SRK Photographers Thread Vol. 1

Took this at a Hot Chip show last month.

old foto i took some time ago.

something more recent. Doing a lot of macro stuff lately.

Nice thread .

good stuff. are you in the business?

Wow, some really amazing stuff in here. Keep it up everyone!
Me bored with my cell phone one night - thought it came out decent.
Taken outside my window during a crazy LA fire back in 2003.

Both of them were taken with a really old 2mp Canon, nothing fancy. Nothing done in photoshop to either one.

I also updated my flickr account:

Derek Daniels

No. I want to be but I don’t think I should yet. Plus from what I hear its kinda hard and competitive.

took these not too long ago. lol I don’t have that zune anymore.

The flower is a bit blurry. Hard to focus when you are that close!!

Bump time.

I like taking “action shots” and freezing the action. Please note that I’m a novice at this, I believe it’ll show in my work, haha.

Very Amateurish, I know. Any tips or whatever? Other than “stop taking pictures of light fixtures?”

i hope im not posting in the thread
what are the best photoshop tutorials out there in the form of videos?

If you have itunes, there these podcast called “photoshop quicktips” that some guy releases every week. They show you a step by step process in ps. They are pretty good. And free.

Just trying to keep this thread alive.

some pix i took yesterday on my way to LACMA

we shouldnt discriminate on snap shots.

i would have used a slower shutter speed to give it more of a glow and some trails. your other shots are cool tho.

Thanks for the advice. It did kinda catch me off guard, I was at my little brother’s high school graduation (indoors) and at the end they were like, “Please take young children that may get frightened by loud noises out into the hall, there’ll be fireworks”. Indoor fireworks.

What you said makes sense though, thanks!

lol INDOOR fireworks?! yea, that would catch me off gaurd also.
HRAP Action
Clam Chowder

Picked up an UV filter and just taking random stuff to see if I wanna keep it on or not.

Derek Daniels

youre not gonna see any results from shooting pix like that with a UV filter. honestly, i dont even think it does anything but protect the real glass behind it. having a UV filter is a good thing. just keep it.

yeah you’are not really gonna see any results with the uv. it really is just for protection. I f you want something useful, get a circular polarizer. Will make your skys bluer and reduces reflections to your desire.

john choi used this hrap. and so did gene wong. you know its a very important picture.