So you nerf his basics but give in Ex Air fireball from Ex demon flip? Really Capcom? REALLY?

Noone wants to waste to ex bars on that bs.Thats expensive for a potential mixup. Maybe it’ll be good. But come on. Any Akuma player would rather he STAY the way he is. But hey, Im way past complaining. Capcom clearly has some issues because they have bin nerfing & buffing charactors unnessacarily. Withing a year. We’re still getting used to AE. SMH. Hey it could be worse.

I just wish they leave Akuma alone and leave him the way he was in A.E, no buffs or nerfs just straight A.E.

wait sorry, I’ve missed some update details. we’re getting this too? can someone direct me to the recent list of updates

capcom-unity in google, once there, search: “ssfIV 2012”.

I really shouldn’t be here but man, you Akuma people are making one hell of a ruckus over this.

Okay sorry, I’ll go away now.

wow… they’re fucking with standing roundhouse too now?

yup. They are really messing around with this charactor. Why couldnt they just leave him as he is. He’s not easy to use to begin with. But then again Im done complaining. I just watch.

I managed to recreate the EX DF into EX FB and seriously I don’t know what Capcom’s Dev Team is smoking, it’s useless against crouching characters cause Akuma will always cross them up. It misses Middle size characters unless you do it right in front of them or if Akuma can EX FB earlier during DF start-up something I didn’t manage to do yet.

So far it’s a useless laughable tweak just like Ryu keeping his 2 hit MP Shoryuken while losing FADC/2nd hit on HP Shoryuken.

At least that doesn’t drain half Super and does a solid 160/200 lol.

True lol. Seriously think if they want to make EX DF special why not just make Palm/Dive overheads !

Well it’s safe to say that they nerfed the palm because the move hitting High gives the opponent a hard time blocking. Take Seth for example, he lands divekick all day because of that, while Akuma struggles for it since it doesn’t really crossup and can be blocked low, too.

The only way for this EX flip bullshit to be viable is to cost 1 meter (not gonna happen) and lack any height restriction. But honestly, I don’t see these happening.

Well, it’s less than a month till the update drops in the arcade, can’t do much but wait for that and the final changelog Ono (lol) announced.

In my experience blocking the DF Palm isn’t the problem, I find it easy to block.
What i struggled with is the DF Throw - Standing to block the Palm makes the Throw easier (If it’s anything like Gouken’s).
Being unable to do anything else because of the fear of the Palm is more accurate i’d say.
I couldn’t dash, jump, focus.
I don’t believe that fact is going to change, except your DF Throws might be harder to get. (Online anyway… but online… heh what can you do)
I think the focus will just shift from Palm to Throw.
Besides the DF Palm is safe and brakes Focus Armour, has high priority, quick recovery.

It can’t be crossed up, but your forums seem to have discovered that purposeful whiffed crossup DF Palm > combo, recently as i’ve been seeing more people doing it as of late.

is it only EX DF > EX Air Hado?
Or can you do a DF to Ex / Air Hado?

If you can do the latter, that’ll put annoy people and keep people down. Like usual wont it?

I don’t play Akuma but thats my insight of him from the other perspecive.

Cool to have to have some Gouken here once in a while!

The palm nerf won’t (well, in my opinion at least) heavily shift the vortex to the throw, the thing is too unsafe to just endlessly mess with the opponent with it, you cannot afford it.

Still, you gotta keep your opponent honest with the down back, and as others already pointed out in other threads, with Akuma not being able to effectively mix between High and Low anymore, the only option which remains (aside from the DF throw) is a standard jump-in, with all its limitations (jump arc and positioning, easily blocked etc) and uses.

All in all, it’s about the opponent having less trouble when being vortex’d: if Akuma flips, you either down back if you don’t think he’s gonna Throw you, or prepare for it and choose your reversal/escape of choice. You won’t be bothered with blocking high anymore, something which we exploit at the moment by whiffing the palm.

That’s the thing: blocking palms isn’t hard. It only gets tougher when Akuma whiffs it.

As far as the throw goes, it doesn’t really matter if they are standing or crouching, you don’t want to do it too early, or some lower hitbox normals might make it whiff (so you gotta do it late, even now).

Not sure about the “discovered” thing, it’s like prehistoric lol.

Anyway, that is even easier to block: with the palm being bloackle Low, you just stay in down back, change block direction when your opponent crosses you up and tech as late as possible. If Akuma hasn’t gone for a throw (something you should know as soon as you see his jump arc), you’re safe.

I think pretty much nobody knows, we don’t have any footage of that.

But the changelog specifically says “EX” air hado, so one cannot really think a regular fireball will be possible. What really has to be seen here is height restriction and meter costs, which they didn’t mention.

Japanese change log for Beta 2 stated that EX Hyakkishu can be cancelled in into EX Zanku hadoken as an additional follow-up, by default DF got a cancel height restriction on all follow-ups at the top of the DF arc all cancels are enabled until the landing slide start up. Capcom didn’t go into details about the EX Hado follow-up and nobody tried it in Beta2 test run !.

We’ll get an update in next 2 weeks with the final changes.

if it were cancelled to normal air firebal it would have been better

Or if you could cancel a normal demon flip into ex fireballs it would be a lot better too to get in, HK Df into ex fireballs and all of a sudden your in their face while theyre still in block stun, but wasting two bars on that isn’t good, akuma has a lot of options with his meter and this doesn’t seem like a viable one.

Just give me flip into fireball.

I want demonflip in the Air, like in UMvC3 - that would be fuckin awesome. :open_mouth:

would be cool I guess, dont really get how much it would benfit though, UMVC is a very fast paced game while AE 2012 probably will be more defensive based, Reacting to a jump is easy enough but a jump then another jump would be too easy.

Ugh more nerfs. Are they really warrented? And seriously Capcom, wtf is this shit? It’s like saying chips are sold with too much salt and then selling them with sugar instead…that shit don’t taste good.