Spartan vs jfresh

was good with this mm?

we were going to do it but =( we didn’t.

so i want to make this mm spartan where you at?


I dont get it did it happen already or is it going to happen? or do you want it to happen? Whats the deal?:wonder::wonder::sweat:

Jphresh will win with psylocke on point. :wow:

Not sure if Spartan even plays anymore. Even with that as a factor, he might still have the upper hand…

How much is on the line?

To: Jphres

Just spoke with Spartan.

He wants to play you for no more than 100 dollars.
No less than ft10.
He wants to play you this weekend (perferrably Saturday after 9pm-ish on console only). Find a place (LovePig’s pad?).
Make it happen.

Sounds legit. Make it happen, 'phreshster.

Lovepig’s Garage would be the perfect place.

Then get this shit on youtube asap.

fuck it im down but i need to ask joe tho
and i dont know about this weekend but im going to be at ffa this friday

I don’t mind hosting this

I’ll post up wether Friday sat on sun will be best tomorow

I’ll contact both parties tonite just to make sure all the Pomona drama was settled and it’s all fun and games, don’t want any of this shot at my place.
hopes it’s understandable.

This MM is more important than your 3rd Strike Makoto shenanigans at FFA.

JOE! Direct Feed this bizzle.

Hey Jphres, sorry about the other day. Hit me up we got a lot of catchin up to do LoL…

pls record this

jphres is prob the best UP N COMER in socal

sick ass sent IMHO

More lil spawn vids plz

so is gona be at joes house?

i know huh

alright was poppin… saturday wll be my only open day for a while seeing as how i work 50+ hours a week…
50 bucks ft10 winner must use same team console only. we can record if you want and im seriously not in the mood for drama so dom if your going to be there just be quiet.

to contact me call herman aka dev1ant

deviant is herman?

so sick

ill let u guys know about sat tomorrow

gotta make sure i could get recording gear

If I have no plans Ill record stuff