Soda Tier List Thread

Just for fun.

This is my opinion on soda tiers. What do you guys think? Let me know your input or if I missed a soda. I didn’t include energy drinks because I don’t feel like they fit in the same category.

Commercially available sodas only please, preferably sodas commercially available in Western civilization. Guaraná Antarctica soda from Brazil is amazing but I’m not gonna put it on here because not enough people have access to it.

Also, the tiers are in no particular order, that is, any drink in A tier is considered comparable to all the other A tier sodas, or at least close enough to the others.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: Tiers have been and will likely always be a hotly debated topic. Just because a [S]character[/S] soda is a higher tier does not mean you should [S]play[/S] drink them. You’re best off picking [S]characters[/S] sodas you like because of how they [S]play[/S] taste.

Top Tier
Manzanita Sol (apple soda branded by Pepsi, this shit is godlike)
A&W Root Beer
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

High Tier
Coca Cola
Mountain Dew
Barq’s Root Beer
Mug Root Beer
Dr. Pepper
Sierra Mist
Cherry Coke

Mid Tier
Fanta (all of them)
Coke Zero
Cactus Cooler
Hawaiian Punch
Mr. Pibb

Low Tier
Diet Coke
Diet Pepsi
Sun Drop

Mr. Pibb bottom tier? This tier list is for scrubs.

I was wondering about that. My memory of Mr. Pibb is pretty shady at best, as I haven’t had it in a long time. I’ll take your word for it and bump it to Mid lol.

The obscure apple soda on top was my first hint.

Apple Sidra >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Manzanita Sol

Anything Diet, Pepsi, and 7-Up should all be low tier. I personally also kind of like Coke Zero, but like how ST > HDR, Coke > Coke Zero.

Dr. Pepper should be top tier honestly. Definitely one of the newer but defining sodas of the current metagame.
Root beer tiers are fine, but Mug should be mid tier TBH, just doesn’t have any notable advantages when you can just pick A&W or Barq’s.
Fanta Orange is a darkhose high tier candidate, definitely one of the best orange sodas out there. Sunkist should be mid tier, just not as good as the rest of the Fanta flavors.

If we were doing placements, Sierra Mist should be over Sprite by a small amount, definitely tastes a little better than Sprite.

shit tier:

edit: not a trolling response. just saying… fuck soda

cherry 7-up. tier of the gods.

also theres a difference between bottled/canned soda, and fountain soda. fountain pepsi is S+

don’t see A&W being high tier, it tastes straight like medicine sometimes.

I don’t really drink soda anymore, but Cherry Coca Cola was some top tier shit for me.

I disagree on fountain Pepsi, I hate that stuff. IMO nothing ever beats the soda out of a can.

And any of you who have not tried Manzanita Sol need go and try some. Then you’ll see. It’s not obscure, you can get it in most grocery stores (at least here in SoCal you can, and because it’s branded by Pepsi I assumed it was available nationwide).

Apple Sidra is also really good but I wasn’t sure about putting it on the list since it’s mostly only available in areas with a high concentration of Asians, specifically Chinese. If I put Apple Sidra on here I might also have to include the Japanese Ramune soda lol.

I think Barq’s and Mug are different from each other, but still good. Mug has a sort of A&W quality to it while Barq’s feels a little more spiced. I dunno, I thought they were pretty close at least.

Again, this is just my opinion people!!

EDIT: Do they still make Cherry Coke? I feel like I haven’t seen it in ages.

Barqs vs A&W is a 7-3 match-up. IBC is the S-tier root beer, though.

I just felt like I had to post here.

Barq’s being 7, A&W being 3? No way. The other way around maybe, A&W 7, Barq’s 3.

You are S-tier by default. :rofl:

This tier list is ass. Pepsi > coke scrub.

i feel like their needs to be a seperation of soda and their throwback/real sugar counterparts. cause real sugar mountain dew>regular mountain dew

a&w gets flat pretty quick, barqs taste stronger to me and doesn’t really have that medicine feel.

The people disagree: Diet Coke passes Pepsi as No. 2 Soda in U.S.

Granted I don’t think Diet Coke is good at all, I think people just drink that garbage because they think it’s better for them.

Real sugar Coke > regular Coke too, but I didn’t want to make it too complex haha.

Only decent Pepsi ever made was Throwback, and that was mid tier at best.

This is dangerous grounds you are threading. There are a lot of sodas that are regional; hence it would be hard to take those into account. Although, as a Puerto Rican, Malta India, Old Colony Piña, Santurce Cola and Cola Champagne represent!