Soul Calibur 3 Preview

I don’t know how real this article is but it staes some intersting points. PS2 exclusive (didn’t it do well on other consoles?) and create-a-character (I’m sure they will name that "Create-a-Soul) :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways take this with a grain of salt … it’s Gamepro afterall.


I’m GETTING THIS SHIIAAAAAT when It comes out suckas.

I say it’s an April Fool’s joke. We’re getting close to it, you know.

Can anyone confirm that issue of GamePro to be real so the news is legit?

Looks legit though, and I don’t think it would be an April Fools thing since GamePro does really lame ones in their LamePro, unless they stopped doing that. :confused:

Yeah I haven’t seen lamepro on gamepro since 02 or 01.

I mean that stuff is dead now or do they still show lamepro.

I figured we would have heard news from Namco about SC3 before we saw screenshots.

this needs a female fighter custom breast size meter

Its in there May issue on page 73,so I don’t thinkits an april fools joke and aside from being gamepro after all, I think this is pretty real :tup: I’m betting the chick in the shot has to be Ivy related though…and the guy with the spear looks kinda tight in the lower photos

wasnt there a thread around here stating a rumour about dante being in this one? man im playing more and more of my ps2 over xbox. so much good shit.

Looks legit, but I’ll wait until more sources get info. If the history mode is anything like T5’s…well godDAMN. Should be multiplatform though. XBL play plz.

They already had their lamepro (i have one of those free subscriptions) last issue. Something about that doesn’t seem right though. And ps2 only? I was getting my hopes up because in the rumor report on EGM, it said that it would follow in the same vein of SCII and have console exclusive characters (although it was just a rumor). Bleh.

SC of the three major 3d fighters, might be most suited to online play due to its slower speed, frames are definitely less important then in VF or tekken. PS2 can do online also.

I have simple hopes for the game
-They emphasize more, not better. Don’t tweak the formula too much.
-One tweak I would like seeing is the SC1 Parry/Repel system back

I’m doubting now that custom chars will make their way to the arcade. Would be a nightmare for operators. I think that part of the game might bomb- just too hard to make. I would have rather have seen VF4 Evo/FT level character customization. (I’d take FT also, need an excuse to get into VF again)

I heard somewhere that it was still going to be arcade first. :confused:

Namco, a Japanese company gives Gamepro of America exclusive info no one else knows about? Shyeah, right. I say April’s Fools.

Seems like the Arcadia Magazine has officially announced that Soul Calibur 3 will be released Fall '05 in arcades go to forums their talking a lot about it

There is alot of ignorance in this thread, first off gamepro has always done lamepro and still does to this year. Second the SC3 article form the May issue of gamepro is real. Its only going to be on ps2 (maybe arcade), it features a create a character mode, no you cant make weapons only chose pre made ones. Three new fighters are making their appearence in SC3 plus all the original ones.

Agreed. It’ll be nice if it’s true, but I’m staying skeptical till I see confirmation from another source.

Dumbass aprils fools was last month in gamepro issues, SC3 came from the MAY issue! :tdown:

Read Gojira and Rid’s posts on this page. You have to admit, there is reasonable doubt.

that article made it seem like SC2 was a complete failure. even though i’m not a big fan of the series. i enjoyed to game when it first came out. playing as Link is priceless.