SRK MAFIA XVII - ATTACK ON TITAN:End of Day 8 - The Grim Reminder (Civilians lose!)

In order to set the mood while reading this

What are you thinking Erwin, asked Levi while taking a sip of his cup of tea.
I think that we should keep it to ourselves, at least for now, we are not sure how many of them are out there, besides, the new recruits have a lot on their minds right now, plus we are not sure who we can trust, replied Erwin while looking through the window at the group of said recruits that were gathered outside at the training ground.
We need to be pragmatic about this whole situation said Erwin.
Levi stared at his leader and let out a sigh of relieve after seeing his determination.
Levi rose from his chair and headed for the door, You know that even if we win, you would end considered a monster right? This plan of yours could end costing many lives, said before leaving.
If it means that we can win this war, is a price that I am willing to pay, said Erwin with determination.

Meanwhile at the training ground.
What do you think that we should do? Asked ForgeDigger to her comrades.
I am not sure said D’Nyc3, this is too much.
The Chief looked at his peers while analyzing the situation, he knew what is at stake, he already lost a lot of his friends during the attack on Trost.
We lost many of our friends said Augustus, “Missing Person”, “DaRabidDuckie”, “HaX”, they didn’t deserve to die by being eat by those giant freaks.
We knew that sooner or later were going to happen, said Pimp Willy, it comes with this line of work.
Synonym was starting to regret his desicion of joining the Survey corps, after seeing the deaths of his friends the other day, he was not sure if he was not sure if he was made for it.

Don’t worry said Sumazndude while placing his hand at the shoulder of his friend, I know what you are thinking, I am sure that everyone here is thinking the same.
But if we all stay together I am sure that we wouldn’t meet the same fate of our friends.

Erwin still looking at the recruits while in his office thought, Is a price that I am willing to pay.





Player List


Player Sign-Ups

  1. RadicalFuzz
  2. Blindknagg
    03. Augustus - Eren Yeager
    04. Pimp Willy - Hannes
  3. DarkGeneral
  4. Skizzz
    07. Combo_Knight - Civilian
    08. Exodus. - Civilian
    09. ForgeDigger - Hanji Zoe
    10. D’Nyc3 - Colossal Titan
    11. orochizoolander‌ - Human Lover
  5. jasonC
    13. AlphaCommando - Dormant
    14. DukeC - Civilian
    15. XthAtGAm3RGuYX - Mikasa Ackerman
    16. GodotsRevenge - Civilian
    17. LordWilliam1234 - Civilian
  6. Cyntalan
    20. Sumazndude - Civilian
  8. The Co-Jones
    22. Icege - Armored Titan
    23. Synonym - Civilian
  9. Bious
    25. The Chief - Levi
    26. Vynce - Civilian

Story Mode
End of Day 1 - Inconclusive results
End of Night 1 - An Unbelievable Tragedy
End of Day 2 - Vengeance
End of Night 2 - Revenge is a dish best served cold
End of Day 3 - Hang it there
End of Night 3 - Unexpected outcome
End of Day 4 - A Formidable Foe
End of Night 4 - Breach
End of Day 5 - Obligatory Beach Episode
End of Night 5 - Priorities
End of Day 6 - Formidable Foe II, I owe you a write up again
End of Night 6 - I Don’t Get It
End of Day 7 - End of Day 7 - I owe you a writeup 3
End of Night 7 - Go To Sleep
End of Day 8 - The Grim Reminder - Game Over, Civilians Lose

RadicalFuzz is Erwin Smith

The names on the write up were chosen at random and don’t reflect anything.
The votes need to be pm’ed to me to be counted, once you send it is locked and can’t be changed. You can discuss your votes freely on the thread.

The Day Cycles are as follow
Day Phase - 48 hours
Night Phase - 24 Hours
Expedition Phase - 24 Hours

This conveniently started on my lunch break. Thanks hecatom!

I still need to browse the rules but I can already see one big change.

Radical fuzz has that confirmed civ status again, and he didn’t even have to die to get it!

Will AlohaCommando even play now that he cant vote to lynch Fuzz? It seems like his driving goal lol

Unbelievable RNG with fuzz rolling Erwin

Damn fuzz, longest non mafia streak I presume. At least I don’t have to spend half the game second guessing you and worrying about worst case scenarios

RadicalFluff is Kenny again!

Sweet, the good thing is that we all can trust him. Do we know how many dormant titans are there?

Using that information, we can tell approximately how many mafia we may wind up dealing with. The only given though, is that there’s 3 mafia (assuming no others are recruited)

Hecatom for next Cormac McCarthy.

Present and ready to win.

Aww, Fuzz. I was going to sell my first vote to Alpha too.

OK, so I just read through the rules and I want everyone’s thoughts on this.

Is it in our best interests to spend the first few days of this game in expedition mode?

Pro’s in my mind:
-fuzz knows one of our power roles that will kill a titan passively. That means he can guarantee the safety of individuals in at least one of the parties.
-it means our uc can investigate safely. There is no forger role.
-potentially our medic/investigator can also submit an action. It doesn’t say whether they can act while on expedition.
-it automatically ensures our walls are protected and stops Mafia getting a double kill.
-it limits Mafia to one action instead of two, and then further reduces them to gamble on hitting a party with one of our two aces.
-ideally, what should happen is that the lovers should role claim. Fuzz can then put them on a team with the known ace, this confirming three civilians. Maps will also then have to either kill the role less lover and turn the dormant into a vigi or lose one of their three recruits.

Cons: not sure we can chain expedition phases.
-no lynch means less information for us.
-a lot of this plan relies on civilian coordination, and on fuzz.

Dammit you stole my joke.

Okay, well. Now that the default day 1 train is off the rails, what’s everyone’s thoughts? Should we go random? Should we pick at the ole ‘viable lynch tactics for day 1’ scab?

And dormants don’t know they’re dormant, yeah?

Hecatom said this was the current breakdown:

25 Players
3 Mafia
3 Sleepers
9 Special Roles
10 Regular Civs

That’s a max of 6 total mafia we could be dealing with. Considering the general rule of 4 civs to 1 mafia rule, 25 to 6 isn’t actually horrible.

If there’s a Loser’s Lounge setup, @Hecatom, put me in it. I want to make my guesses in front of a group.

Dormant has a role card so maybe?

RadicalFuzz is acting differentl-

I fucking hate you, Hecatom. You just moved up from #3 to #2 on my list.

I’m cool with Synonym’s plan, but I do have a point of interest regarding it.

If the Lovers role claim, wouldn’t that make the investigation pool for the mafia very easy? They would already know the circle of players they need to investigate to find the dormants. While it would help us confirm civs, it would also speed up their recruitment process tremendously. Having 6 mafia right off the bat would be a very early pain in the ass.

You’re basically risking 1/4 to 1/6 of our players on day 1, and exposing the mafia to find their dormant members, on day 1?

I dunno man, that seems pretty fucking risky to me. Granted, I may be misunderstanding the rules, but Fuzzy splits us into groups, and the mafia gets to kill an entire group of people in one action, correct?

Unless it just wasnt listed for the other two Mafia cards, it seems like only the Female Titan can kill an entire group. Even then it’s still a risk since the identity is revealed if attacking a group with Eren or Armin.

I am curious though if the other two titans being able to kill an entire group is an implied and omitted point.

Per the rules I’m reading, any titan can kill an entire group. The female titan’s power allows her to survive if she attacks into Levi/Mikasas group, whereas any other titan would be instantly killed. So basically the female titan will be the one doing the group slaughter.

Statistically, if we split into groups of 4, that leaves a 50% chance the mafia kills a group of people (assuming our protectors are split into 2 of the 4 groups) without any repercussions, and if she hits one of the other 2 groups she trades her identity for everyone in that group save for the protector, who would then be vulnerable for future phases as they will get assassinated (or tie up our UC/Medic Combo)

Personally, I dont see why we’d ever do an expedition phase unless we had a better grasp on who had what roles

Alright, Day 1 tech time.

-There is not 3 Dormants, there are 4, including the Lover.
-There is no reason to go into an Expedition Phase until the Female Titan is dead.
-Hannes should be protecting the walls every night phase. Colossal Titan’s ability sucks in comparison to the Armoured Titan’s.
-Hange should not bother trying to protect a player. It’s very rare that the Medic gets a successful protection, and their ability to investigate is of more use to us.
-If the Human Lover is going to be lynched, they need to reveal the name of their Lover. Ignore the salt of getting lynched and remember that you only win with Civs, not with your Lover.

Any objections?

Checking in, please don’t lynch me.

I didn’t put the screw in the tuna.