SRK Lounge Ver 10. Ten, that's the number of times RockB had to redo the second grade

Keep it going people.

raw spinach

and peanut butter

Christ don’t wash the starch off the rice. Your washing off the flavor. You wash your noodles off to don’t you?

lol apparently never piss a mod off, or they will troll you til the end of time.

off to a good start already. haha.

oblgatory too lazy to just hit subscribe post

That explains everything

I can see the next thread now, “SRK Lounge Ver 11 - that’s how many kids Val wants to have with Rock”

hmmm. I’ve washed and not washed rice and never noticed a significant difference in taste myself. As far as noodles, I am apt to eat Ramen raw as fast as cooked. True story.


He knows he’s the bitch in the relationship.

Valaris is a power top.

I’d know.

Val is a Beyblade?

Now I’m imagining holographic dragons flowing out of an ivory penis.

and yet again, supposedly Im the dude that talks about penises

I brought it up once within the context of replies existing before mine.

You bring up penis every reply regardless of what people are talking about.

unpaid training <<<<< *

And yet again, you take the opportunity to mention them. :rofl:

I’d say you got baited, but that would probably get warped into “'bated”, in your mind, and then it’d just set you off again. :nono:

More like he’s a Gheyblade. :coffee:

But only for Stu.

With Stu it’s the natural next step in bromance evolution.

With RockB, it’s all about power, and the pain he can inflict.

just went back and checked the old thread…rock and kaz don’t eat colllard greens?