So yea I'm uhh playin MK on a pad... =\

Ok so I’ve always used a stick. I play SF and Marvel with a stick I don’t even think of using a pad for those games but for MK. I don’t know what it is. I tried usin my TE stick to play but just felt more comfortable usin my PS3 pad for this game.

Is it cuz of the style of the game with a block button I think or is it cuz I am not using the official MK style stick design and just usin the normal 6 button layout?

Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

For me, the pad is perfect. All 4 attacks on the face, and a block button off by itself up top. But, I did end up getting the official MK stick, simply because it’s so nice, for collecting purposes and because I’m used to using a stick now, having been using one for several months.

Hm I don’t have MK, and never have had. So bear with me if I say something dumb.

But isn’t MK just 4 attack buttons, and a block button? and isn’t it all basically… chains, rather than links?

So the 6 button stick layout doesn’t seem to have that much benefit. If you wanted to you could still plink/piano (not sure if this is even needed in MK) etc by putting all the attack buttons onto bumpers (although the very rear PS3 bumpers kinda suck (L2, R2)).

So probably not any disadvantage from using a pad. When I get it i’ll probably be using mine as opposed to MadKatz TE.

I cant vouch for playing MK on a SF layout. doesnt even sound right.

but whatever floats your boat. pad…stick…keyboard…whatever.

The fact that all the commands are just directions and not semicircles or shoryuken type moves makes the pad viable in this game imo. I think its easier than trying to clank the stick around really fast in one direction.

Using the official MK stick layout makes playing stick a lot more comfortable

Not sure if OP is referring to transition problems from button layout specifically, or motions.
I can agree that it’s somewhat awkward on a stick to tap directions without getting the diagonals.
Layout wise, it’s just training your brain to hit a button to block. mapping it to your thumb works best (SF short button), imho.

This game, like all other games of this generation however, is fine on a pad if your dexterity allows it.

had to edit my post. major typo. I meant CANT, as in CAN NOT. fyi

business as usual :coffee:


Don’t know what your on Tim, but the new MK control scheme works wonders on SF Layout. Sure, if this was UMK3 with the high and low punches I might have some problems, but MK9 controls are just Tekken 6 with an added block button :slight_smile:

I must be one of the few people whom prefer the TE over the pad.


Same here. I tried playing with my stick but to me it was so awkward. I went to my 360 pad and it felt amazing through what I can assume is magic.

Quan Chi must be responsible.

It’s not magic, it’s mild schizophrenia. The 360 controller is an abomination. I know, I own one (two, actually). Terrible for fighting games.

I’m with you. I don’t get why people are having so many issues, it’s cool that the game is viable with a stick and pad, tho; not all that surprising considering the Tekken similarities.

I was actually wondering about this. I am having the hardest time playing with the SF Madcatz stick. I am using A as block and Y RB B RT as my attack buttons and using my thump on A to block is just awkward.

Then again, the 360 controller is completely garbage. Argh. I do not believe my madcatz TE S will take a MK faceplate.

I would also rather not buy a 150.00 stick just for MK.

I plugged in my SSF4 TE stick once for MK9, after fiddling with mapping, i gave up. To me the pad (PS3) is excellent for this game.
I can pretty much do everything i want to do on the pad no problems.


i use a HitBox. It’s godlike.

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Peep this yo:


10000x better