SRK Lounge The Drama Free Edition...haha I can't even type it without laughing


bitches bein bitches ITT ITFREE MORE LIKE IT

white boy Valaris locking threads and fuckin up my posts during BHM. hell naw.

nah, i never flamed anybody. still don’t (though nobody knows me :sad:).

Million never flamed anybody (i think?)

damn…i like internets drama tho.

So how bout them fightin’ games

Damn, I was going to ask Preppy why the UMVC3 tier thread even exists.

For those PMing me: I didn’t lock it because I’m taking sides in the Preppy vs BJ debate, quite the opposite in fact, I would love to see how this goes. Personally though I put more stock on having this thread staying opened than having undue attention from on top.

Yeah I’ll take the oral pleasure instead of the infraction in a bad place, thanks.

Preppy vs. BJs? BJs win.

Oh. That BJ.

I ordered double meat chicken teriyaki today

Who wants to take couric measurement bets?

Tweleve inches is my guess.

Been so sleepy lately. No idea why.

It’s been said a billion times, but Sharon Osbourne is a rotten businessperson/human being.


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i can see the tears rolling down your whiteboy cheeks as 3 Mr. Marcus-sized Courics force themselves out of your pink whiteboy asshole like whale through a hula-hoop.

a trail of blood follows you as you walk back to the counter of Yummy Japan.

Asian bro makes it rain in the mall food court as per the “u break it u buy it” policy.

After an argument with Bruce Dickinson (lead singer of Iron Maiden) she pulled their power during one of their stops at that years Ozzfest. There were also mentions of her planting people that would through eggs at bands that had disagreements with her.

She also let her daughter think she could cover Madonna, much less sing, and unleashed her on the masses. That makes her a horrible parent and humanitarian, too.

The latest: she’s pulling the strings behind the latest Black Sabbath reunion. She stuck Bill Ward with a series of contracts inferior to those of his bandmates, he refused to sign any of them, so now he is fired and the band is moving on without him.

For the kids in the cheap seats, she has a long history of being a total asshole, including but not limited to:

  • reissuing old Ozzy albums with re-recorded parts, to avoid paying royalties to musicians she doesn’t like
  • sabotaging Iron Maiden’s Ozzfest performances in a number of ways, including paying audience members to throw eggs
  • physically kicking a former Ozzy bandmate she doesn’t like, while at a funeral for a mutual Ozzy bandmate who died of throat cancer

Don’t forget she pretty much cheered for a woman because she cut off a man’s penis.

Did she at least make her daughter get stomach reduction surgery too, so they can be bffs (bitch, former fatties) together?

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