higher) Uploading gifs to show reactions or a quick shot of tech for a game was a key thing for the forums in Vanilla and the 3MB limit pretty much excludes using any gif that last longer than 3 seconds or has any quality to it at all.

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Please add the option to disable animated avatars.

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is this even possible to let the user decide if he wants to see them animated or not?
since they are so small they dont bother me that much atm.

So are we going to get pages back or not? Way easier to navigate to last/first post that way instead of going through menus to type in exactly what post we want, easier to remember a page then a specific post. Great job regardless guys.

I’m on the team that builds Discourse. I’m jumping in to address a few of your questions. Feel free to ask for clarification on anything.

It is possible to build and install custom themes and theme components which would allow individuals to choose their own theme from a dropdown in their preferences. It’s easy to include square and/or larger avatars into a theme. (You’ll need an admin to install the themes before you can see them though).

I think this is likely a combo of personal taste and just getting used to the change. Infinite scrolling is fundamental to Discourse so you’re stuck with that I’m afraid. That said, I’ve been part of many X > Discourse migrations and it doesn’t take long to forget the old ways. Maybe hang fire on this for a couple of months while the changes bed in.

Hmmm. I haven’t heard this behaviour before and I’m not currently seeing it here. What device and OS are you on? I can dig deeper.

Again, super easy. CSS and or custom themes make Discourse super customisable.

There is a signatures plugin is available on some plans. This is something you could take up with your admin.

The purpose of the heart is to minimise the number of low-value posts (like “thanks”) but it’s super easy to customise this to be a different icon. The Retort plugin also is an option.

Read up on markdown syntax. There is a tonne of stuff that you can do if you know how!

From an info architecture (and performance) perspective I would highly recommend against this in favour of tags. Tags make content easy to find without making your community into a maze.

This is an easily customisable setting

There is an upvote plugin which you could experiment with.

You shouldn’t have to – Discourse will remember where you were last up to.

It is site wide. i.e. you can either have animated avatars or not.

Not on Discourse, no, but if you can explain your use case I can help you find an efficient workaround.

@Preppy if you need support on any of the above (or anything else for that matter) ping me. Happy to talk through possible options.


I just think that having pages is more efficient,neater,easier, and more forum like. It definitely is true that people remember pages much easier than a specific post, I guess we can screenshot a god post for reference regardless. And given that you’ve already said we weren’t getting pages back then it’s just a getting used to thing, just learn how to use the new format that’s all. Thanks everyone for keeping shoryuken afloat.

Thanks for your feedback @thehawk. Would like to see the admins start to add some plug ins and adjust the avs to make things more familiar for people. I’ll message the admins if they dont immediately post here and see when things can get started. Having at least reaction icons and boxed avatars would go a long way towards getting things more familiar for people.

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I think this would likely be me. I’ve been slow on making most changes because I’d like people to give Discourse a chance. That should let us more figure out what’s necessary by the virtue of being awesome versus necessary because that’s way it used to work.


it would be a good start to properly move the threads into their own categorys with sub categorys when needed. right now its kinda messy and inconsistent in term of how stuff is put together.

when you might want some input i can lay you out how it in my opinion would be better arranged.

I must be missing something. Where’s the option to turn off flooding my e-mail with notifications?

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I agree. Just a couple things at minimum that would objectively make the place better would help big.

  1. Boxed avatars (bigger also if possible)
  2. Reaction icons (via retort plug in or however else possible)

Those 2 things alone would just make the place a lot livelier as people’s avs can look a little bit nicer and people can actually react and have fun with posts without having to make a post. Right now people only being able to up vote a post with a generic heart just kills too much personality for the forum.

If those 2 things could be up in like a couple weeks or so I’d be fine with everything else coming over time. Themed backgrounds would also help really liven up the site as its kinda bare as far as layout. Would fill up that dead space nicely like it does on the gearbox forums.

thehawk mentions it, but adding things as a top level category I think is not what we want to do. We should look at other ways of sorting information. I don’t want to overuse categories: I don’t think that is the right thing to do.

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