Someone needs to say it: HAKAN STILL SUCK!

sorry @all but i got enugh experience to tell the changes worth shit

Stackable OIL <-- does not matter since you need FASTER OIL and LK Oil was not changed so good player dont give hakan time for oilup

cancable lp <-- GOOD BUT only a 1 Framer allows A SAVE BLOCKSTRING the jab jab L/f+LK is not save on block!!

f+LK HELPS but he lacks cancable LK/LP chaînés

HP Hitbox does not feel much better SORRY the tierlists are right here hakan still sucks!


I have to add: I know that grammar is hard, after all, you probably struggle with the subject on a daily basis…But, please, at least try to type in one language instead of an amalgam of many languages in hopes that you can annoy as many different cultures and peoples as possible.

Also: Stop trying to invade Poland. It’s just not funny anymore.

Kay, bye again.

Well, if he sucks, don’t play with him. I think Hakan is much tougher with xx slide and c.lp xx slide. Both are reasonably easy, and if you’re good at hit-confirming on, you’re good. Furthermore, dive cancel is pretty important, making the oil dive much more viable. His quicker AtoA is very useful so far as well. Is he top-tier? Obviously not. Is he much better? Yup. It doesn’t hurt that all the top characters got nerfed. In the end, we’ve got a lot more 5/5’s, and that’s what I prefer. I can see some disadvantage against some characters but there are fewer of them. I’m quite happy.

Also, you ought to keep in mind that if you get hit out of lk oil up, while you don’t recover as fast, you get the complete 6 sec.'s sooner. Plus, mk and hk oil ups are faster. That’s very important, as all you need is a throw and you’ve got a safe hk oil up. You also have time for a mk oil up after air throw, which is nice.

the problem with the jabs is still they ARE NOT save in Block so there is NO advantage by using them against 3 Frames Invincibility charakters at all against them you need to use the 1framer or a c.MK is as good as

is he better and still fun? YES did capcom do a good balancingjob on him? NO

I don’t think anyone has brought out his real potential yet. We’ll see this improved version in tournaments, and Hakan will wreck some folks.

word but that’s not because the charakter (Hakan) is good but the player how playes him spent time with him and others dont know the matchup well enugh i would always consider a good Hakan player would be “better” with a other charakter OK not THawk :wink: ;; im still a Hakan Fanboy but only because of two things 1. he hase a Trickbox Zangief could dream about and 2. he is fun to play SADLY everybody can rush and get close on him like hell and JUMPING like a stupid rabbit isnt even a as baad as idea

your as a crazy sick DDT fanboy (hands down you are) did you experiment with CC and Faking it? i assume its not as good since every CC can althou be punished

What language is this thread in?

Okay, so…

Keep in mind I’m not including chain normals (which is something Hakan has anyways)

Characters that Don’t Have Guaranteed Blockstring Pokes:


I assume you’ll be going to all these characters boards and telling them that they suck?

Reaper…we really don’t need this thread. This attitude doesn’t help anybody, and it distracts from trying to find viable strategy and advancing Hakan as a character. If there’s a god paying attention to us, please close this thread before the ship of “hakan sucks” trolls come storming our banks -_-.


its all about chainnormals and hakan dont hafe them without oil and he specaly has no chainnormal into a cancel; so the SO CALLED hitconfirm IS NO hitconfirm POINT!

besides that hakan is still more intresting to me than zangief! WHY ? i dont see ONE 7:3 matchup where Zangief hafe for sure some hakan can change a whole round if played wisely and do not has any VERY BAD muchups but every of his enemys is in a advantage to him; Except maybe Gouken…

i see no much benefits of the changes except that he at least got a “get off me move” in closecombat with c.lp and a nice footsy buffered poke with f+lk…

its a bit less if you consider changes for other lowtiers like Sakura; Makoto; Dan; he is not threated well enugh to be competable SADLY

…I’m REALLY trying to read the symbols you’ve chained together as a language of some kind, but when I read it all I can hear in my head is “WHRHRHRHR” like a Peanut’s adult character from the cartoon.

Here’s a novel idea: Ignore tiers, play whom you like. After all, only 5% (if that) of the owners of this game play at a high level, so what does it matter if I use an oily Turkish man to win and lose in streaks?

Point being, Hakan is not a bad character. Really, nobody in this game is in the right hands. I’ve lost to plenty of awesome Dans online to realize thatno character should be looked down upon…Just shitty players.

So, really, we need a tierlist for the people who control the characters, and not the characters themselves.

Translation for Reaper: “WHRHARHRHR WHRHWHRH…WHRHRHR”.

Hope that helped.

I’m sorry, I really wanted to refrain from posting here, but I’m going to anyway. It really disappoints me when I see this kind of attitude. I started using Hakan last year, to challenge myself and see where I could go with him, I fell in love with the character, because I realised what he could do.

To go on to some of your points Reaper, if you’re so scared of someone mashing dp through your jabs, then use the the mp string instead…yeah it’s a 1 frame link, but you can practise it, and plink it and make it a lot easier to do. But tbh you shouldnt be living in fear of dp, they’re the one taking the risk. I’ve been playing AE hakan since the consoles have came out and I can say that his his new combos are far beyond how good I initially thought they would be, he’s so much scarier up close now. Okay someone’s going to mash dp…adapt to it, try something different, try and bait it, because thats risky to throw out against Hakan.

Hakan doesn’t suck, even in Super he didn’t suck, you need to start using him properly. You play a good game and it’s going to be difficult for anybody.

I have to agree with Swoops and Eyepawd on their points. Like EyePawd said, no character is bad in the right hands. Hakan is still new, believe or not, he has so much potential and people are still figuring out new things, he can only get better.

Frankly, I’ve found Hakan to be the most mindgames centric character to ever be included in SF. he has the tools to severely punish sloppy or overly-aggressive-verging-on-boastful play, which is why he is often considered “bad”. he doesn’t have easy links and moves that give him a wide arch advantage. But, he does have the ability to force opponent’s to change their game plan.

To paraphrase Lord of the Rings, one simply doesn’t walk into Hakan.

My hope is that the character doesn’t fall into obscurity for future games simply because he was underused. I’d love to see Hakan pop up in SFxT, and I think he would be a great rival match for Wang, Xiao (he seems to have a think for trying to parent random girls he comes across, See: Ibuki) and even King (since King will need a grappler Rival, and I don’t see it being Zangief since his rival better well be the GIANT FREAKING BEAR).

Alas, perchance to dream an oily dream.

In full agreement on all points. I’m actually a bit surprised that a thread like this even exists based on the amount of buffs that Hakan received in AE. He now has legitimate options at close range, more efficient ways to combo into oil slide and build meter and more opportunities than ever before to utilize his oil. I think that EX oil up cancel into coward crouch is something that will be beneficial to Hakan players in the long run. Sure you only get 6 seconds of oil but that’s 6 seconds of DNC pressure that can make a significant impact on the final outcome of a match. Plus being that it’s relatively safe in a great deal of situations some pretty interesting mind games can be applied. I honestly think that it’s just way too early to make a definitive assessment of Hakan’s competitive viability being that there’s still so much new tech to be discovered.

@xLongshotx It really only exists because I wanted to heckle the guy. But, yes, people are just silly if they think Hakan isn’t viable.

The poster of this thread should wake himself up by sniffing his own toes!

Granted Hakan still has a good amount of bad matchups, but the majority of Hakan Players can appreciate that this is his best incarnation and that he didn’t take a step back, but a step forward and becoming stronger. How can you argue with that? You really can’t ask for more then that. If playing a character has become more rewarding, then there’s no justification for complaining.

Still fun to mess around with.

I’m not disappointed in the OP or the thread, but the attitudes of the commentators. Calling a guy out for grammar, that is honestly a lot better than most of the threads on SRK, is belittling to any future point you may have wanted to make.

In my opinion, Hakan does suck. I’ve played him for a year now so I feel I’ve earned the right to say so. Never have I seen anyone do anything to prove otherwise (and keep Wildcat to yourself, his match against Daigo was sloppy on both sides and will not be replicated.) but I keep playing him.

He needs a breakthrough, and I feel that breakthrough will happen and I hope to be the one to do it. That’s why I play him. I love the “wild west” attitude of Hakan. The open-endedness and the room to make your name. But as a viable character? Let’s not act like we’re all out there winning matches. Hell, I’ll admit I don’t even win a majority of matches with Hakan, but I switch over to Honda (old main) or anybody else and it’s like I’ve been training in a hyper-gravity chamber.

Hakan’s buffs are not good. More life, better backdash, improved HP, Command throw on the level of Abel’s, hell, even the ability to not get hit out of a blocked normal by a random SRK would be nice. But worthwhile as is now? No.

And please stop commenting on how great cr.lp to slide is. Hakan always had that.

I thought you said you’ve played Hakan for years. If so, you would be aware that c.lp xx slide, was not a combo prior to AE. It existed, but it wasn’t a combo (except as a counter hit).