SRK Mafia X -- Dangan Ronpa: Fire At Will -- END -- Civilians Win

Wait, isn’t that 12 hours from now instead of 36?


OZ is valedictorian.

^What they said.

One, I’m not feeling myself. Two, I’m not Mafia. Three, from your statement there appears to be some line that I’ve crossed between thinking critically and trying too hard. Not quite understanding that one.

Pardon me if I don’t quite believe that, seeing as you’re accusing me. And damn, ERRYONE throwing out accusations in here :lol:

That’s only 12 hours Boss.

Please don’t give me mono, because that’s your name+bear, and schoolkids urges and hormones, can’t help themselves from spreading all that mono.

:lol: Joke’s on you, that’s not even my first post.

And second, since you want to bring the past into play didn’t you do this another game? Hold onto the past for your lynch vote?

How’d that work out? Surely you’re not banking on doing that then sending in the night kill on Fuzz, right? Because that would be way too predictable PW night 1 mafia play, right?

Checking in.

Please, people - no wallflowers.

Let us have discourse rule the day.

…otherwise #DeathToPansies

And, just like that, Missing Person is Missing Person. :slight_smile:

inserts “Dis Gonna Be Gud” gif

This game is uber aggressive from the start.

I can guarantee you with that, coupled with the mechanics of this game, this will be the longest game thread ever.

Can votes be changed once they’re sent in?

Fuzz vs Pimp is the Vynce/Missing(ended in both civ btw) is locked and cannot be changed?

Weigh the GM getting a headache over recounts and last second changes vs. hell no shut up kids and do your hw!!

Yeah, btw, please no using real names up in this piece. Don’t confuse anyone.

And that’s all the buddy buddy from me from herein. Back to WAR!

(From the sign-up thread)

Shit its 4am here and I was just about to go to bed but I just had to check in man im so hyped for this
(I just read the first few posts im about to pass out so I’ll read up when im back which ill probably regret since it’ll be like 10 pages long… its good to be back woooo)

WAH has already made a more interesting post then most of these check ins. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The way I play mafia is based on evidence. To be honest, I don’t think RF or PW are mafia. But then again, I’ve been wrong before.

I just can’t see myself voting for either of them at this point based on pre-game banter. If something more compelling comes up later in the day phase maybe but for now I’ll wait and see.

Also, just checking but everyone knows that votes need to be PM’ed in to GR and that once you’ve submitted them you can’t change them.

That would mean Pimp is Civilian. Which he’s not. So we should kill him.

Nice attempt at a deflection, but everything I’ve based my decision on has happened this game. Only thing I’m bringing in from past games was not following through on pre-game reads, and leaving that shit in pre-game.

Not gonna dance around for 2 days and pretend to be afraid of making the wrong move, or pleading with people to wait until everyone checks in, fuck that “stay neutral” bullshit. this game, I’m going for the throat with no apologies until I die.

Just be active in this one.

It’s good there’s more than 2 players on this side of the world now. At least I won’t feel like I’m schizophrenic and talking to the voices when I’m posting in here while everyone in America is asleep.

But I don’t trust anybody in this game.

Both of you seem way too sure. More sure than either Vynce or I was of each other’s dirtiness in the marvel game.

Definitely feeling that one of you is mafia this time around. Not sure who yet.

For some reason the player list in the other thread also called me and Co-Jones #20s

Maybe some spill over on the D20 Manx D&DBooty thing?

I’ll reorder the list in alphabetical order, taking out the “The” as a listing integer under T, even if that makes a huge gap away from me.

Right now I’ll keep my suspect list as:

Pimp Willy

in that order.

The rest of you haven’t posted enough of any merit to put you on my main list. The other 19 are on my secondary list of suspects.