Someone please explain to me why 3D is so hyped right now! this is madness yo

:amazed: First theres DVD, then theres HD DVD, then theres Blu Ray…now here comes 3D. I mean really…The jump for DVD to blu is noticeable, but this 3D mess is just another scheme for taking my money and feeding the consumer frenzy. Its great for dropping the price on HD TVs, but imho thats about it. :rolleyes:


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3D is just a gimmick.

supposedly hollywood has been working on crazier 3D, and all this shit is just a precursor, but we’ll see how that goes

personally, I wear eyeglasses and NO 3D glasses are really that comfortable, so there is strike one. Next, there is no way I wanna wear a bulky headset everytime i wanna fucking watch TV

as they said in Drawn Together…the technology of the 80’s…TODAY!

Its not all gimmick. But they are really going to start doing some beautiful stuff with it before it gets out of the gimmicky stage. Avatar did a good job of it; then there is that owl movie that had some great scenes in the previews. Just the next step in movies. Went from black and white to color, to high quality film and now this sort of seems like a natural progression to 3D.

3D movies were the thing in the 50s…It was the way the movie industry used to help sales in the theater cuz it cant be replicated on your standard tvs…I believe this is more of a desperation then a progression…This might work if the 3D will be enhance cinematic experience like Avatar but for home use i dont see it lasting more then 5 years. That’s why im not planning to buy a 3Dtv…

3D was one of a number of things studios did (they also tried Smell-O-Vision, the bullshit ghost viewer in the original 13 Ghosts, supposed alternate endings depending on the viewers giving thumbs up/down, giant flying skeletons/etc that would fly around while a movie played, etc etc) when tv shows were trumping movies.

Why? Because they gave you something you COULDN’T get at home.

Alas, they ALL lost out. You know what made people eventually go back to movie theatres?

Swearing and Nudity

Fuck 3D until they give me 3d tech that doesn’t give me headaches and doesn’t strain my eyes.

I don’t doubt there is some neat stuff you can do with the technology, but I will be damned if I go out of my way to buy an expensive ass 3dtv and wear some stupid ass goggles just to watch a movie. So far it all seems to be hype.

Screw 3D. I’m waiting for smell-o-vision.

3D comes and goes every 10 years or so.


Yeah, I hate 3D. I feel it hurts the fidelity of the film and I wear glasses so I have to put glasses over my glasses just to see a 3D film. Fuck that shit.

It won’t be a fad if the average joe can do it with their video camera and some software. And if you don’t have to wear glasses or be stuck at the perfect viewing angle.

But we really just want holographic displays already.

I’m inclined to agree, this shit has just got out of hand. I don’t want movies and TV in 3D. Blu ray is just fine. Gorgeous picture and great sound. Focus on making decent movies and TV shows instead of making them sub-par and just making it in 3D so people will go see it “for the effects.”

Think about all the crazy shit you could see in the future! 3-D Sumo with belly fat flying in your face. Dope.

Heh, I did research using 3D visualization back in college, it definatly has some uses.

And get used to it. Its here to stay this time. Therre are several things which make it more likely to be permanent this time.

  1. All the studios are onboard…yes thats rare
  2. Its easy to FAKE 3D, its easy to make real 3D, and with the current direction cartoons have gone since Toy Story, its actually a very natural progression for that media (not so much live action)
  3. The idea of a 3D TV is flawed. Its not a ‘special’ TV which you can say I won’t purchase. Its merely a high end TV. Take a modern TV, double the frame rate, and you have the format everyone is using for 3D. So as time goes on, the industry STANDARD frame rate will shift from 60 to 120 to 240, at which point all new HD TVs will be “3D compatable”, all you need is the media.

But expect 3D for animated movies to stay. And fortunatly, the crap most people complain about are things that will correct themselves over time. Beowulf? The 3D was a pure gimmick…“oh my he almost stabbed me” type moments, but movies like Avatar and Howto Train show how its properly done, its amatter of the directors and (forget the title, but the camera angle manager) experience with the technology.

And if you wear glasses and it feels weird, don’t fret, as it permeates through the standards, better fitting eyewear and more eye-wear options will show themselves.

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This is some bullshit, who said I wanted my movies to be in 3d? Imagine porn in 3D for god sake… how would that even be advertised? Its like the pornstars are fucking right beside you in your living room and somebody’s dick is right beside you… Buy this expensive ass TV and it’ll be like Wesley Pipes is fucking you…

A friend had told me that they are planning to release a 3-D tv that requires glasses to be worn, but then already a different type of tv is being planned where you don’t need to where glasses…

I’m trying to physically see how they pull that off. To get a 3D effect, you have to have one eye see something different from the other eye. They could do some form of ‘projection’ to create the effect, but it would only work at certain distances and lengths, you could in theory then add some form of detection to auto-adjuist, but it would lose focus once more than one person were the targets for a 3D effect.

I’ll just never forget when I setup the Animatrix in 3D, and people came by and saw the 3D fight scene in 3D and were just like 0_0…and that wasn’t even shot 3D, just using mirrors and filters heh.

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is there 3d pr0n yet?

i’m lookin forward to the step up 3d movie hopefully they’ll be some hawt girls shakin they booty.

Yea I heard the same thing. I remember playing some holographic arcade game back in the early 90’s, ever since then I have been wanting them to create a holographic TV that I could watch TV and play games on… hopefully they can come out with such a tv before I’m dead :lol: