Southtown Arcade - SF, CA - THE EXILES 2013.06.15, 12PM @ goforaloop Gallery

The Arcade is closed as of November 26th, 2012. #RIP #RIP #BIBLETHUMP
Our bye-bye post:

We are still running tournaments; you can find more info HERE:

Please check out our Twitter & Facebook pages and our website for updates on upcoming events!


Wow i will be there this weekend!

UM hero? is this final edition? if so holy shit i’ll be there

Will be there (:

im excited

Sooo going!

In there like pedobear.

Any plans on getting Continuum Shift 2? I know there’s issues with the NESICA system but there’s big BB NorCal community that would love to feed quarters into a cab.

10000% agreed on this. Its centralized amongst most of the community, it would be a great place to meet up and not have people be driving ungodly hours to meet up.

i’ll be there if i still have time and money left over from the massage parlor

I am a bit far from SF but this is cool, including the pricing. Having vampire savior makes this pretty much the 2nd best arcade possible, with first place only awarded if you pick up Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure someday.

i’ve actually walked by that exact area, looked at a for lease sign in one of the buildings, and thought it might be the type of shady place that would be perfect for an arcade

see yall thursday!

all i request is at least one tekken6 machine

but i like the line up they have so far

Closed Tue and Weds . . . lame


Will be there this Saturday for KOF

Unless he has magic powers and extremely deep pockets like Planet Zero John, CS2 is probably impossible. :sad:

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that CS1 machine is going to be very lonely in a few weeks. D:

Might be interested in showing up to check this place out this weekend.

Arturo? Zat you?

Also, what’s the size of this place?

AWESOME! Too bad I don’t live in SF anymore… but AWESOME!

Weekend trip I’m down. Can’t wait to get some KOF in.

Totally want to visit! :C

this sounds fucking amazing.

i’ll be there for xiii as soon as i can get up there.