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There he was, in front of Hope’s Peak Academy. The most prestigious High School in the world, known for having exceptionally talented students. Graduating from this school all but guaranteed success in life. They only accepted the very best. The best of what? Anything. Its stated goal is to raise this nation’s Hope that will bear the country’s future on their shoulders. Accordingly, some people call this remarkable place the “Academy of Hope”.

Each year, Hope’s Peak Academy would draw a lottery of every student in the world, the prize: to be accepted into the school. That student would be dubbed “Super High School Level Luckster” by his or her friends, their family, businesses, governments and the media.

But there Makoto Naegi was. He was just a normal guy, with no talent to call his own. He just happened to get in from a lottery. He was just… lucky.

And so, looking at the front gate of that super-amazing academy, able to walk in at any second…

…he stood.

“Is this really something I can handle?”

I should have just rejected the offer. I’m nothing special. But knowing that this school leads to certain success, I can’t do that.

“Let’s go.”

And with an overdramatic stride, most likely in slow motion, Naegi walked in the front gates…

…and everything blurred away…

…into darkness…

Naegi’s vision blurred back.

“Who… are you?” Naegi asked groggily.

Roles Part 1


Note: UPDATE is one-time use.

PS: If Mafia Fukawa is killed, she can choose what role to come up as.

Super High School Level Murderer- Genocider Syo:
(Ability that will be randomly be given to one of the Jury members.)
C- Serial Killer: Can kill one player every Night Phase.

Togami grimaced irritably. “Now that we’ve completed that dreadful character introduction, how about we-”

“There’s no time for that! If you guys ramble on and on, there’ll be no room for the rest of the write-up!”

“Who are you!?!?!” Hagakure screeched.

“You bastards don’t remember me? From the game? The anime? The manga? The light novels? Nothing? Lots of people worked very hard to write an excuse plot and kids like you just skim through it just to get to the trial parts of the game and find “contradictions” and shit. I’m disappointed in you all.”

“…You didn’t even answer the question…” Fukawa murmured to herself.

“I’m Monobear the First. The King of this Kingdom! I’m also your current headmaster, so don’t disrespect me. Holla @GodotsRevenge if you need me. Also, don’t get jealous at my sprite quite yet, because I’ll use yours when you start killing each other in later phases.”

“Anyways, we’re going to play a game. I explained the whole game in another thread, so here you go: Not Porn

“Now let’s get to the first trial. Sure, nobody’s dead yet, but that’s no reason not to lynch a killer!”

**Roles Part 2]


“Now that we’ve all introduced ourselves here on Dangan Island, we can finally begin our game! On this island of Hope, you all will make great friends. All you have to do is become best friends with somebody else, and you will gain a Hope Shard! If you get enough Hope Shards, you will be allowed to leave the island! Now let this game of love and friendshi-

“Out of my, sis!“

“I need more players, so I’m just gonna borrow some of yours. Are you cool with that? Of course you’re cool.”

The eight students faded from reality, slowly reappearing in Hope’s Peak Academy.

“What just happened?” Monomi asked herself.

Let’s start with a simple explanation of our school trial! The result of the trial is determined by your own votes.

When a Culprit is chosen, they alone will be punished. However… if the wrong person is voted for…

That person will be killed instead! The Culprits, having managed to fool everyone, will continue the bloodshed!

Well then… let’s begin! Court is now in session!

Day 1 Start
36 hours remain

Votes are due by 10/1/13 7:00 PM PST

infrequent lurker
Missing Person
Pimp Willy
The Chief
The Co-Jones

Hell yeah, I’m hype for this game. Checking in and ready to play.

F5’d the GD board so hard and I still got inb4’d.

You had me worried with the Hope Shards line GR.

It’s the hidden ability for the ‘roleless’ player.

Lynch RadicalFuzz

Vote Sent

Wassup people.

Terrible G.

I’m in here


Pw is mafia. Oz is mafia. Alpha commando is mafia

One and only time I’ve ever been tempted to press the LOL button. Still refuse to use it. I’ll give you an ‘Insightful’ instead.

WTF already?

Are you channeling GCL or something?

BTW, since i didn’t follow the sign up thread i assume that there were not enough players so it will be run in a single thread right?


These early voters are hella suspect.

Combo_Knight & PW, you better have some damn good reasoning for going for the throat so early.

I’m holding out until everyone checks in.

Or has everyone forgotten that Godots has no alternates this game?

Yo. I’m ready to earn myself more of those petty points.

Only managed to get 23 instead of 30, so we were merged into a single game and additional roles were added. Might wanna familiarise yourself with all the roles.

I just read the roles over again, like 3 times, and there’s no roles that would give that much foreknowledge for PW or CK to be so sure so fast.

So like I said, explanations are needed. ASAP. Because you guys are turning my vote into a 50/50 if everyone checks in and nothing major happens during that time.

He’s a good recruit because he can sway the crowd.

An Ideal pick up from last time. I also have this thing about people being put on the chopping block haphazardly and I want everyone to understand his urge to do so will ruin us, another strength for mafia to play off of.

PW is an ideal vet choice and he just set someone up for lynch, unless he was joking and I will retract my suspiscion.

AC is slight suspicion but if he gets past day 3 then he’s mafia.

lol, how many times do you have to get mafia before you make better first posts than this?

“wait for people to check in” posts are nothing but fluff. Who the fuck cares if everyone checks in? If they show they show, if they don’t then they don’t. Basing our game plan around that is dumb, all it does is make you have weak posts suggesting it.

Pre Game banter I can typically just laugh off, but RF struck a bad note with me. I don’t care if people go in on me, it’s expected, and I enjoy it especially as a civ because it means they’re thinking critically. But his pre game attack stuck out like a sore thumb. He was trying too hard. If that means he’s mafia, or that he’s feeling himself a bit too much, I don’t know. I think Mafia. A lot of pre game reads I have end up correct, but going into the game I drop them.

Not making that mistake this time.

And yes, my gameplay this game will be super aggressive. Deal with it.

Broken Tech #1 incoming soon, it’s gonna show just how awesome I am

Joy to the world let’s Lynch Pimp Willy

And I have sent my vote

Also CK, the Mafia leader recruits roles, not players.

As far as I know, Mafia recruited ROLES and not PLAYERS. So the Mafia only got to choose which role they wanted, but didn’t know which player was attached to that role until after they chose.

So you can’t say “XXX was a good recruit choice” because it just plain doesn’t work in this game.

Yet you’re forgetting one thing.

Valedictorian recruits based off roles, not usernames.

So Valedictorian can’t necessarily say “Give me orochizoolander, and AlphaCommando, and Pimp Willy.”

Paperthin attempt to throw suspicion around is paperthin.

I already read about each role, so i think that i am safe on that aspect of the game, still i will have a tab with the roles description open to keep them at hand since this game is role heavy :3