Soul Calibur 2

Just recently i entered a tournament that included GGXX, MVC2, T4, and Soul Calibur 2. While i was waiting for GGXX to open i viewed a couple of Soul CAlibur matches and i was amazed by what i saw. Awesome graphics, awesome characters, almost perfection. It was hard to go back to play the 2D Guilty Gear. I would like to know two things about SOul CAlibur 2.

  1. WHo is a great character overall, and who is noob friendly?

  2. When does the console games come to the U.S?

Thank u for your help!


Clear cut the best character in the game is Cervantes. Also clear cut Yunsung is the worst character in the game.

Preety much most characters can compete though.

In all honesty most of the characters are user friendly. Ivy is probably the hardest to learn. Some people have trouble learning Voldo as well. A good starting character to get you used to the game is probably Mitsurugi.

I agree with what bloody yakuza says…but I think that playing Ivy is simple and the easiest char to play at a high level is prob X
(the 5 move whore) it’s hella easy to turtle with the bitch.

Calibur is da shit i own it on cube but for some reason my calibur game is a lot weaker than my sf game
rankings:1 cervantes
2 yoshi,mits
3 kilik?
4 x

Ha Ha tell me about it. My SF game is super leet and my calibur leaves something to be desired.

The characters in order are

  1. Cervantes
  2. Yoshimitsu
  3. Mitsufagi
  4. Kilik
  5. Xianghua (my baby cakes)
  6. Taki
  7. Ivy
  8. Casandra
  9. Seung Mina
  10. Astaroth
  11. Talim
  12. Raphael
  13. Voldo
  14. Sophitia
  15. Nightmare
  16. Maxi
  17. Yunsung

I hear Necrid (Ogre2K3) is mad broken though. I will have to mess around with him.

Xiang’s #1 right now, or so I hear. Cervy is second.

Damn… .Aren’t there like… 5 Soul calibur 2 threads?

Hahahahahah. Good shit

What the fuck?

Here we go again.

X is not #1, not even close. Whoever u heard that from, put a bullet inbetween their eyes for me:D

Bloody Yukata’s rankings are 100% accurate, considering they’re from Thank god somebody posted it;)

That’s what I heard from XCTU and Zigmover21, but that might be outdated that was a couple weeks ago. And even if that’s true not even close? You do know who Xiang is right?

In tourny play, X is #1. No question about it.

The thing with X is her safety. SC2’s system is very risk/reward oriented, and a lot comes down to simply making the right decision at the right time. You guess right, you are rewarded. You guess wrong, you get punished.

Well, it’s true that X doesn’t have very big rewards, but she rarely, if ever, punishes you for guessing wrong. This makes her PERFECT for tournament play, which is conservative anyways. Plus, her rediculous safety, poking, and easy h/m/l mixup allows her to establish momentum, and total lockdown.

Just think about it. 90% of the time, all X needs is AA, 3B, and 3A. AAB when you see a counter hit. 3B keeps them from ducking. 3A is fast and does pretty rediculous damage for something that fast. 3AK is an NCc. Plus, 3A is a great anti-step tool, considering how it hits low. Technically, it IS punishable on block, but considering how worn-out and nervous people tend to be in tournies, consistently punishing it is annoying. As an Asta player, I have trouble punishing X’s 3A 'cause my natural inclination is to use FC 3K on block, which isn’t quite fast enough to hit her consistently.

And of course, you have 22_88B. This is all she needs from mid range, and is just annoying as fuck in general.

Finally, X has matchups. She’s the one character who has a good advantage over Cervy (yes, she 0wn5 Cervy, ranking project be damned). And her bad matchups aren’t that bad. Yoshi does very well against her, but what are the odds of you actually fighting a Yoshi, and a GOOD one at that? Mitsu can punish her effectively, but he has to be careful, as kB2 can flat-out whiff her for no reason.

Nightmare is good against her, but he has some really bad matchups that could make him a liability, so they could pull counter-character on you if you won. Kilik is good against her, but again, not too many good Kilik players out there. Talim can take her, but like Yoshi, the odds of you meeting a good Talim are very low. Asta can match her, but only if he turtles like crazy.

Plus, no matter what matchup she’s in, X does not have to adapt her game AT ALL. Where as EVERYBODY else MUST adapt to her. So while most of her matchups are only 50/50 on paper, her psychological advantage is usually enough to give her an edge in just about every fight. People just plain HATE fighting X. Combine that with the fact that turtling is the ONLY effective means of fighting roachy X, and it’s easy to see why she’s #1. In an environment where you get punished for making mistakes, she’s the one character where you’re not that likely to be punished, even if you guess wrong.

Help me! please!

I’ve been told that cervy has a special throw{kinda like Ivy’s throw}, i was told that it was out of A 4 B. please tell me if this is true if so tell me how its done!

i heard that maxi still own mix up with is psl’s and fast sidestepps
plus he is the man in the right hands

I still don’t get it - why do people say yunsung sux? :confused: I haven’t seen anything warranting “suck” - and I’ve seen him played extremely effectively. Am I missing something?

Voldo that low?

Kilik that high?

And I have done some really broken shit with Necrid - like hitting them with nothing when they are behind me…he seems to be a walking glitch. He doesn’t feel overpowered though…sort of like Cable - a few tricks - but nothing that can’t be stopped…

shrugwhenever i seem to play the “good” Kilik’s at CyberStation its almost as if they are asking to have every attack guard impacted.

Nightmare is that low, eh? Well, at least i can print out such a tier listing and not be deemed a scrub for using him. And me sparking alot of my game off of Nightmare’s maelstrom moves (rising [a] for mid hit and position change, rising a, a for mid to low, rising a, 2a for cancel), can this possibly be bad? Seems to do the trick.

Yunsung is a good character, with one fatal flaw. No good lows.

That’s about all there is. Turtle like crazy and Yunsung dies.

That being said, Yunsung is still a fun character, and one of my faves for casual play, a lot of people just don’t use him because ‘OMG skill porject sayz Yunsung sux0rs!!!1’ and they have no clue what’s coming from him. Yunsung’s lows are easy to see coming, but you still have to know what you’re looking for. As long as everyone on the internet says he sucks completely, he’ll still be mid-tier in non-high level comp because people just don’t know what he has.

My two cents.

Help me! please!

He has a B2, (press B then down right after) not to hip on the SC2 terminology. Its about the same as Ivy’s 8B+G grabs out of air, don’t think thats what you are talking about though

Buyt unless I am missing something - doesn’t mitsurgi lack good low attacks? How is his royal scrubness up there? I’ve never fought a scary mitsurgi…

And why Voldo so low…I can’t think of anything weak for him…I even feel as though they sped up his normal attack moves. I sure hope it isn’t because people don’t want to get good with him…

wts?!? Mitsu’s 2K is arguably one of the best lows in the game. Yes, it’s risky, but they HAVE to anticipate it. Just downright sick on wakeup. Yunsung has NOTHING like this. Risky lows aren’t bad so long as they give you something good on hit.

1A2 is safe. Good range, coverage, goes under highs.

8WR 1_7A is good for ring outs.

Mist K doesn’t do much damage, but you get it for free quite often. And Mist has other mixups out of Mist as well, so chipping at them can actually lead to big damage.

Aiight Here it is

16.Seung Mina

However says Yunsung sucks doesnt know what they are talking about. I picked him up and I think he really good. He could fight up ther with the big boys. I was playing with Ivy and Sophitia in SC1 but I like Yunsung cuz hes fast and tricky.

No… just… no.

How the hell are Mitsu and Yoshi mid tier?

Mitsu kB2 = 6 frames of advantage on block. Even if you learn to deal with it, that’s still… :confused:

Yunsung is shite for serious play. I love him in casual, but frankly, no good lows + bad throws = turtler’s wet dream.

Uh, I’d continue telling you why you’re stupid, but really, nothing saves this tier list. Don’t write tier lists yourself… it doesn’t work like that.