South Bend, IN/ Michiana - We finally have a scene!

Im in a big Smash community area. Just seeing if there is any SF people in this area, and would like to meet some guys in the scene here.
South Bend, In
SFIV, Blazblue, MvC2,ST,Alpha series

I’m in the neighborhood. I’m like right between Osceola, Granger, and Mishawaka. I mostly just play SF4 with a few other games on the side, seldomly.

Awesome finally someone else hehe. But ya i mostly play SFIV as well. Im on PS3 though, ill play on the 360 at a cousins house (got a dual system modded stick). Maybe more guys chime in on this thread and we could have some game night session/mini tourney’s or something.

I know some non-SRK locals who play as well, though only 1 of them plays SF4 much. In these woods we mostly played CvS2 and GBA2 lol.

Bump… Hope there’s more lol!

I never dabbed in cvs2 much, havent seen gbaII in years lol. Hope more guys chime in as well, or it just might be both of us are the local scene lol. You ever go to Gameworks in Schaumburg? SF4 arcade cab there awesome arcade and some really stand up guys.

Can’t say I have been there, yet.

Looks like we might be the only ones, lol

Yeah, could be, hehe.

Well sometime we might have to get together and I’ll scrape some other friends together and we can throw down some. I have a nice customized HRAP stick and a TE round 2 stick, both with GT-Y octagon gates, and even a fight pad for my 360. I’m sure there’s something for you to use. :wink:

Maybe you know some friends that play too?

Definitely well have to get some sessions in. My TE stick is dual modded to play on both the 360 and PS3 just for such instances, hehe. Ya couple of my cousins play,and most of my other buddies are all about FPS’s.

Will be posting info about the Indy qualifiers for the Power Up tourney shortly. All Indiana players are welcome to try out.

Word on the street is gamestop on the south side of south bend (Ireland rd) is possibly going to have a SSf4 tourney. Im gonna try and get some more info if this is gonna go down.

Sounds good, keep me informed, as I would surely like to go to that. :slight_smile:

Bump. Is there no one else? :frowning: lol

Ive been hoping more guys pop up on here, this area is decently sized to where there has got to be fight game fans.

I know people around here play, we just have to get them on here.

As long as there is people around that play we can get some stuff going, my worry was nobody around played fight games lol. I had even started a local forum as a project to find people who played locally and set up tourneys not just for fighting games but games in general, and see if people around would be interested in fighting games. Hasnt really taken off though lol. I should make flyers and such.

psyko, chime in .

Does Hammond count?

Up to you hehe. You’re about an hour away but that’s probably close enough. :slight_smile: