Southtown Arcade - SF, CA - THE EXILES 2013.06.15, 12PM @ goforaloop Gallery


I am totally there. :3

Members of DtoidSF will more than likely be on hand to check it out! This sounds great!

I’m on my way to scope this place out right now, be back with a initial report :o Yes I know it’s closed but this place is 6 blocks away from my work and I have a 4 hour break right now so…what else am I gonna do other than talk to you jerks?

Hyper Fighting? Holy shit. Windjammers and Vampire Savior? What the hell? That’s awesome.

Considering adding an ST cab?

This place looks really, really great.

Nice, if I ever visit San Francisco again, I will hit this place up. SCHOOL PLEASE BE OVER!!!

Will be checking this place out Thursday as well.

I’ll be there once you guys get AE!

So based off of just creeping around the front for a few minutes today…I’mma like this place! And there’s a bar up the block!

probably going this saturday… any other sacramentans want a ride?

Be sure to set Vampire Savior to Turbo 3 guyz.

is the 3s setup h2h?

DOPE. I’ll be there thursday as well :slight_smile:

These are awesome news, we needed this!

Any eta on AE?

So, is the arcade style like quarters to play or like Starbase style with entry fee and then play?

Given this photo from their twitter feed: change is here on Twitpic I’m gonna guess quarters or tokens.

How is MVC3 gunna be implemented? I hope its not timer based like Metreon was

Im not exactly familiar with the SF area but does a BART station get off anywhere nearby? If theres cvs2 ID LOVE to come play. does SF have a CVS2 scene?

get off at powell walk up stockton

Just get off Powell station and you will see Stockton.

I wonder too. Also with AE arriving, it seems more beneficial to wait for its DLC.

Hey, everyone! Our apologies for not getting back to all of you in a timely fashion; we’ve all been really busy on our off-days working on all sorts of exciting things! We’re super excited to see everyone’s enthusiasm, and we’ll try our best to address everyone’s questions below!

@DopeUyuu Unfortunately, no, this is not the Final Edition; Final Edition is only available in Japan through the NESiCA Download Service. The “HERO” version is, however, the most recent version that can be obtained outside of Japan.

@tastylumpia …and everyone else that asked about CS2! Unfortunately, it seems that Planet Zero has a special arrangement with Arc System Works; as such, we are unable to obtain a copy of the game for ourselves. If anyone happens to have a contact at Arc System Works, or maybe even Aksys, that is willing to help us out, we’re more than happy to see where it goes!

However, we are considering setting up a timer-based CS2 setup. Stay tuned to our Twitter account for more details on that!

@The_Eddie …and everyone else that asked about Tekken 6! At this time, we’ve decided to focus on securing a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 upon release, but if we receive enough demand from our Guests (Tweet at us or shoot us an e-mail!), we may reconsider this!

@NegroNinja The space is around one-thousand square feet. Not the biggest space, but we think it will do until we get enough of a following to support us moving into a larger space! And, yes, Art [not Sabin!] is involved; you should see him around from time to time!

@koogy If you ever find yourself in San Francisco, we’d love to see you! Bring us some shirts so we can sell them for you!

@Tactixdtoid Don’t forget to say hello when you guys stop by!

@sasavn01 Speed on VSav is currently set to User Select, but we can force it to Turbo 3 if we receive enough requests!

@neiman Unfortunately, 3S is not a head-to-head setup. Sorry!

@CrispyTacoz All of our cabinets run on quarters, and all games are twenty-five cents, with the exception of The King of Fighters XII, which will cost fifty-cents!

@fateXd2 Unfortunately, yes, MVC3 will likely be on a timer-based setup, similar to the setup that the Metreon had for SSF4. We understand that this is not ideal, but without a proper arcade release, it’ll have to do!

And, to everyone who asked about SSF4AE: It’s coming, sooner than you think! (Not this weekend, sadly! But very soon!)

Lastly, since there have been some questions regarding accessibility, I’ll try and give you all a basic run-down of various ways to get to us:

  1. You can take BART to Montgomery Street Station, and then catch the 30 Stockton to Stockton & Sutter, which will leave you directly across the street from us!
  2. You can also take BART to Powell Street Station, then exit the station via the Stockton Street exit; we’re about four blocks North, on Stockton!
  3. You can take any MUNI bus that will get you near Market & Stockton; get off the bus and head North on Stockton! We’re four blocks up!
  4. By car, there are two spots right in front of us that tend to be unoccupied after 6pm (and are free!); after 6pm, we highly recommend parking in the parking garage structure located directly across the street from us! You can find more details here: Parking on Union Square - Parking Rates :: Union Square Shopping, Dining & Travel Guide for San Francisco (Use “Find” and enter “Sutter Stockton Garage”)

Thanks again for all the comments, suggestions and general feedback! We’re really excited, and please don’t hesitate to say hello and introduce yourself!

Southtown Arcade