SRK RELAUNCH - Feedback/Question Thread

You can use this thread to ask Questions or give Feedback about the Discourse Forum/SRK Relaunch.
Thx for keeping the forum alive!

Edit: Collected wishes from the Community

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any chance for implementing sites again?
20-40 per page like it used to be.
the endless scrolling is especially in large threads a chore


i cant edit the tekken dojo thread anymore. any chance to change that?

The forum is impossible to navigate now please bring back pages instead of this infine scrolling mess.


“You’ve reached the maximum number of edits today. Please wait 19 hours before trying again.”

why is there even a edit limit?
trying to fix the mess caused do the transition on the dbfz dojo thread…
btw, i dont have access to the tekken dojo thread for whatever reason.

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Well that doesn’t bode well for me fixing The Character Concept thread. Anyone know how spoiler tags work now?

blabla spoiler


[ ]
inside that you put

and to close it /details in [ ]

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How do you quote people properly?

mark the text, a popup will appear to quote it.

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whacks appo
Looks like that works.

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Could you clarify the problem that you’re running into?

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is there any way to implement the “rise up”, “insightful”, etc… for posts? that gave the community more personality. i’m not really sure if that’s already implemented and i don’t know how to use it. all i see right now is a “like” heart button.

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pagination please…

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send you a private message.

Does anyone know what the character limit is for posts? Appo was nice enough to help me with my spoiler problem. I think I may be able to fix my Character Concept thread after all.

OK, I’ve enabled editing of old posts now. You can now edit a post forever.


Thanks. That explains why it let me fiddle with my old OP. I didn’t let me initially. You are the man Albert Clifford.

Private message chains maxed out at 500 and closes automatically, any way to reopen them?

Also, add me to the list of complainers to infinite scrolling, the forum moves so slowly on my computer and is very resource heavy because of this. And each time it live load messages, it spams my history list too. Really wish a bare basic theme is available for the new forum. Give users a choice between hip new shit or efficient old shit.

Please how can we get pages back?

And Youtube embeds.

whats wrong with the youtube embeding?