Spider-Man 4 and 5


for those of you who actually enjoyed the last one heres news for ya. :lol: i could care less for the lackluster film of the last one but im a spiderman fan so i figured id let loose and post it. kristen dunst isnt confirmed yet though but i hope they find someone else to play mj.

if this is old please close but i didnt see it anywhere else.

Dunno, man…like you said, no. 3 left a stench, and pretty much everyone who was involved in the project is now becoming such asses (most noticeably, Sam Raimi and Tobey McQueer). I guess it’s time for the series to take a new direction?


I hope they bring emo tobey back. And that he dances MORE in this movie.

they should have left is at 1 this is boring like the hulk movie that misteriously got realeased years ago called the hulk and now we get a new one called the hulk why are they ignoring that other hulk movie WTF:annoy: i know it sucked but it sucked so hard that they tried to erased that shit from peoples minds:rofl:

now spidey is cool, but enough is enough:tup:

oh god please no

Tobey is a lazy mofo. Dude talks about not being typecast but he does nothing to stop that stuff in his own career by taking on different roles other then Peter Parker and nerds. I used to sort of like dude but fuck him apparently getting top billing like he is the only nerd actor in the world. Get that fool that stars in Mac commercials.

I hope Raimi takes the next two movies as seriously as he did in Spiderman 2, because 3 was just insulting. Until I can get a firm idea of the direction this will go, I won’t be that excited.

Heck they will probably write out MJ at this point anyway.

I also don’t like how Tobey McGuire has transitioned from Spidey 1 to Spidey 3.

I personally don’t just don’t think he fits as adult spidey…but maybe i’m just weird.

I’d just like to remind everyone, “Spider**-M**an.” Spider-Man’s name isn’t written in the same way as Batman’s or Superman’s. Hell, Iron Man is two words. Fucking Marvel.

jesus christ god no. three was too much to handle. are they gonna have 4 bad guys in 4 and 5 bad guys in 5.

You know what I would love to see? For Spider-Man 4 they use one villain, and for Spider-Man 5 they use one villain. And then for Spider-Man 6 they form the Sinister Six with Doc Ock, Sandman, Venom , the villains from 4 and 5 and Carnage (Carnage REALLY doesn’t need his own movie) and go out with a bang! Then at the last second when Spidey’s getting the crap out of him and I don’t even know how they can keep this a secret, but the movie actors who play Wolverine, Human Torch, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America (his movie should be out by then), either Daredevil/Elektra/Ghost Rider/Blade take your pick so long as we have 6 Marvel characters - all jump in and save Spider-Man in a big battle brawl!

It would be a lot like the first ASM Spidey Annual. LOL Spidey ran across super heroes in that comic everywhere he turned. It’s probably what NY would really be like with all of the characters they have there.

After that they can reboot the entire thing with some freaking web shooters and an actor who can, I dunno make me laugh… :wonder:

Yeah yeah, different rights, studios, actors are gonna ask for a lot of money, BOOOO… :arazz:

I want to see Daredevil and X-men with that old lady in the chair in the next ones.

Lizard = zzZZZZZzzzz

Throw Kingpen, Smith, and Rhino in too, since they like to pull MKA.

You’re right…but you’re still weird.

i dont get the hate for spiderman 3, it was a good movie simply because it changed the pace from spiderman 2. i used to think spiderman 2 was done very well story wise and I could watch it a few times, but looking back on it now not much happens in it, its quite simplistic and i cant sit and watch it anymore. spiderman 3 had a lot happening and had more memorable scenes

i guess thats just my opinion, there so many different films out there, batman gets away with having a very deep story and sub-par action because thats true to the comic book. theres plenty of great films out there, i watch spiderman for that comic book experience not for it to pretend its a foreign film or something

i didnt like the third movie but i enjoyed the book. the book went into detail with brock and sandman so by the end i could feel for them.

now i wouldnt mind seeing the sinister six so long as it aint one big fight at the end with all of them and just small fights individually throughout the movie. it would make for much better action if he probably fought one or two of them individually and then had the first big fight with all six of them teamed up and completely slaughter him then have yet another hard battle at the end where he finally comes up with weaknesses for them. you know like in the comic.

spiderman three had too much going on for its own good. hell they took the easy route and wrote off the main villian the story was suppose to be about by giving him amnesia. osborn didnt really do anything evil in the movie. instead they focused on two other villians instead and completely ignored the original story yeah there were a few moments but they were overlooked by other moments.

Hell yeah.

Get the S6, Iron-Man, X-men, all them mofuckas…hell even license the rights to Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers.

They could set it up at the end where it’s like the 90s X-men intro when they all run towards each other to fight but they don’t actually do it. The screen fades to black and McGuire is officially out of work.


Oh yeah, and Sandman being the one who killed Uncle Ben? WTF Raimi? :mad:

That is about as bad as the Joker killing Batman’s parents in '89 Batman.

They better have Black Cat in one of them.

And the actress better be hot.

i hope to god its like spider-man 3 shit was comedy. greatest comedy superhero movie ever! sam raimi is a fucking genius…whoever took that movie seriously just hasnt paid attention to raimi enough.

Sorry, SM 3 was no SF: The Movie.

SM 3 was bad in very unfunny ways.