Soldering a Madcatz SFIV Fightpad?

I searched here and looked on slagcoins site and couldn’t find anything about this pad.

I have a x-arcade I modded, and have happily been using it on my pc on ggpo but now I want to be able to use it on a xbox360.

I can get one of these crappy fightpads for free and would like some info on soldering a joystick and buttons to it. I would like some pictures/diagrams and stuff if there are any available.

also, do the fightpads work okay on PC’s? If not which 360 pad should I get to mod my stick with?

why would you waste a perfectly good fightpad on an x-arcade? : ( : ( : ( sell dat bitch to someone who’ll give it a good home and buy one of those 10 dollar madkatz fake arcade sticks that look like atari controllers that have common ground pcbs in them.

cuz the fightpad feels like ur average crappy madcatz product and I can get it for free. My x-arcade has happ comp buttons and a JLF and I could use it as a weapon to bludgeon ppl to death with. :smiley:

If the fightpad doesn’t have a common ground I guess I can buy that atari stick. xD

I’d say go with the old school madcatz arcade stick thing, which I know a lot of people use to hack. So far I haven’t seen or heard about people hacking a fightpad, they are too hot right now.

The Fight Pads are pretty valuable right now, but have you guys seen the PCB in them? It looks like the best possible board for the job aside from a purpose-built joystick PCB.

It’s all common ground and you can cut like two-thirds of the thing off. It’s fantastic.

well if thats the case ill take it, open it up and get some pics and stuff.

but, no one has told me if they work fine with PC’s or not, I expect that they do since normal 360 controllers do.

Yeah it works with PC you just need to get the correct drivers for it the ones that come with it screw up the x axis if I remember correctly… I saw somewhere online with a fixed inf for it.

Here are the internals.

<3 thanks.

any info on how to solder the start/select/triggers? They look kind of weird in the pics.

my god they still use triggers…

They’re just microswitches with some foam on top.

I am honestly thinking that since I have decided to make a custom stick (and since the MadCatz fight sticks are somewhat easy to find here in my neck of the woods) that I am going to use the fightpad PCB to make the stick. It has a very clean layout based on the pictures and does not have any analog sticks/triggers to really worry about. I already have 2 fightpads personally, and can get another to do the soldering fairly easily. I just need a circuit diagram to know how the stuff needs to be soldered.

Don’t forget the switch on the bottom that lets you alternate between the d-pad and left/right thumb sticks.

Or tell me where i can get one for free dem bitches go like hotcakes on ebay…Sheeiiitttt!!! :lol:

So does anyone know how to Solder them?

i would like to know as well. i have one, couldnt get one of the sticks, and i dont like it. it looks nice for a stick mod

So let me get this straight. You can’t tell where the spots are to solder it, but you think you are competent in modding that once we tell you, you can do the wiring? If you can’t tell where to solder, jumping into it isn’t going to do anything but waste a pad and some of your time. You should maybe look up some basics of electronics and then look at the pad again and see if you can’t tell where to solder.

I know all the signal and ground points on the controller except for two : ( Which would end up being the A and RT buttons…I can upload what I do know if that will help you out any however.

EDIT: To the person asking about the Start, Select, and etc. You have to pop off the buttons on there and solder to the points underneath…which are REALLY small…so the finest tip on your iron is HIGHLY recommended…

Hey, I’m not an electrician and never did any kind of pcb work but this is how I’d imagine you’d find out where to solder.
First you need a continuity tester. Look at the pcb and take a guess as to which of the two contacts would be your common for that button. Go to another button and look for the similar common contact. Now if those two contacts are common ground, there would be no resistance. That’s where you’ll need the continuity tester. One probe on one contact, the other probe on the other contact. You may also follow the leads and see if they join somewhere on the pcb.

Like I said, I’ve never dealt with a pcb so if I’m wrong somewhere, please correct me. I’m still learning too.

Easiest way to find common ground right there. :lovin: Congrats! You’re that one step closer to knowing how to padhack! :rock: