Springfield, MO - No, really, we play fighting games here!

Greetings fellow Springfield/Ozarks area fighting game fans! Bringing the community here to let you all know, that yes, we do have a community :wink: All information for local hookups/tournaments and such is below. Post up and let us know you’re here!

Weekly Casual Hookups
[S]Saturday Afternoons @ Next Level Games[/S]
[S]1914 S Glenstone Ave (Sunshine & Glenstone Plaza Center)[/S]
[S]Saturdays starting at 1PM and running until close (currently 8PM)[/S]

Monday Nights @ Meta Games
3309 E. Sunshine
Springfield, MO 65804
Starts at 7PM until close (currently 10PM)

Games available to play for casuals:
Super Street Fighter IV AE
Street Fighter X Tekken
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend
The King of Fighters XIII
Arcana Heart 3
Tekken 6
Mortal Kombat
Whatever else people want to play!

Standard tournament rules (when held):
Tournaments are Double Elimination
Winner must stay with character/team, Loser may change
(SSF4) Winner may change Ultra in response to the loser’s character change
(MvC3) Loser is free to change team members/order/assists, Winner must stay with all choices
No banned characters

Fight on, gentlemen!:woot:

Go Team Springfield and stuff. Maybe with a new thread we might get more support from the secret SFfans of Springfield.

Props to Josh and Clint for beating me and to Aniel for winning.

Looking forward to learning what on earth goes on in Arcana Heart.

Yeah, had some good close matches. Grapplers vs Guile is still a tough one for me…

And I’ll definitely be bringing up Arcana Heart 3 again, so no worries there!

Rocking with my new character. I will get better with her and hopefully do well in KC tournament.

Cool, definitely got some solid Ibuki skills. I think I’ve started to get how the kunai crossup works, still tricky though.

Also, just noticed, might want to change your custom title there, since you’re not so “strictly viper” anymore :wink:

I don’t even get a ranking. This is what happens when you’re spending time away from home on business.

Priorities, man, where are they? I swear…

Hey guys, just letting you know I’ll be down in KC but just with a different ride. I got other stuff to do down there also. See all those who can go.

Alright, I think I got everything lined out for the ranbats. I’m nulling last week since things got messed up (sorry Aniel), so we’ll start fresh again this week. Let me know what you think!

Sounds good to me. I’m also gonna try to make it to KC if I can find a ride. See you guys Monday!

I got my butt handed to me! I need more practice. I foresee a very low ranking for me in the near future.


Everyone’s gotta start somewhere:wgrin:

Hey, if you start at the bottom, the only way you can go is up, right? xD

Alright, got the results for the latest tourney:

1: Zenkix (Aniel)
2: Warden (Clint)
3: Sang
4: Sala
5: Alex
5: Masaki
7: Josh
7: Tom
9: eVile (Dennis)
9: DrunkNinja (Torrey)
9: Quinton

Good games all, definitely expected to do better than I did, but whatever, just gotta learn that Honda matchup I suppose. See everyone next week (and in KC for those going)!

Yeah, see you there I need to get even better. I think i just need to be more patient. It seemed to work better.

Nice turnout and great games! Thanks to everyone for making Mondays bad ass again!

@Warden: our matches were AMAZING, some of the most fun I’ve had playing SF in a while.

@Zenkix: Your Guile is getting sick. Grats on the win. Can’t wait for a rematch next week though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

^ good good stuff.

Guile is too mean. :frowning:

I’m going to miss next week, but I’ll be there week after, and I’ll defend my #7 ranking!

Also, I have to be #1 at Puzzle Fighter. The gauntlet has been thrown down, gentlemen.

ggs in Arcana Heart, Clint. I could pretty much tell when you got your bearings, lol. Though online doesn’t seem quite as responsive, I couldn’t seem to land a BnB for the life of me. But that may have just been me.

im gonna make a trip down to springfield around the end of febuary to hang with some friends. during the time im there, ill see how good you guys really are.

my guess: worse than the top KC players.