Spider-Man changes for UMVC3 2013 update?

With all this speculation and hype about new content updates for update for UMVC3, of course character buff and nerfs are going to happen. Do you guys think Spidey needs to be changed at all?

His DP should be fully invincible and throw out fireballs in all directions.

But seriously let him combo off ground throws by himself. That’s all I really want.

His base damage needs to increase and he needs more durability for his web based moves. If he has durability on his web based moves he can deal with beam shooters. And if Spencer can get free unscaled 80k can Spidey do at least 60k?

Spiderman does enough damage for his webthrows imo.

I think Spidey’s damage output is fine as is. I would like to see a faster cr. L and the ability to use Web Zip in the air even if you’ve already used it to get off the ground. Also, extend the amount of frames where Spider Bite can be input. It’s dumb that you only have such a small window to input a move that you’ll probably do every time you perform Spider Sting. Just let me double tap H and get Spider Bite, no questions asked.

A little more durability / damage on Web Ball would be nice, as well. 10k is pretty anemic, and I wish it would absorb a little more in projectile wars. Maybe adjust the hitbox on Crawler Assault to keep people from falling out so often. Other than that, adjust the hitbox of cr. M to have a bit more range, OR make sure that st. M hits crouching opponents.

Yeah I like that. Adjust those hitboxes and really it’s all about tools. So Morrigan doesn’t do that much damage but she has every tool to compete. Spiderman needs his tools to be more viable so most importantly I would like to see more damage on web ball and wayyyy more durability. Give that man a fireball to compete. That’s all he needs. And I’m sure in the comics Spidey created a new and more durable web-compound so it makes sense.

And not a fireball that does like 100k but like keep his web-ball the same damage but just increase the durability. Along with hitbox adjustments. I can’t stress that enough.

I agree on the crawler assault fix Ken. If they made CA to where it vacuum opponents in like Wolverine berserk barrage x then they would make spidey a better birthday character and better point character since some characters do DHC after CA.


  • 2 web zips per instance; zip cannot be cancelled to another zip(ex. jump air web ball xx zip, air dash, zip)
  • increase hitbox size on web zip slightly to allow for ground throw follow ups on all characters.
  • increased/improved size on normal hitboxes especially for s:m: and :s:
  • removal of double air dash from ground moves cancelled to up zips


  • increased capture time on web ball assist
  • return soft knockdown status to web swing assist

If the rumor were to happen, I wonder what would happen to the Spidey+Doom tandem when Doom gets hit with the nerf stick.

would spidersting assist be broken if it auto did spidersting-bite?

Increase hitbox of jump m (letting it work as an instant over head against all characters), jump l (let it hit crouchers), jump h and s (let them cross up more consistently). Give him 2 out of 3 and Spider man is now a rushdown character.

I want his ground throw to be old school ankle flip throw… Who is with me?!

My true want is an extra web-glide- Spidey should have Spencer’s ariel mobility but with webs- damnit

Yes, but it might be useful if it did. As is, it’s pretty useless.

It would just be awesome if Spidey had a Level 3 OTG super. I’d give up UWT for a Level 3 OTG super in a heartbeat.

OR, better yet, make UWT hit OTG, but scale properly. Kind of makes sense when you think about it. Maybe two different inputs? An OTG version and a reset version, kind of like Tasky’s arrows? HCB + L+M = Air only opponents, HCB + M+H = OTG version. Scales like Bionic Arm.

Man, wouldn’t that be something?!

I’m really liking the idea of solo pickups off of ground throws, alterations to Crawler Assault to allow it to always connect every hit, and fixing the web swing assist. The hitbox extension would be nice so that you could get instant overheads on the shorter characters while standing, and it would allow the triple overhead setup to connect on most crouching characters as well. j.:m: is already good enough as a crossup tool, although making j.:h:'s hitbox larger behind him would be nice. Just having him be able to pick up off of ground throws would be enough to make him a far more efficient rushdown character, imo. Hell, why don’t they just make his ground throw where he starts spinning all around the opponent and encases them with web? Sounds better than the current one where the idea of him picking up off of it is impractical… unless they just added a minor bounce to it to lengthen the knockdown state.

Actually, I like Raoh’s idea of increasing the size of web zip’s hitbox to allow Spidey to pick up off of ground throws on all characters, since that would also make picking up off of the air throw in the corner much easier. However, I think they should also reduce the distance that Spidey throws them so that they won’t have to drastically increase the hit box on web zip.

I think the 2 web glides (a.k.a. web zips) would be balanced enough if it were to still abide by the 3 specials per jump. That way, you could still do web ball xx web glide xx web ball without making it too strong by adding on a second web glide to the end of that. That would allow Spidey to stay safe after the second web ball, which would be too damn silly. However, grounded web ball xx upward web glide web ball xx zip doesn’t sound *too strong, *since there is still some nice windows of vulnerability there.

I’d like to see something done to :m: Web Swing since that is the only move that I can’t find a legitimate use for. This has to be the dumbest move in the game.

Web ball is perfectly fine with 5 points of durability; it beats out a shit ton of stuff, and anything it doesn’t already beat out, Spidey is already agile enough to dodge it.

Spider Sting assist including Spider Bite would be hilarious, but I think they should have it so you could go into Spider Bite during the crossover counter.

The difference between Spidey’s and Spencer’s aerial mobility is this: Spencer can’t do shit until he reaches his destination. Although it’s dumb that a full screen zip, on hit, can turn into a full combo, I’m perfectly fine with spidey not having that large limitation because that is just too big of a commitment for me to enjoy.

My last thing to add to the table is to make DHC’s from Maximum Spider make sense again. The fact that MS -> Plasma Storm, MS -> Proton Cannon, and several other potential DHC ideas don’t work make Spidey’s follow-up characters somewhat limited. I understand that we can go into Crawler Assault instead to make a lot of these synergies still work, but I get really annoyed by how Maximum Spider somehow raises them up from the beginning hit to the final one, and then brings them back down in an instant. The only change that I liked with DHC’ing from Maximum Spider is that the opponent always falls into Stalking Flare now. That’s pretty much it though.

Is it really THAT silly to think about it though? All of Spidey’s assists are bad, and I mean BAD. Throwing him a bone in the assist department would be amazing. Cyclops assist anyone?

If spider bite auto comboed it would lose the overhead property. That’s something we don’t want. As for everything else seems like some are missing what he needs or stuff he’s had that was taken away.

Ground throw needs to be reduced on recovery frames. If you look at it he kinda freezes at the end of his ground throw before he moves again.

Next would be increasing the speed zip comes out. This would effectively fix his ground throw issues. This would also help with his instant overhead game. Last change they should do to web zip is either make it go to a set distance much like his upwards zip does or make each combination go a set distance with :l: + :s: going the shortest distance.

C:l: should come out just as fast as s:l: at four frames.

C:m: only needs a slight increase in its hitbox size but revert it back to its original state of knocking opponents airborne. Then make it jump cancelable.

S:m: should have one of two things considered. Either make it hit crouching characters or keep it whiffing but it recovers faster to allow frame traps or ground throws.

C:h: should have it’s recovery frames reduced.

S:h: probably should force stand but I guess that’s also an issue that should be addressed for other characters as well.

:s: should have it’s forward momentum returned for midscreen web throw links.

I remember when all his air normals crossed up. That shit was always fun. If anything make j:h: and j:s: have larger hitboxes for more consistent crossups.

All web balls need to be reduced in start up and recovery frames. Grounded web balls should cause opponent to drop to the ground faster to be comboed into Crawler assault. This allows the air web balls the ability to combo from air to ground thus giving better air confirms especially high up on the screen. Durability and the heights pushed upwards can stay the same.

Spider sting is good as is. If anything MAYBE increase the input window for spider bite but definitely increase the ground bounce OR

Reduce all startup frames on web throws to allow easier links after the bounce. This also helps with other combos as well.

:m: and :h: web swings just need to always push the opponent up and in front of Spidey. There are times, especially in air to air situations where Spidey swings under and past the opponent.

Assist wise web ball should be the :m: or :h: version and hold longer. HSD should not affect the time it holds as an assist due to how shitty it already is.

Spider sting, and ll other anti air assist, should be invincible. Since that probably wouldn’t happen make it come out faster, use the :l: version, and allow spider bite on cross counters

Web swing is supposedly the :h: version. Let it mimic it’s normal versions properties.

Maximum spider is good as is. Only change I’d ask for is that the DHC window is increased to include when he’s on the ground also.

Crawler Assault being able to combo midscreen would be awesome but I have no problems with it as is. I do think it’d be interesting to see it have a finisher like Ms. Fortune’s in Skull Girls where it can finish one of two ways of you hold a button or not but that’s not necessary, just interesting.

UWT is an anti air super. Reduce the start up so it can be used as such. This would also get rid of many UWT resets as the opponent would still be in a teching state.

The extra web zips would be nice especially since the max limit on air actions is four but Spidey can only do three. He doesn’t have a flight like Storm Dormammu or anyone else that can use three specials and an air mobility option.

Reducing his HSD would be nice just to get more damage without relying on web throws so heavily but that’s really just something I’d rather see from playing his old incarnations.

A new move similar to Joe’s dodge move would be cool since he has a Spider Sense and all but I can’t think of a way to properly incorporate that in his move set input wise.

I blame it on Airborne… shrug

I agree with everyone here who said that Spider-man should be able to pick up off air throws.

I also agree that they should do something about :m: web swing. The only place I see that move is bad combos. One idea is they could make :m: web swing a soft knockdown like :h: web swing is currently, and then give :h: web swing a small wall bounce (like Strider’s :m: gram). They could make his web swing assist a soft knockdown too, because his web swing assist is the heavy version but it hits like the medium version, or something like that.

One more thing I would like to be adjusted is the web zip. It would be cool if they made it so that the web doesn’t travel all the way to the end of the screen for Spider-man to start moving (and be safe). I’m tired of trying to evade and punish a beam super from full screen with an up-forward web zip, but instead just fall into the beam while waiting for the web to latch on to the wall. If they made it just a little bit shorter or if they made spider-man stay at the same height before it reaches, it would be easier to punish full screen beam supers.

I agree with both of these things along with the list of normals. I think that :qcb::s: could work for a move like this V.Joe’s. It would also be cool if he got a wall cling move because, ya know, one of his nicknames is the wall crawler.

Back in the older Marvel games he had one… I guess the only wall crawlers in this game are Felicia & Strider