Hey everyone! CG here, with a new, more universal tournament thread. I’ll be posting here for anything tournament related that we do. I’ll update the OP with the relevant information with each tournament as well as the title.

If you want to contact me for any reason, swing by the IRC, which we will be using to coordinate the tournament as well the day of.


[details=Spoiler]SMASH SETTLERS!

Here are the rules for this themed tournament:

Best three out of five. Single Elimination. Wii U only. 3 stock, 8 minutes. No items

To sign up for this tournament, you need to pick one stage, and two characters. When you and an opponent face off, you will only be able to use your characters and your stage to play on, same for the opponent. So if you pick, say, Mario Galaxy as your stage, and your opponent picks Gamer, you can only play on Mario Galaxy or Gamer. This lasts the entire round. When someone is defeated, they relinquish their stage to the winner. The winner(P1) moves on in the bracket, and the same situation applies. If P1’s opponent in the next round has Castle Siege and Wuhu Island among his stages, the pool of stages P1 can pick includes Mario Galaxy, Gamer, Castle Siege, and Wuhu. If P1 is victorious again, he may inherit one stage of his choice, but not both.

You CANNOT pick a stage that has already been chosen. It’s first come first serve. There is no limit on characters

Byes will be assigned any of the common neutral stages(Final Destination, Smashville, Town and City, and Battlefield), so these stages ARE NOT available to be chosen upon registration, as are the 8 man stages like Palutena’s, Jungle Hijinx, Temple, and Big Battlefield.

Any other stage is fair game.

ANy other questions for now? Please comment.

Registration will open this Friday

First Prize will be a Peach Amiibo donated by LordWilliam



For the longest time, items have been a hot topic in the Smash scene. This tournament, we will compare interest! Over the course of two weeks, we will have two tournament days. One day will be a standard tournament(neutrals, CPs, stages, no gimmicks). The second, we will have the same rules, but be allowing items of up to Rank three according to Cyntalan’s ranking system. We can debate which exact rank later, but I know Ranks 4 and up will not be allowed. Items will be set to LOW. When both tournaments are completed, the winner will be the ‘Champion’ for that side of the debate. At another time that we can specify works for both parties, we will have both meet in a final clash. Each CP items will be decided to be on or off, depending on the loser. The winner of this match will be our true Tournament Champion! If the same person wins in both Items and Non-Items, there will be no final clash.

-There will be a 3DS Tournament adhering to these rules as well. They will take place on the same day.

-Prizes are yet to be determined. Only the Tournament Champion(s) will receive full prize. Think of it as a qualifier type tournament before hand.

-The non-items tournament will take place around the weekend of the 14th. Then a break for those attending Final Round(including me), then the Items Tournament the 28th.

Registration for both is now open.

Actually I’ll be donating the prize for this one.

This one is a Peach amiibo.

Looks like Megabro amiibo is going to be delayed,. So lw is supplying you fools with a peach Amiibo :smiley:

i have a gf

i most likely cannot attend

Whoops. Go figure I pick the one day I was trying to avoid

no more gf problems that weekend


crap i work saturday.

Well, it’s Friday.

Characters: Link and Shulk.

Stage: Lylat Cruise.

How presumptuous of you to start without my go ahead.


Registration is open.

I’m extremely impatient.

Unless I’m playing a game.

Characters: Zero Suit Samus, Yoshi

Stage: Pokemon Stadium II

Characters: Mega Man and Luigi

Stage: MARIO CIRCUIT WII U (fuck you, Mood and Kaboxxxxxx)

I heard about you and that damn stage, Po lol.

Surprised you didn’t pick Wily’s Castle cause, y’know… "FUCK CAPCOM"

Usually I would go Wily Castle, but Mario Circuit pisses Mood off sooo much, so I have to use it.

Lylat Cruise is the closest thing I can get to a neutral stage this go-round.

Aside from Duck Hunt which I don’t like.

Characters jr and diddy kong(fuck you po)

Stage: duck hunt :slight_smile:

I’m going to tentatively sign up for this with the caveat that my schedule might change depending on family plans. But I really want to be a part of it.

Characters: Greninja and Mega Man
Stage: Wily Castle

i’m gonna try and get that day off.

character: ness
stage: castle siege.

characters: mario and ness
stage: delfino and something. Idk

Only one stage allowed