Spending splurg!

How does one stop spending money, in my case my asian wife’s money…I usually pretty frugal guy & is good with money, but when i find something i want i have to get it & would go on a long streak of spending…I probably spent like $4000+ since September on electronics & arcade stuff…

Any tips?

just stop cold turkey. if you want we can do a wife swap and i’ll get your wife for a month and you can take my full body anime girl pillow.

Have a kid.

You’re living the dream. I wouldn’t mind being a pet. But I’d probably squirrel away some money for if my owner ever tired of me.

You’re so weak. Your wife owns the fuck out of you and all you can do is stand back and watch with a fake smile on your face. Are you a man or are you a weasel. If the bitch is doing something stupid then you should layeth the smack down on her!

I’m disappointed, and I will keep a close eye on you for now.


instead of spending all that money foo, start opening up businesses that has to do with your hobby. you’ll be more happy that way instead of just consuming shit all the time. you’ll get to the point, “oh fuck, what else can i buy?”

I already have two! How exactly will that solve my problem?

Im just trying to find a way to stop spending…Looks like next month im going to be spending another $750 to finish my vewlix clone.

Pay for everything in cash and give your credit cards to wife for awhile. This will help a little bit.

spend all your money, and lose your job and asian wife…just like me.

$750 for a fucking arcade setup? How about putting that towards your kids’ future? Am I feeding the troll here? What a stupid ass thread.

I buy most stuff online using paypal. We dont like using credit to owe money. Maybe ill tell my wife to change the password.

Yeah i need to put a new 32" LCD in there & joystick parts/speakers/etc…As for my kids we put $350 monthly in their college fund…

I love how people on srk get sooooo mad.



Figure out a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it, there are probably computer programs to help you with that if you prefer not to do it the old-fashioned way. However, you should allow for some leeway instead of going cold turkey as Monte recommended, or you risk another splurge (think of it like dieting and bingeing). Plus you never know when circumstances might come up where you really need to go over your allotment.

I guess we know who is in the kitchen making sammiches :wgrin:

My asian wife makes me some awesome panini sammich nekid w/ only wearing apron & high heels.

Nice. I need me one of those. Not the sandwiches.

where are the kids when this is happening you sicko!


have another wife thats not asian