SRK Arena III - Finale: Au

Eleven hours ago, aboard the Starship S.S. Pussy Nigga.

Vynce (?): "Commander Vynce (?) reporting in to HQ, ship is running smoothly and all systems are normal."
AlphaCommando: 'Excellent news. Status report on the crew members.'
Vynce (?): "DukeC, Skizzz, DarkGeneral, Blindknagg and Exodus. are all fantastic crew members. Thank you for recommending them."
AlphaCommando: '…there seem to be a few omissions from your list there, Commander.'
Vynce (?): "…alright. To be honest, I haven’t seen infrequent lurker, jasonC and Pertho in a while.
AlphaCommando: 'Do their vitality sensors still indicate them as alive?'
Vynce (?): "Let me check… yep. Still alive. Probably."
AlphaCommando: 'Good enough for me. And the others?'
Vynce (?): "GodotsRevenge, Sumazndude and AKI are sitting quietly, not contributing much. orochizoolander and 3rdSTRikeLOVE were annoying for the first couple of weeks, but we’ve learnt to tune them out. They’re just yelling at each other now… if you don’t mind me asking, why did you send them on this expedition with us?"
AlphaCommando: 'Because it means that they’re not here with me.'
Vynce (?): "Ah. Good call. So anyway, Missing Person still isn’t talking to anyone after the incident we had here, and Augustus is trying to convince him to talk to him because he’s awesome. He won’t provide any other reasoning or evidence to back this statement up, but…"
AlphaCommando: 'Hold up. Incident?'
Vynce (?): "Yeah. Synonym, Aidebit and ForgeDigger attempted to mutiny the starship. Missing Person tried to warn us beforehand, but they locked him in a closet when he told us."
AlphaCommando: 'Is everyone alright?'
Vynce (?): "Oh yeah. Once we started listening to each other and working together, we managed to overpower them."
Pimp Willy: "This would never have happened under my control. Why wasn’t I elected as the Commander?"
Vynce (?): B)
AlphaCommando: 'So the mutineers have been subdued?'
Vynce (?): "It’s fine now. We’ve got everything under control and those three are now being held in the same high security area as our prisoner."
AlphaCommando: 'You need to alert me when these things happen. I don’t want anything going wrong.'
Vynce (?): "Sorry. It all happened so quickly and I forgot the protocol. It won’t happen again."
AlphaCommando: 'All this commotion on-board hasn’t distracted you from your primary mission, I hope?'
Vynce (?): "Of course not, sir. XthAtGAm3RGuYX is to be delivered to the Vartax Detention Center for his heinous crimes of hacking into the telecommunications system and contacting terrorists, as well as his crime of insulting the galaxy’s senses with his heinous name."
AlphaCommando: 'Excellent. Well then, I believe that’s everybody accounted for. Have a safe tri-'
RadicalFuzz: “hAi aLpHa!” :smiley:
RadicalFuzz: “aLpHa gOnE.” D:
Vynce (?): "It’s alright, little buddy. He’ll be back to talk to you later. Now go back to bed."
RadicalFuzz: “hUrR dUrR wUt dO dEsE bUtToNs dO?” :smiley:
Vynce (?): "DON’T TOUCH THOSE!"
Vynce (?): "Shit! AlphaCommando, come in!"
AlphaCommando: 'Status.'
Vynce (?): "RadicalFuzz rerouted us through the Shadow Sector."
RadicalFuzz: :smiley:
AlphaCommando: 'Okay, here’s what you do. Step 1: Kick RadicalFuzz in the nuts.'
RadicalFuzz: D:
AlphaCommando: 'Awesome. Step 2: Just get one of the engineers to fix it. pietastic, WTF-AKUMA-HAX, kaz, Manx, The Co-Jones; any of them should be able to fix it with ease.'
Vynce (?): "We had to use them as cannon fodder, sir."
AlphaCommando: 'Cool.'
Vynce (?): "I know right?"
AlphaCommando: 'In that case, you’re going to have to ride it out. Be on your guard in the Shadow Sector. Heroes have been known to go missing in that area.'
Vynce (?): "FUCK, WHAT DO WE DO?"
AlphaCommando: 'Okay, stay calm. Lower the ship’s weapons to indicate that you mean them no harm. This way, they won’t kill you as soon as they see you.'
AlphaCommando: 'Now, the next part is very important. They are going to take you. Vynce, stay focused. This is key. You will have five, maybe ten seconds. Very important seconds. Leave the communications open. Concentrate. Shout out everything you see about them. Hair color, eye color, tall, short, scars. Anything you see. You understand?'
AlphaCommando: ‘Dreadzone.’

3 hours ago, at The Chief’s suite.

The Chief: "So, everyone drunk enough yet?"
Combo_Knight: "I could go for another drink. I’m still capable of basic speech."
The Chief: "Coming right up. While I’m getting the drinks, you guys get the Holovision set up."
Bious: "Don’t worry guys, I’ve got this."
Holovision: Coming up next, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
Hecatom: "Oh sweet, I love this show."
Bious: "You think you’re a fan? I’ve got a tattoo of Rainbow Dash kissing some blue pony that Alpha doesn’t know the name of."
Cyntalan: "You’d better get this shit off the screen before The Chief comes in and kicks us all out of his suite. Give me the remote."
Holovision: And now, back to the Game of Mafia Champions.
Hecatom: "Wow, this show looks shit."
Bious: "Yeah holy fuck. Who would watch this when there’s so many better shows that they could be watching?"
Cyntalan: "There are certainly many other things I’d rather be spending my time on."
Combo_Knight: "Fuck the Game of Mafia Champions. I can’t believe it’s run for three seasons already."
The Chief: "I heard the producer of that show only gave the contestants a couple of days to prepare. What an asshole."
Combo_Knight: "Hell yeah booze. Gimme some of that and change the channel."

Cyntalan: "Oh sweet, Dreadzone looks awesome!"
Hecatom: "Much better than that Mafia Champions garbage."
Bious: "Can we still watch My Little Pony afterwards?"
Combo_Knight: "Fuck no. But I’ve never seen this Dreadzone show before."
The Chief: "Looks like we’re in luck. Seems the season premiere starts tonight. Everybody keen to stay up to watch it?"
Cyntalan: “Let’s do it.”

Present time, at the Dreadzone Station

Dallas: "Helloooooo viewers and welcome to another exciting season of Dreadzone!"
Juanita: "Tonight we bring you 22 fresh new contestants fighting for their chance the sole victors of the Dreadzone tournament and earn eternal fame and glory."
Dallas: "That’s right Jjjjjuanita. But it won’t be easy. They’ll be facing hoards of enemies on mysterious planets and even our very own Exterminators in order to earn the chance of a lifetime!"
Juanita: "Judging from the looks of them, they won’t make it past the second planet."
Dallas: "Probably not, Juanita. But we’re going to try and make it as entertaining as possible.
Vynce (?): "Uhhh, excuse me, but what is going on?"
Dallas: "Quiet kid, I’m getting to that. To survive the dangers that await them in Dreadzone, they will have a few things at their disposal."
Juanita: “For all the new viewers, here’s a rundown of how Dreadzone works and what you need to know to keep up with the show.”

Players are able to purchase weapons from vendors conveniently located everywhere our contestants will be sent to. They will have to hurry to buy them though, as stocks are strictly limited per weapon. Players are able to upgrade and improve weapons through continuous use to gain Experience (XP) and by equipping Mods to their weapon. Once a weapon has gained enough XP, it will upgrade to a more powerful version of the weapon, adding new abilities. Players can only hold one weapon at a time. XP resets to 0 when the weapon upgrades. The starting weapons and their upgrades are as follows:

-Versa-Wrench Lite (+1 atk/+1 def) Upgrades at 10XP.

[details=Spoiler]-Versa-Wrench Multicore (+2 atk/+2 def) Upgrades at 20XP.
-Versa-Wrench Striker (+4 atk/+4 def) Upgrades at 40XP.
-Fission Lance (+8 atk/+8 def) Upgrades at 80XP.
-Obsidian Blade (+16 atk/+16 def) Upgrades at 160XP.
-Obsidian Blade V2 (+32 atk/+32 def) Upgrades at 320XP.
-Obsidian Blade V3 (+64 atk/+64 def) Upgrades at 640XP.
-Obsidian Blade X (+128 atk/+128 def)[/details]

-Scorpion Flail (+3 atk/0 def) Upgrades at 30XP.


-Leviathan Flail (+8 atk/0 def): Attacking an NPC hits all other NPC’s.

-Dual Vipers (+1 atk/0 def): 2 shots per phase. Shots may be on the same target or different targets. Upgrades at 20XP.


-Dual Raptors (+2 atk/+2 def): Both shots reflect and hit another target at random.

-Magma Cannon (+2 atk/+1 def) Upgrades at 25XP.


-Vulcan Cannon (+4 atk/+3 def): Deals x2 damage to Defending Players.

-Hunter Mine Launcher (0 atk/+3 def) Upgrades at 30XP.


-Stalker Mine Launcher (0 atk/+8 def): Deals +2 damage to all Players and NPC’s that attack the Player equipped with the Stalker Mine Launcher.

-B6-Obliterator (+1 atk/+2 def) Upgrades at 35XP.


-B11-Vaporizer (+3 atk/+4 def): Attacking a Player steals 1 Gold Bolt from them.

-The Arbiter (+5 atk/-2 def) Upgrades at 50XP.


-The Silencer (+10 atk/-4 def): Fires three rockets. All rockets must hit different targets.

-Fusion Rifle (+4 atk/-1 def) Upgrades at 45XP.


-Anti-Matter Rifle (+12 atk/-6 def): Attacked target’s Attack is cancelled if they targeted the player equipped with the Anti-Matter Rifle.

-Mini Turret Launcher (+1 atk/0 def): When fired, turret attacks a random target (minus the firing player). Turret stays active for three turns. Multiple turrets can be active. Upgrades at 20XP.


-Quasar Turret Launcher (+4 atk/0 def): Player can choose turret targets. Turret stays active for five turns.

-Holoshield Launcher (0 atk/0 def): Fires a shield (10 def) in front of the target Player. Omega Mods activated if target Player is attacked. Increasing Attack with Alpha Mods will damage the Player behind the shield. Increasing Defence with Alpha Mods increases the defence of the equipping Player, not the shield. Any attacks that hit the shield for >10 damage will hit the shielded player with the remaining damage. Shields last until the end of the turn. Upgrades after shields take a combined total of 50 damage.


-Omni-Shield Launcher (0 atk/0 def): Increasing Attack with Alpha Mods will damage Players or NPC’s Attacking the shield. Increasing Defence with Alpha Mods stacks on the shield as well as the Player.

Each Player has a unique Ability that will assist them in surviving until the end of the game. All Abilities are kept a secret until a Player’s death, upon which their Ability will be revealed. All Players’ Abilities are also stored in the item ‘Database’. All Sponsors will know the Abilities of the Players.

Gold Bolts
Along with being able to Scavenge Weapons and Items, Players can also search the planet for Gold Bolts. Gold Bolts are used to purchase Omega Mods and Alpha Mods. Upon searching for Gold Bolts, Players will find 0-3 Gold Bolts during that turn. Players can also earn Gold Bolts by killing Exterminators.

Omega Mods
Omega Mods are used to give Players’ weapons extra abilities. These are bought with Gold Bolts and vary in cost. Weapons are limited to one Omega Mod, but Omega Mods are unlimited and can never sell out. Omega Mods can be bought at any time and do not take up the daily action. The Omega Mods, their effects and cost are as follows:

-**Acid **(+1 damage to target on the next turn) - 3 Gold Bolts
-**Shock **(+1 damage to any other Player or NPC attacking target) - 5 Gold Bolts
-**Freeze **(Target’s actions resolve at the end of the turn, after all other actions) - 6 Gold Bolts
-**Brainwash **(Target cannot attack you the following turn, has no effect on same target twice in a row) - 8 Gold Bolts
-**Time Bomb **(Attack hits during the next phase, even if the target Evades the second turn) - 9 Gold Bolts
-**Morph **(20% chance to turn target into farm animal) - 10 Gold Bolts
*Farm Animal *(3 atk/0 def). When the Farm Animal attacks, it explodes and dies. Farm Animal cannot attack the Player that turned it into a Farm Animal.
-**Napalm **(x2 damage on Players) - 12 Gold Bolts
-**Mini-Bomb **(When fired, weapon does an additional attack to all NPC’s equal to 50% of Player’s Attack) - 15 Gold Bolts

Alpha Mods
Alpha Mods are used to increase the Attack and Defence values of the Player equipping the weapon. Each weapon can hold up to ten Alpha Mods, and Alpha Mods are unlimited and can never sell out. Alpha Mods can be bought at any time and do not take up the daily action. The Alpha Mods and their cost are as follows:

-Attack (+1) - 1 Gold Bolt
-Attack (+2) - 3 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+3) - 5 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+4) - 7 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+5) - 9 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+6) - 11 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+7) - 13 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+8) - 15 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+9) - 17 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+10) - 19 Gold Bolts

-Defence (+1) - 1 Gold Bolt
-Defence (+2) - 3 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+3) - 5 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+4) - 7 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+5) - 9 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+6) - 11 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+7) - 13 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+8) - 15 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+9) - 17 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+10) - 19 Gold Bolts

Experience (XP)
Whenever a Player kills another Player or an NPC, they will receive XP for their weapon. When a weapon earns enough XP, it will upgrade into another form, adding more power to the weapon. If two or more Players kill the same target, all Attacking players will receive the XP from the kill. Killing a Player rewards the killer with the amount specified by their armour (at the start of the game, 10XP) and the amount of XP earned from NPC’s will be specified on the planet.

Planets and Exterminators
Players will start the first phase at the Dreadzone station with no enemies. On the second phase, they will be sent to their first planet. On each planet, there will be various NPC’s that will attack a random Player at the end of the turn. Once all NPC’s are dead, the remaining Players will be sent to the next planet. If any of the NPC’s survive the round, more NPC’s will spawn on the planet. NPC’s give XP to any Player that Attacks it if it dies in the same turn. Once Players have cleared a certain amount of planets, they will have earned enough Dread Points to face off in a Tournament against an Exterminator. Exterminators are stronger NPC’s that have special Abilities that hinder the Players. Upon death, they will give all Attacking Players XP and Gold Bolts. In addition, all alive Players will be given a new title and their Armour will improve. Players start the game as a Contestant with +1 Def Armour.

Viewers at home will be able to support their favourite Players by spending SRK BitMonopolyShekelz on various items. Viewers will be able to see which items they can purchase from the comfort of their own Sponsors Suite. Every purchase comes with a free advertisement* to all of our contestants!
*Advertisements must not give out information. For entertainment purposes only.

Private Messages
Players will be able to strategise with other Players in private messages. If you choose to start a private message with one or more Players, make sure to add @ArenaGM to the conversation, so that our cameras can follow all the action. Players may only create private messages with other Players and not Sponsors. Players cannot communicate with dead Players.

Juanita: "Well I think that covers everything."
Dallas: "Not quite, Jjjjjjuanita. We still have to reveal what’s up for grabs today!"
Juanita: "It’s not going to matter. The only difference they’re making is the taste they’ll have to the monsters that await them."
Dallas: “Well as a special welcoming bonus, we’re giving our contestants a chance to stock up on Gold Bolts early. We’ve made the ones hidden around the Dreadzone Station especially easy to find, so they’re likely to find double the amount of Gold Bolts today!”

Scavengable Items
-Versa-Wrench Lite (Unlimited Available)
-Scorpion Flail (2 Available)
-Dual Vipers (2 Available)
-Magma Cannon (2 Available)
-Hunter Mine Launcher (2 Available)
-B6-Obliterator (2 Available)
-The Arbiter (2 Available)
-Fusion Rifle (2 Available)
-Miniturret Launcher (2 Available)
-Holoshield Launcher (2 Available)

-Gold Bolts s[/s] {0/2/4/6 during this phase}
-Database (Contains every Player’s Ability)
-Nanobots (Resurrect dead Player, automatically used if holding Player dies)

Juanita: "But Dallas, there aren’t enough guns to go around for everyone. This isn’t fair!"
Augustus: "Hold on, aren’t you going to let us introduce ourselves?"
Dallas: "Huh? Oh, knock yourself out."
Augustus: "Awesome. I’m Aug-"
Juanita: “AAAAAAND WE’RE OUT OF TIME. Here’s a list of contestants in case anyone watching wants to sponsor one of these weaklings.”

Vynce (?)
Missing Person
infrequent lurker
Pimp Willy

Dallas: “What will happen to our contestants today? Will they Attack, will they Defend, will they Scavenge or will they Evade? Find out next time on Dreadzone.”

[Phase 1: Welcome To Dreadzone!](SRK Arena III - Finale: Au
Phase 2: The Great Scramble For Things
Phase 3: You Should’ve Listened To Me, Revedgehog
Phase 4: Grand Jete Into A Perfect Pirouette
Phase 5: My Raptor Doth Decree
Phase 6: The Least Of His Troubles
Phase 7: The Defence Curl Technique
Phase 8: The Dead Can’t Wish
Phase 9: Room For Paranoia
Phase 10: Your Fallen Comrades
Finale: Au


I’m Vigi

Alpha pls protect me

Oh this is a thing now.

Remember, last gasp ignorers, you can survive if you vote me into the best of the best mafia game

Aww shit. I am so ready for this.

How do the Miniturrets and Homoshields upgrade?

… I don’t think it’s called a Homoshield.

Yawn Just waking up after one crazy ass day. My eves are using the daigo parrying, I can’t see shit.

Just a reminder that you don’t need to add @AlphaCommando to your PM’s, but you do have to add @ArenaGM.

It’s mostly for my benefit so that my inbox isn’t cluttered to all hell.

glhf everyone

The Mini Turret Launcher upgrades when it gets enough XP. If it attacks a Player or NPC that dies during that phase, it will receive XP.
The Holoshield Launcher upgrades when the shields take a combined overall damage of 50+. e.g. Player X targets himself with the Holoshield Launcher, Player X now has a Holoshield (10 def) in front of them. Player Y Attacks Player X with a +2 atk weapon. The shield takes 2 damage. The shield disappears at the end of the turn. Once shields take 48 more damage, it upgrades.

Poor Fuzz :rofl:

LOL, I’m aboard the Starship S.S Pussy Nigga, why am I sitting quietly? That’s not a cool place to be chillin. I don’t want the pussy nigga inside me to stand out that much. :sad:

I wouldn’t be surprised if it were.

“insulting the galaxy’s senses with his heinous name”

I knew that you would somehow make me a prisoner type character one way or another.

Cool write up so far. The first pay check I get at this new job, im gonna go get me a PS3 and ALLLLLL the Ratchet and Clank games. It’s been far too long

Do weapons only upgrade once?

By the looks of it, the only one with multiple upgrades is the wrench.

So, can we all come to an agreement that on the 2nd phase we kill all the NPC’s first? Then after that start killing each other?

So then, weapons with multiple attacks allow for faster XP gain. I guess the only one that matters is Dual Vipers, since once you have more attacks on those weapons after upgrading, the XP is wasted/lost.


What to do, what to do…

That is correct.