So why are you playing as Hakan?

This is by no means a troll thread. I am just curious why you’re using the undeniably worst character in the game?

Hakan has:
No proper AA ( The likelyhood that you actually AA properly without trading is minimum)
No invul moves (EX-slide isn’t a proper invul move since almost everything and their mothers beat it. If anything you can just mash grab and win over it.
No moves that moves his hitbox .
No safe specials
Relies on a crutch to be viable (The oil is a crutch.)

So why are you maining him?

I’m maining him because he’s just so god damn dashing and the extra challenge is fun too.

Oh, good, this again.

I could easily argue against every point, quite well, but instead I will reference a hilarious-yet-overused meme.


But I am! As I said, I’m not trying to troll or anything like that. I should’ve stated that this is of course my own opinion and nothing else. So please, do argue against me, I’m curious on what you have to say. And I do have a lot of fun playing as Hakan, otherwise I wouldn’t be playing as him, no? (And I’m well aware that you can parry with him so no need to point that out.)

hakan is op scrub, don’t use em as an excuse to lose.

lvl above seth

…I see.

what? this thread isn’t about saying completely moronic things?

besides the excuse to lose part, i believe im on topic.

I do believe that the topic itself is a question so I’d say that its about said topic and nothing else. Voice your opinion about the topic, why are you playing as Hakan?

No, you’re not. You didn’t state why you’re playing as Hakan.

“Undeniably worst character in the game”? Maybe when you play him with this mindset that he has all those problems, none of which I think are true.

-No proper AA ( The likelyhood that you actually AA properly without trading is minimum)
I have no idea where you get this idea. Just because he doesn’t have a single button that always works for AA or an invincible DP doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an anti-air. s.lp, f.lp,, s.hp are all excellent anti-air, you just have to know which to use and have good reaction time. f.lp is amazing anti-air and doesn’t even require fast reactions. Even better than all those other options is to just parry jump ins.

-No invul moves (EX-slide isn’t a proper invul move since almost everything and their mothers beat it. If anything you can just mash grab and win over it.
Why do you need an invulnerable move to be non-bottom tier? You even acknowledge that ex.rocket is invulnerable so I don’t understand this argument to begin with. Are you assuming that if you can’t mash out invincible reversal that you can FADC to make safe,you aren’t good?

-No moves that moves his hitbox .
Does he not have anymore? Once again, I don’t see how not having this makes him a bad character.

-No safe specials
He has safe slides, and you always have the ability to FADC a slide. I don’t see how this is a problem unless you’re doing hail mary full screen slides or going into slide after a blocked s.lp(n) ~ string.

-Relies on a crutch to be viable (The oil is a crutch.)
Why is this a “crutch”? He’s much better when he is oiled, but it’s not like you simply cannot win once you run out. There’s no reason why you should not practice to have a dry-game. Even then, you always have ex.oil xx GP. It’s exactly what he needed back in super, so you shouldn’t be complaining saying that it is impossible to get oil once you run out.

Back on topic: I play Hakan because he’s the only character in SF4 that actually interests me. He’s a grappler that plays a completely different style than any other character before in SF. I like the idea of having a controllable and temporary buff. He has two different types of command throws, an air throw, command normals for every button, ability to put on a lot of pressure, doesn’t get zoned by fireballs, a2a juggle into knockdown, and crazy oki game. He’s fun to play and has so many options to use. If he entered the game in the condition he is now, no one would say he is the worst character in the game. If his character model was something like Urien from sf3 and he didn’t have the red skin and goofy sounds, no one would consider him a joke character.

I still believe that regardless of how and when they add Hakan, he’d still be considered a bad character if not the worst. All of the options and pressure etctc are lost once you run out of oil. I don’t even know how many times I’ve lost because the oil ran out at the worst of times.

However, I really do enjoy playing Hakan and as you’ve said, he’s unique and incredibly fun to play once you get the hang of how to play him.

sigh… I dont play Hakan. I am Hakan.

Family man, Successful business man, has a gorgeous wife and is a competitive warrior. LES GO!

Reppin’ dat virgin oil, are we?

This isn’t true at all. I’m not sure you’ve ever played against a competent Hakan.

First off, the oil isn’t a “crutch”. It’s a legitimate part of his game, and with the changes in 2012, it’s no longer a matter of WHEN you run out of oil like in Super and AE. I’ve had plenty of matches where I’ve managed to stay oiled the entire time. So, let’s stop that nonsense right there.

Secondly…And because yes, you are trolling but I’ve been looking to get into an argument I can’t possibly lose…

He loses very little from not being oiled. In fact, considering how little most know Hakan, I would say that playing him un-oiled can throw an opponent off even more. Why? Because, playing against Hakan requires knowing two sets of moves, basically. It’s easier to think of oiled and non-oiled as different stances, ala Gen.

I’ve seen opponents misjudge distance, range, and maneuverability many times because they expected one thing and got another. For instance, training a fireball-type character to expect the distance that comes along with an oiled HP slide, and while un-oiled using that same slide to come up just short, popping ultra one as the frame ends, and catching them with the throw.

Running out of oil doesn’t change the fact that Hakan has THE nastiest knockdown/wake-up shenanigans in the game. I would put money on it. Not too many people can deal with the diminishing returns guessing game that is what a Hakan player CAN do to an opponent after a knockdown.

Finally, you’re daft if you think he’s the worst character in the game. Point in fact, he has favorable match-ups against some of the games more niche characters. T-Hawk certainly can’t deal with Dhalsim the way Hakan can. Hondas are never going to get around a good zoning game the way Hakan can break through it without an oily sweat.

I could go on breaking down your awful argument of “HE SUCKS BECAUSE I SUCK AMIRITE?”.

Yes, of course, I state my opinions and thus I must be trolling. Either you deal with the fact that we don’t share the same opinion or you just leave it be. How do you know that I’m bad? Have you played me? I’m not jumping on anyone, I’m simply stating my freakin’ opinions. What the hell is the matter with you people? Jesus christ.

I’ve played against Furkan and won against him several times, so yes, I have played against competent Hakan players. Yes, I know about the difference in slides, and I’m too have caught players off-guard by doing so. It doesn’t change the fact that a lot of his options are available as long as you have oil. His knockdown/wake-up shenanigans can be easily dealt by doing a safe special, ie Blanka can just do lightning on wake-up.

And because he has a couple of favorable match-ups he suddenly isn’t bad? You can’t base whether Hakan is good or not on a few matchups, and you mentioned two. Two good matchups. Compare that to the rest of the cast.

Seriously, how hard is it to accept other opinions? Instead for trying to have discussion everyone seems to want to act like children. Come on, man.

You’ve never used c.HK to do this?

I’ve tried several times but it hasn’t really payed off. But maybe I’m just terrible at timing it, does it work well for you?

FYI, being wrong and believing in a fairy tale doesn’t make it trolling.

if that was true, 90% of religious people would be ‘trolls’.

bakkd: it’s fine to have an opinion. however, when presented with facts that challenge the opinion, you should change your mind. if you don’t, by default that makes you either (1) a troll, (2) a close-minded person, and/or (3) not intelligent enough to understand

as an aside, people shouldn’t state opinions as facts, because they aren’t the same. at all.

I never said that my opinions = fact. I should’ve mentioned that in the opening post too. And so far I haven’t been proven wrong. I’ve gotten bashed a few times thou.

waiiiiit, i just realized something, hes RIGHT! hakans the worst…

whats the end game here? its clearly not about why we picked haakan anymore.

A trolling post about trolling. Nice.