Soul Calibur 1 coming to XBLA

But… no Online =(

i just posted that in the sc4 thread

the 1up article doesn’t rule out online play, if gamespot is right then that’s gay

Yeah. It’s seriously some stupid shit if they don’t include online play.

Online play for SC1 wouldn’t give people a whole lot of incentive to buy SC4, other than the improved graphics and single-player filler…

Probably the best news i’ve heard all day, but if that’s the case that they will not include online play? Then what’s the point? SC4 doesn’t even use the same engine SC1 does, it uses SC2’s engine

Edit: Plus its more balanced and uses more focuses on positioning, and ringouts are more prevalent in that game than in it’s sequels

I knew there was a reason why I chose the Elite SKU.

Even if I already own the DC version, my Dreamcast’s drive makes funny noises, I will get this for XBLA

By far my favorite game of the series (and still one of my favorite fighting games to this day). Too bad there’s no online play or I would have picked it up. My Dreamcast still kicks ass so I can always play it on there. To be honest they only time I ever play SC1 anymore is to listen to the soundtrack.

now i don’t exactly represent today’s gaming market but i have no intention of buying sc4 and the idea of playing sc1 against people even if it’s via shitty online is still appealing to me, because that’s something i didn’t get to do much during the sc1 years due to several reasons. your point is definitely understandable though, but i think the majority of current terrible sc fans wouldn’t consider sc1 to be anything more than short-lived fan service whether it’s online or not, nevermind a real threat to sc4’s success.

I made a thread for SC1 over at the “other fighters” section, so if u guys wanna contribute some info or watever go check and out. Oh and online wasn’t never completly ruled out, it could happen since they could include some patch later on.

it would be a huge shame if it were an arcade port. The arcade version of SC doesn’t even have a playable Cervantes (or any Cervantes for that matter, heh).

if SC4 turns out to be too gimmicky… at least we can rest assured that SC1’s normalcy and purity will be there to save our souls.

Even if I like some of the new moves added in SC2 and SC3, I feel that SC1 is more “normal” than it’s sequels.
Even the designs of the character models look normal in SC1 and not Disney-esque like in SC2

dammit this better have online play. I mean halo is being released without online and now this? WTF are people thinking.

It would be really stupid not to include online play. I love SC1 without it and everything, but it needs some online play.

I really don’t understand why people don’t still play this game. Looking at match videos of the subsequent games, they all look boring as fuck compared to this. Powerful ringouts made SC interesting.

Well considering that Halo never had online play, this wasn’t surprising. Xbox Originals are essentially dumps from the Xbox disc to the Marketplace.

From the Press Release:

it would be an instabuy for me if it had online

Yeah, online or GTFO Namco.

Won’t buy if it doesn’t. I guess they think it is going to get people to not buy SCIV.

Ya know… That really kinda annoyed me when they announced it. They’re making this Soul Calibur crap too mainstream (Addition of Yoda and Darth… c’mon) The only reason thats annoying is because it would’ve been awesome if they added Virtua Fighter 1, 2 or 3 to XBLA when Virtua Fighter 5 hit the 360. But I guess that’s only because SC has more of a fan following or something.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Soul Calibur, I think it’s fun and I’m probably going to pick up SC4 and perhaps SC1 (If they have online), I just wish VF5 got some more love.

But, more on topic here. It would be incredibly silly if SC1 didn’t have online play.

I’m buying this whether or not it has online play.