SRK Lounge the Maybe Christmas Edition

Don’t know when this one will reach its limit or if I’ll be around to make a new one. So fuck off.

Lactaid those farts bruv.

Lactaids don’t work. I’m not allergic to lactose, I’m allergic to a very specific protein found in most (but not all) dairy products.

Ah i see. yeah dairy farts are the rankest.

Why is a fish when it swims?

How is the Dark Knight just gonna take Christmas off and shit…

Ol pussified ass Batman imo… no wonder your back got snapped nigga…

I’m still waiting for the WP8 version of Tapatalk to have proper mod options. So I can ban on the fly.

Egg farts > Dairy farts.

For me, Peanut butter farts are pretty damn bad too for some reason.

I can’t recall peanut butter having any appreciable effect on my farts.

The only thing that comes close to that “WTF” smell of some egg salad farts is asparagus piss.

Fast Food Farts > Farts

So if we dont make it to christmas bruvs, are you content with what yall have done?

My professor feels it’s cool to ignore my emails about our final tomorrow, and I don’t even know what it’s on.

Guess I’m about to lose my A in that class. :frowning:

I have the same “not lactose but something else” milk allergy problem. I avoid dairy completely instead of dropping dirty bombs. Giving up cereal for good isn’t fun though.

word. that was like my staple breakfast food.

What about soy milk farts? Are they any better?

Nah, I haven’t bought MGR or Anarchy Reigns yet… and I want to chill more with my girl sooooooo…

Fuck that dying shit right now… HOLLA…

I also haven’t gotten RE6, and played it through on dat local multiplayer…

Too many non-priorities to take care of before I kick the bucket…

If we don’t make it?

Also, seeing as the Mayans never factored in leap years, we should have died about 7 months ago by their calculations.

Bob’s Burgers is top tier. I’ve only seen the first season, I really need to catch up.

My farts smell like cinnamon and are rich in vitamin C.