Someone please explain to me why 3D is so hyped right now! this is madness yo

It’s a fad

3D as far as things such as televisions go is an illusion imo e.g this…you’re probably biased to it due to working with it, but the people that are in the dark about are not sitting there thinking “yep this shit aint nothing but an eye trick”…

Still kinda gimmicky imo, but maybe it’ll be something greater than what I think it is…

better examples of psuedo 3d (that don’t require glasses):

funny samsung art in 3d commercial

new nintendo ds game

youtube also has a built-in stereoscopic video player (beta).

heres a stereoscopic video of assassin’s creed.
you can use glasses, or do the cross-eyed method if you know how (yes i actually had my eyes crossed for a whole 5mins just to watch that video x__x)

There is the additional incentive to give moviegoers something they can’t get at home, but it’s also a big moneymaker in other ways. It enables the industry to add a 3D surcharge to the ticket price, and it forces multiplexes to upgrade to new projectors if they haven’t already.,9895

Hell yeah… rofl.

3D is inevitable…better get used to it sooner or later.

simple answer ‘yes’

go to and just do a torrent search for ‘3d’ , there are shed loads ov em muhaha :wink:

i walked into a store the other day and they had avatar running on a really reaaaaaly crisp and richly coloured 1080 p lcd TV and it looked better than when i saw it in the cinema in ‘3d’ (which was crap)

wearing glasses strains the eye, and is also uncomfortable and a pain in the ass, so i’ll not be adopting 3d until the make it without the glasses requirement.

+1 on the holographic tech to be created, i want the danger room for my lounge.

everyones against 3D and I can’t get my head around why that is? it is gonna look like you’re looking through a window…

do you understand that? that HD is just fake 3D? they have already made it without glasses they just need to perfect it.

This is fucking comedy gold, everyone needs to read this.

3D glasses suck, but consumers don’t care judging by Avatar. And glasses-free 3D displays do exist (I seen one!) so hopefully they aren’t far from the market.

I’m not crazy about the tech right now either, but generally speaking, 3D is just the natural evolution for TV/film/PC monitors. I’m sure in the early 20th Century there was some newspaper article saying, “someone please explain to me why Technicolor is so hyped right now! this is madness yo.” I’m positive.

I still think the money invested in the 3d tech for Avatar could’ve been better placed in creating a decent story.

Avatar is growing on me despite its flaws. It kind of reminds me of the Star Wars prequels, but with the characters showing some sense of empathy or urgency. The story was a disappointment compared to past Cameron films, but it was a kids/teens movie, so no surprise that it wasn’t terribly complex.

What the fuck does that mean?

Essentially, each ‘new’ format attempts to make things look closer and closer to ‘real’. HD brings the resolution of a TV set to a point that its…well…way closer to mirroring what the eye would see if it was there. The problem with merely HD however is it remains completely flat…there is no shift in angles so despite the color ‘depth’ yours eyes aren’t fooled into being completely immersed.

At least thats my take…3D is the next logical evolutionary step. We are at resolutions and frame rates that rival what the eye can detail and breakdown, so the only thing left to make it more real is the actual depth…which is 3D.

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I actually have a few spare pairs of green/magenta 3d glasses from the Coraline DVD I bought. I gotta say, that’s a cool little video.

On a related note, I just watched the movie again a few days ago, but I saw it for the first time without wearing the glasses.

It looks better without them. The 3D is done very well in the movie, but the polarized colors distort the good use of color the film already employs- for example, anything which is colored orange will flicker/glow when you’re wearing 3D glasses, and it’s kind of distracting. The movie just doesn’t “look” as good.

I’ve seen a few movies in IMAX 3D where the 3D glasses are a neutral color, which helps that problem greatly.

But the short version is, I think 3D is a gimmick, right now- studios are using it to make money, because Avatar was such a big hit. (see: Clash of the Titans). IMO it won’t really be worth anything until it can be used without wearing glasses, which we’re still quite a ways away from.

That is cool and all, but I don’t want to be immersed. It is like saying I can’t enjoy a piece of art because I don’t feel immersed in the image. Film makers should not need to rely on some crazy hi tech shenanigans.

I don’t know if 3D is necessarily the natural evolution. Maybe for computer monitors, but I’m not really sure its necessary for movies. Sure it makes sense for a movie that is essentially a masturbatory celebration of CG like avatar. Does the next Apatow film need 3D in it?

I guess as it becomes cheaper, it’ll become more widely adopted, but I personally only enjoyed 3D when I saw Captain EO. Anything else I don’t really care.

Does an Apatow flick need surround sound, or color? Does an HD Blu-ray somehow make a comedy funnier?

:rofl::rofl: Funny shit! Man Fuck 3D! I’m tried of all this 3D Bull. It gives me more of a headache than make the movie interesting. I remember watching Alice in wonder land in 3D and the first half of the movie gave me a Headache and I had to watch the rest of the movie all blurred out.