Spartan vs jfresh

yeah, its hernan.

its not deviant.

its pronounced dev-one-ant. its french.


Wow. So what teams? I assume Spartan will go with 'Thrax; Jphresh will go with MSP2nice.

spartan’s matrix is pretty solid

beasted all over us last time he came

has a pretty stable cable as well

havent heard from jphres wether he is gonna play for the 50…


Jphresh will take this match, obviously. He made the thread. :tup:

Any other MM’s on the undercard? Speedster vs Khaos? Spartan vs Khaos? Lovepig vs that little kid from Regency?

i dont know if i can make it on sat cus i have to do some personal things

but ill txt joe so ya can know was good

who vs who?

So no MM this weekend
I’ll keep in touch with Herman, plenty homo

close thread

OMG what a waste.

i say i dont know yet im not sure but if i can make it ill txt all my gay niggas like gayotik ect ect

its gasp vs lenin in some cvs420

I got 20 on it!!!

lets do this TOMORROW

LOVEPIGS, LENINS OR GASPS??!?! 20 is more than enough, meaning I aint gots to pay for SHIIIet.

nah i got school friday-sunday lets go

it’ll have to be sat or sun cause halloween is friday and I’m sporting my bunny maid outfit at the clubs

tu sabes

sunday lovepigs?

look i dont have alot of spare time or money on my hands… so its this saturday or i cant play for a while… i mean ill play other ppl if they want to play for money… and i suck with team matrix and santhrax:razzy:

i was thinking we could step it up to a bill jfresh instead or two sets of 50 however you want to do it…

kenneth just an fyi i do train an hour a day or so just so i dont lose my touch i may not play ppl at arcades and shit but i still get down with herman and reset… so lets see if you want to get down just for a bit of money like 20 shit even 10 we can do that… you got all these vids up on youtube i want to see how good you are now…

i like spartan over fresh/khaoticset

bet it!

i dont know bout that bill cus i need to pay lots of shit

so ill let you know if ima gona dip to joes house on sat and ill tell you there how much is gona be the mm

i need to know by tomorrow morning or else im not gonna be hosting anything

dont really wonna just have casuals

nigga this shit is gona hapen on sat righ
how the fuck you want me to know the future
i told everybody im gona see was good
on saturday if i can make it cus i have personal thing to do

you haven even trow casuals no more why you acting gay?