SRK 3rd Strike: PC Tourney on 30th; Zoomer Addicted to Parry Fishing in 2020!?

Get in here:

This is where we discuss the SRK tourney for 3rd Strike. Join the Discord (link above) to coordinate on the day, and for general matchmaking.

Anyone is welcome to join. It’ll be hosted on the 30th Anniversary Collection on PC only, so direct dumb questions like, “Where will it be hosted?” and, “Will it be streamed?” (it probably will, but we’ll get to that later) to my PMs so as not to clog this up.

No absolute date as of yet, but it will take place sometime between the 29th and the 31st of May 2020.

Once you’re in the Discord, we can begin making the bracket, but general discussion will remain on SRK, not the Discord, so if you fear missing out on info, check in here once every evening. You’ll likely be fine.


@PlusFrames is free on Fri-Sat >7pm. That’s the only times he’s presented that align with mine, and that sounds great to me. I imagine it’s the same for @Volt, @Pertho, @Vhozite, and the rest?

Should we finalise a day at least? Saturday sounds good to me.


That should be bueno but I couldn’t tell you my work schedule would be a week from now it’s basically day to day right now.

But yeah Saturday sounds cool


tenor (30)


Yeah, Saturday is good for me. Any time.

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It’s looking like I’ll have to work. Boss man says we are probably looking at a 6 day work week


@Pertho @Pair_of_rooks @PlusFrames @Dayaan @GhenghisDong @Shahenzan

11am PST. Good or nah?

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Works for me

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It’s good!

Is that Friday, and isn’t @Vhozite involved too?

Saturday and Vhoz gotta work. :man_shrugging:

I see. Do you need help whipping up something on challonge or I think we can and should stick it to 11am PST on Saturday.

Eh, I should be able to do it. Just waiting on more people to confirm.


Saturday at 11am PST works for me

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@Pertho @Pair_of_rooks @PlusFrames @Dayaan @GhenghisDong @Shahenzan

Bracket’s up!

Since we’re one player short, we gotta give someone a bye.

Dong was the one blessed by the randomizer.

The time is already set. Saturday, May 30th, 11am PST.

If anyone else wants in or out, @ me. I’m waiting for everyone to confirm their availability.

Failure to comply will not be tolerated and will be punished by a beatdown gif. Kappa

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I’m set to go.

I haven’t played in forever, but I have 30th now and I added myself to the discord so I guess I’m in. I’ll try to get some practice in before sat. But someone prepare for a free win.


Well, you literally already got one, so it’s all good. :rofl:

If you wanna practice, we’ve been running lobbies almost daily.

my steam id is pairofrooks so friend me and we can flail at each other in preparation

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@Pertho, @Volt, @PlusFrames, @Pair_of_Rooks, @Shahenzan, @GhenghisDong

Get ready for the tourney tomorrow at 11am PST.

@KingTubb If you still want to handle the commentary, check with Pertho and the SRK Twitch and let’s see if we can get something rolling. I’d be happy to try to help.

Bracket’s here:

Be ready for your games and GGs ahead!


If we can’t figure out how to do it, I was gonna watch and commentate on the discord channel

@Pertho you gonna stream? Or does anyone else have a twitch and wanna stream?