SRK Nostalgia

So, I was feeling nostalgic and stuff. I posted in the fighting game forums as well about this. Browsed some internet archive way back machine stuff on SRK. Gotta show the new school people how old SRK used to be…

SRK. It never changes.

What’s with all you old motherfuckers making threads like “Group hug guys! Been a member for 13 years!”

Early stage alzheimers. Everyone thinks they’re back in pre-school.

If you couldn’t keep your old account then you’re just another new nigga like us now ya dig

who cares? in a few months 09ers will have been on this site for half a decade

Or one fourth of their lives, give or take a trimester. :coffee:

09’ers only live for 20 years?

I didn’t know the vorcha were real.

Please infer correctly or not at all.


I remember when BeGuiled used to be a decent troll.

Who took that account over? FlameMammoth33?

[Sees the “Is Nintendo’s Future Solid?” thread in the image]
[Sees " Future of Nintendo? Bright.. or Dark "]
Some things never change…

This is routine here. We old timers love to think about the" good old days" years ago. You act like SRK only does this.

because you touch yourself at night… or day; whichever’s worst.

New schoolers, don’t be jealous. I know some of us are like the Hulk Hogans, Stonecold Steve Austins and The Rocks, while most of you are like the Curtis Axels, Rybaks, etc.

I remember when X happened to Y, wasn’t that a great moment guys!

I would of been here sooner. But you know, life. And porn. Porn too.

You should have saved this for the Christmas episode of SRK where we all reminisce about the old days over egg nog and Thunderbird, remembering the time STA convinced Bloofy and Mycah Leonheart that he was actually a sexy BBW otaku gurl that was interested in them.

Ahhh… good times. Good times. :tup:

What was Missing Person’s previous account?

It’s pretty sad that a screenshot of SRK from 9-10 years ago looks so much better than current SRK. This place looks like shit since getting Vanilla forums.

I prefer mornings. Its a good way to start the day off.