Spokane, WA - Game On relocating, fight nights temporarily cancelled

Game On (our gracious hosts every week) was burglarized and everything they need to operate their business was taken. The bastards were caught and some of the equipment was recovered, but Game On decided to take some time off and relocate.

Until further notice, Fight Nights are cancelled!

[S]The Spokane Fight Club meets every Thursday night at 6:00 PM at Game On in the Spokane Valley![/S]

Game On is located next to Pawn One. Pawn One is located at 11812 E. Sprague Ave. and Game On is in the building behind it. Current charge is $5 a night (6 PM - 12 AM) or $10 for all Thursdays in a month.

Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_213457255341791

Actually, I’m from Cheney and I’ve got 3-4 other friends interested in casual fighting game matches. If you were at Spoklash then you may remember me as Oldbean. Anyways, lets keep this thread bumped so any other potential players can see it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Spoklash because it was right before my wedding.

The place I have interested in hosting this is the Hastings in the Spokane Valley at Sullivan and Sprague. Is that too far of a drive for you guys?

I’m thinking of trying to meet once every two weeks, possibly alternating between casual matches and tournaments.

Yup, so hopefully this will get off the ground soon, I always kind of cursed Spokane for not having a good fighting game scene. So it’s nice that someone is taking the effort and time to get it started.

So, how much of this stuff do we actually have to bring. Hastings won’t be able to provide tvs, tables or chairs?

I’m moving to Cheney this year for school =]

Eastern? Really? Are they still accredited?


I still need to work that out with the store. I approached Hastings right before their store manager was going on a two week vacation, I think he gets back later this week and I have my written proposal ready for him. That’s basically what’s put us on hold so far.

fight club

I’m in Moscow (1hr+ drive to Spokane) but would love to hit up some casuals on a regular basis. I went to Spoklash too; it would be good to generate a community in this area.


Hey David, I sent you a PM if you wanna play some casuals.

Awesome, didn’t expect interest from that far away!

Out of curiosity, how many players participated in the SSF4 portion of Spoklash?

Ha ha, we’ve been trying to get some Spokane action going since at least Vanilla SF4 but couldn’t get anything to work out… Well WSU finally has a crew playing regularly in Pullman and we were looking to see if the Spokomptonites were getting together now. We’ve got about 6 people in our group and once the semester starts we’re gonna look for more. Anyways, we’re down to travel or potentially host some action and we’re really looking forward to playing some more people. Most of us will be back in the area in the third week of August, so keep posting up here if something works out. Looking forward to maybe finally getting something together!

That’s be great to get some WSU folk in on this. I’m bringing my proposal to the Hastings manager this Friday, he should be back by then and hopefully we could get this started the following week (Friday, August 13th). That might be too short of notice though so that would push it to the next Friday, August 20th. I’m assuming that’s the weekend you guys would be in Spokane?

I’ll get something consistentish in the Cheney are - I’ll also work on some of the smashers in the area =]

I’ll get an ewa crew we can do ewa vs wasu haha

Paincakes: We should be back around then but our crew is discussing attending the Gameclucks tourney on the 21st so we may be travelling back to the West Side that day. Have you guys thought about playing at that one? If it doesn’t work out for us though, there is a good chance we could head up to Spokane for the evening. I’ll let you know when it gets closer and we figure everything out.

Gimpy: Convert those Smash players! Help them see the SF light ha ha. It’d be fun to do a EWA vs WSU for sure :slight_smile:

Gyahhhhhh double post mishap… >.<

Well, if you aren’t planning on LEAVING Spokane until the 21st then there shouldn’t be an issue since we’ll be playing on the 20th :razzy:

No way I could make the Gameclucks tourney though. I’m fairly busy as a newlywed with house projects and such, so a 4 1/2 drive just for a tournament is kind of out of the question, heh.

And by ‘that day’ for travel I meant the 20th ha ha… I should really learn to type more clearly lol

Heh, I figured as much but I just wanted to give you a hard time.

Well, in that case I will try and push for August 13th but I have a feeling that will be too soon. Even if the store manager is on our side (which he is), he still has to bring this to his district manager for approval and I don’t know how long that will delay things.

I’ll update you guys tomorrow when I bring the proposal in, maybe get a timeframe or something.