Southern Hills Golfland

When and why was it closed? I remeber going there when i was a little kid. I remeber it always being busy. Did they sell it so they could build those houses?

It closed back in November of 02. From what I remember, the city opted to tear it down to build some apartments (someone correct me if I’m wrong)

man that really sucks the house/apartments whatever they are look really out of place too.

R.I.P. Southern Hills Golfland…

Page pretty much sums up the “mysterious miniature golf place in Long Beach” I went to one time as a meeting point, oh so many years ago.

wow i wish i was older when it was open so i could have gone to experience it thru diffrent eyes. :frowning:

Long Beach? I thought it was West Minister or Garden Grove?

it was in stanton

good times there. they had it all, but i remember the marvel sticks not being that great.


I remember the deoderant not being that great =/

I live in the N. OC area and that arcade would have been perfect for me since I dont like AI or SA asian sticks. My other option was Camelot but that arcade also went to the shithole ( its last good year was 04 ).

I remember driving down there every weekend and scrubbing my way through Gauntlet on freeplay during Saturday morning. Good times. :V

I remember being the best there from day 1…

I remember playing you back in the days. First time i saw you was like dang this little guy knows how to play ( cuz im tall ). I only managed to win once in a while, you won most of the time :crybaby:

The best arcade of all time…

the day i got my driver’s license, first place i drove to was shgl ;(

4-8 coins on every machine depending on the night



i beat you at a weekly. <3

i also remember almost getting shot on a fri evening

i also remember Clock being bald and fatter.

Somebody should open an arcade where SHGL was ( around that area ). The only “decent” option people has is FFA but thats too damn far away from us folks of the OC. Not an arcade like Camelot but a place like Keystone in Norcal.
Wasnt Wizard going to open a place like that in Riverside ? … what happened with that ?

Yea if they opened one up that would be dope…i doubt they will tho haha