Souki: Ultimate All Stars

No topic for this guy yet in the US version so I figured I would start it. All the BnBs still work but dam…custom combos are long gone. Thanks in part due to characters falling faster, less hitstun on certain moves, and a bunch of other stuff I’m sure I haven’t really checked out yet. He still has amazing range but extended air combos are long gone…they just fall too fast.

For example, if you ended a combo in Issen for the first game to a baroque then continued to an aerial rave, you can get the full extent of the aerial rave because the character would stay on par with Souki. If you try that now, you’re probably gonna get one or two hits then they just drop… It seems the only way to maximize your aerial combos is to stick to “legit” combos…as in, no adding your own extra hits when the character is off the ground.

Refer to this video for what I mean with “extended air combos”


Basically, once you Issen (B+C after 6C)- the character is airborne and you can quickly baroque to continue comboing into anything you want. The problem with this is, the character’s fall speed is increased so you’d either have to do a more strict combo time-wise or settle for less hits. In the case of Souki, he can’t really spam out fast attacks so it’s no longer wise to baroque a 6C into an aerial rave as you’ll most likely get 1-3 hits off. 100% NOT worth it, unless of course you’re only sacrificing like 1% of red life…even still it’s almost useless.

I’m gonna get on the grind once again and try to provide some more info on US Souki and better combos because as of now my combos are looking really disappointing. BnBs are fine and all, but that’s not what you’re here for are you…? :looney:

UPDATE 2/13/10

Hitstun deterioration or hitstun scaling, whatever you wanna call it…is pretty much confirmed and it’s the reason Souki can’t do extremely long air combos any longer ending in j.C because by the time the hits are high enough the hitstun doesn’t last for the final hit to connect. (explanation for my initial comments on Souki)


Trag was nice enough to showcase some of Souki’s more advanced combos and compile them into one thread with tons of variations and setups.

In other words, the **real **Souki combos are in here:

They’re pretty much the same. Combos are a lot stricter and the engine in general just feels “weird” and a lot less fluid than the previous game but it’s probably just the hitlag. Like I said, BnBs are pretty much the same, so are the normals. The problem lies in doing things that go outside the scope of what Souki is “supposed” to be able to do. As for now I can’t say there’s anything amazingly new about this Souki outside of actually losing a lot of what he’s capable of. He’s definitely still a great character, as all characters lost a lot of crazy aerial raves due to the game physics being slightly revamped. In general, your aerial raves are gonna suck a lot more compared to the last iteration, they’re also a lot harder to connect due to the fact that the characters fall so dam fast and they take on less hitstun in the air than the previous game. I found myself dropping aerial combos out of nowhere a lot lol.

So far I’m loving Souki. His new shoulder charges are godsends. A basic bnb is like A, B, 2B, C, 6C, 22C, BBQ, A, B, 2B, C, 6C, 623A, A, B, C, 3C, air combo, land 22C. The air combo is kind of weird though, usually I use A, A, B, dj. B, C but it seems inconsistent, I may need to work on it some more. Either way that’s about 28K and could be extended to more if your using a combo extending assist like Ryu. The wallbounce on the C version seems to only be used for starting combos, I haven’t combo’d into it yet. But if you armor your way through an attack you can follow with a pretty decent combo. You can also land a Tekkaman assist after a max range C shoulder charge, which is pretty sexy. Still working on follow ups for that though.

A few new things, posted most of this in the general area already, but it probably deserves to be here. First it seems that the oni transformation has been sped up meaning you can use it to extend a combo more easily now, he can even go into it from his BnB! 6C cancels into it very easily and you can land a jab afterwards and continue from there. So you could do something like:

A, B, 2B, C, 6C, 22C, BBQ, A, B, 2B, C, 6C, assist, A, B, 2B, C, 6C, LVL3, A, B, 2B, C, 6C, 623A, A, B, C, 3C, j.A, j.A, j.B, Double Jump, j.B, j.C, land 22C.

Lots of hits obviously and probably not practical, but the point of it is that Souki can do SEVERAL reps of his BnB depending on how you play him. Any combo into 6C and be followed with Oni Mode and then repeated once you’ve transformed, and any combo into A shoulder charge can be followed with A, B, C, lauch, air combo. Also notice that because of the increased number of souls you get per hit now, you can usually not only guarantee a combo off an oni mode transformation, but can usually get enough red sould to completely fill your gauge. I’m still not a big fan of his LVL 3 even with this new stuff, but I’ll start trying to work it in and see if it’s practical or not.

I also managed to do a reset in my air combo today with an air throw, and got a few more hits in after the throw reset scaling Marvel style, but that was in arcade mode, so I’m unsure if it will work on humans yet or not.

Speaking of throws, the new throw mechanics seem like a double edged sword for Souki. It’s nice that he has access to tick throws to help his game out a little up close, but he gets thrown out of a lot of his moves. Some of his slower start up moves can actually be thrown on reaction, sort of similar to throwing Balrog dash punches in SF4. He can be thrown from his shoulder charge, head splitter, and even some of his pokes. Gotta be careful how you use those.

Thats it for now. I’ll post more as I find it.

I think oni magic is a little bit different too. Sometimes after i use A, B, C, 6C, issen, oni magic. It SOMETIMES sends the opponent up and wall bounces so now you can A, B, C, 6C, issen, oni magic, 236AB. You might even extend another combo.
Also it seem easier to combo soki’s supers from regular moves like C or 6C.

So Soki’s counter crumples now, right? What can you follow up with after this crumple?

I’ve been a huge fan of Capcom’s “Survival Horror” series since…well what seems like forever. So when I saw Souki in CGoH I knew I had to main him. He felt comfortable from day 1. That didn’t change in the US version either. The new faster air falling is killing my AR combos, but my roommates still run in total fear of him during Oni Mode. Never have I felt so empowered.

I’ve actually started ending some of my combos with Headsplitter and his Shoulder tackle move. Its obviously not nearly as great as his BnB into insert Super here combo, but if C version shoulder tackle connects I’m able to extend into some funny shit off the wall bounce. I’m completely terrible at the VS series of games, but right now I’m havin’ fun til I really have time to sit down and hammer out some serious combos and such with him. I hope to contribute as much as I can ^^.

Any recommendations for partners with him? I’ve been usin’ Batsu (mostly because I really like 'em) and Polymar (lovely combo extension from his assist. Plus its fun to land level 3 Oni Magic once and a while).

Tekkaman is a crazy good partner for Soki imo. His assist lets him extend his combos really well and you can DHC from firesword to Tekkamans high damage SRK super (MAKE IT RAIN) really easily. It does a stupid amount of damage for the meter.

That and Tekkaman is a beast all by himself.

I too have been trying to master a Souki/Tekkaman team. After watching some CGoH material on nico video it seemed so good. I couldn’t quite make out the players BnBs but after some training mode I’ve decided on something like

5A, 5B. 5C, 6C~(call assist), 623B, (assist hits) backdash, 5A, 5B, 5C, 3C, j.A, j.B, j.C

Does about 18billion but I know it’s possible to do some shit with supers instead of just launching into air combo. I just haven’t been able to land them after the assist.

Gunna hit training mode again and try and figure it out.

Im sure this can be better but I’ve been using

A, B, C, 6C, 623A, B, C, 6C, (call assist), MP+HP Followup, (assist hits), backdash, A, B, C, 3C, j.A, j.A, j.B, j.C
Pretty sure this does in the 23,000bill range but I don’t remember.

Or after the assist I do the fire sword super into MAKE IT RAIN.

0,0 Onimusha isn’t a survival horror. It’s more of a 3D beat em up.

These combos are pretty awesome. You know, I have to admit as soon as I found a good 100% savefile I quickly ditched Souki and went to Zero/Condor and I didn’t realize they changed him so much until the other day. You guys are all right because I was wondering wtf happened when some random scrub got a free Oni Magic on me after countering. I was like "WTF?! " And now I know why…I always Issen’d the counter in the jap version but I don’t think I will anymore. It’s pretty much a reset. Considering so much of his stuff staggers now, I don’t even see the point of using Issen in some of his BnBs anymore. I really need to take a look and compare damage because ending with Issen is looking really stupid compared to ending with a stagger, into another BnB loop…THEN an Issen. ^_~

Exactly, I rarely use the Issen in any of my combos anymore. It’s way more reliable to just follow up from a stagger, or go into super from 6C. But it seems that using Issen after Oni Magic super allows you to instatnly canel into 236 Super, which is pretty nice. However, I have been having better luck with Souki as a battery lately, seeing as how he can do about 25k or more damage in a combo without even using meter, I have been using him to build up, then either DHC or Variable counter my partner in to work with those meters.

My biggest problem with Souki right now is that I really hate his assist. Does anyone know of any good uses for it, or who works well with it?

I do think that Tekkaman is easilty the most useful assist for Souki. It gives him free combos off a 623C wallbounce, extends combos, and helps stop people who just try to run away from Souki.

Potatoes, Potatoes. Can’t we say 3d Survival Horror beat-em-up? XD

PLEASE tell me. does Soki’s Fire tornado still leave them untechable on the ground till the sword hits? my Soki/ploymar relied on this. lol

Doesn’t seem to, but I’ve been playing around with Soki/Polymar some anyway. You can do A, B, 2B, C, 6C, 22C, BBQ, A, B, 2B, C, 6C, 623A, Polymar assist, lvl 2 623 Super, thats about 28K for one meter, but really you could just combo into a juggle for close to the same for no meters, but its there if you want it. Like I said, I think Soki is shaping up to be one of the best batteries in the game, he can do a ton of damage without even using his supers, then lets his partner in do wreck once he’s built up enough. Or just save those meters for megacrashes.

I’m sure everyone already knew this one but Soki/Polymar also have a pretty deadly DHC. Combo into 623 Super + Poly drill super, then charge another 623 super to lvl 3. Depending on how you combo’d into the super that can do about 80% or more to most of the cast, granted its a lot of meters to burn.

One more thing, doing 623 super off of 623A will cause a wallbounce, but so far I have been unable to follow up after the bounce, any ideas?

^ i usually do 236 super

also anyone know what to do when ppl run away when you’re oni soki?

Just a thing I noticed when messing around, Soki’s 236 super can DHC into Tekkaman Blade’s 236 super on the final hit for no reason.

As for what to do when people run away when you’re in oni mode, know soki’s high and low options. Limited as they may be, they are there. 41236 is overhead, 2A/B/C are all low, and 22C is low. Don’t be afraid to throw people, don’t forget that Soki’s jC can crossup. He can do stuff in oni mode, you just have to use your tools. This is just based off of some minor experience though, I could be wrong on how effective you can make the super.

One other thing, oni mode Soki can still be hit by attacks that put you into a special state, like Roll’s L3 super for example. Throws still work on him too… so use this to your advantage, try to bait those kind of moves and punish.

I’ve been messing around with Soki/Yatterman - 2 and they seem pretty cool together.

a, b, c, 6c issen, assist, 236super
18k - 20k dmg
add a, b, c, 6c, 22c, bbq in the beginning for an extra 4k dmg

a, b, c, 6c, 236a, assist, c, 6236super
18k - 19k dmg
I suggest using this in the corner. It can be done midscreen, but the timing for the assist is stricter.

A few more things with Soki/Tekkaman. After a shoulder tackle stagger any hit will launch, and after the launch Tekkaman assist will continue the combo, so for example you can do a combo into the shoulder tackle, then 623 Super(1 Hit), then Tekkaman assist, then A, B, C, 3C, air combo. Also DHC with 623 Super + Tekkaman Beam super, then charge up another 623 Super to level 2, is a huge damage finish for any combo ending with 6C or A Shoulder tackle, costs four bars though, so don’t do it unless it will kill. Speaking of big bar finishes, anytime Souki’s assist hits, Tekkaman gets his level 3 super. I usually hate Soki’s assist but this is one of the few uses I have found for it.

I’m still working on my BnB with Soki though. So far my best midscreen combo is still A, B, 2B, C, 6C, 22C, BBQ, A, B, 2B, C, 6C, 623A, 2B, C, 3C, air combo. I haven’t worked the Tekka assist in there yet, since I’ve been experimenting with different partners, but for now it looks like Soki is at least top 5 for pure damage potential in the game.

As for other partners, I’ve been looking at Polymar a bit. It’s starting to look like VAir combos are the best way to do damage in the game, and as I said Soki is a great battery. So you can just use him to deal damage while building meter, then hit a strong combo into launcher, tag in the air, and end it with a reset air grab super with Polymar. That’s two bars to 100% most of the cast.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. Tekka assist hits after Issen from 6C. So you can punish things from about 3/4 screen away with 6C, Issen, assist, A, B, C, 3C, air combo. about 18K punish right there, no meter. Or you can work it into your BnBs, you can end your combo with 6C, Issen, assist, A, B, C, 3C, air combo.