So who's coming for the VF?

VF5 is freakin’ amazing and I can’t wait to bust some heads at Evo. :razzy:

Although there doesn’t seem to be much talk about it… I hope there won’t be a lackluster turn out for this game.

For those unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is Viruta Fighter 5, check out X-Play’s [video] review.

Also, watch these aweomse hi-quality vids:’t mind the Japanese commentator. It can be toggled on and off and of course the US version has English. But the Japanese commentator is awesome in all his screaming madness!

I’ll start playing VF5 once my income tax refund comes in so I can get a ps3. I just preordered VF5 30 minutes ago. Get hype!

haha o shit its Cla, reppin that Lili~

I’m definately interested in seeing who shows up for VF5 this year, and the quality of the matches on the DVD. Hopefully it will have more than just Finals this year.

But VF back @ Evo = “YES!”

I’ll be there for VF, should be a lot of fun.

I’ll be there for EVO West and EVO finals.

Last time I checked alot of foreign players (not just Japanese) play VF too. I heard Korea and Europeans are really good which means we might get alot of outside help for the turn outs. :wgrin:

vf5 will be represented by some arizona heads this year. i will rep at evo north this year as well. vf for life

So long as I don’t have any travel issues, I’ll be entering.

Nice. Although it doesn’t seem I’ll see any of you VFers till Evo Final. I hope to be at East but will definitely be at World.

Yo, what’s up Sabin! My Lili wants a rematch. :razzy:

So, let’s see the char diversity being represented. Who’s bringing who to the table?

You can already tell Sarah is my main. I’m very interested in learning Vanessa as my 2nd. And maybe Akira as well. But he seems kinda nerfed from his Evo version while still being just as hard to play as.

I’ll be at Evo East and Evo World for VF. :karate:

Let’s hope to get some matches before then. I don’t know how willing Morninstar (on VFDC) is to use his PS3 for weekly sessions, but once I get mine (get my job back in April), I’ll definitely start them up myself.

Although if I do buy a PS3, that could hurt my chances of making it to Evo East. But if I don’t get one… I won’t get enough practice to do much in the tourney anyway. A two-way option in RL… :lol:

Haha. Awesome avatar, by the way. I see a new hentai game… “***Leg Humper Extreme Super Max Double +***” :lol:

I hope the 360 version comes out soon so more players can get the game. Having a fighting game available on mulitple consoles is very nice. Let’s hope is arcade perfect as well as the PS3 version.

PS: Cla, I play Sarah too. Though I’m more used to her old EVO poke “run and gun” style. I think’ll be able to transition to her new finesse playstyle though, I did enjoy using FL alot in EVO so I love the new options in VF5.

… I still miss serpent cannon. :sad:

Coolness. East Coast vs West Coast, Sarah style. :razzy: :lol: Hopefully we’ll get a chance to play.

Which move was Serpent Cannon? :d::snkb:+:snkc::snkc:, right? According to the move list on VFDC, it’s still in VF5.

lol, I think there was a real good Sarah player on the EC, (Konjou, Denkai, Shang? NYC/EC heads correct me cause I know nothing) maybe you can learn from them.

I’m definately not a great rep for WC Sarah’s, but the dude who taught me Sarah, Goatcheeseblues is solid Sarah player with great offense. :slight_smile:

Btw, sorry what I should have said was “I miss EVO serpent cannon…”

Serpent Cannon in EVO had the first hit safe on block, and hit confirmable to a launch on any hit.

In VF5, Serpent Cannon first hit is -12 on block meaning anyone can PK you after it. The damage off the Serpent Cannon has increased but if you want high damage/high reward why not just use Dragon Cannon?

I own all Sarah players!

The NYC players are gonna learn things from me. :razzy: Well, we’ll see when I finally get to play them.

I see. I didn’t work the Serpent Cannon much into my playstyle in Evo and hadn’t even tried it in VF5 yet. So if the 1st hit gets blocked, you’ll just have to take a chance and hope your opponent walks into the 2nd hit. You can delay it pretty long, right? Then again, your opponent is guarenteed a good low attack if the 1st hit is blocked…

Yeah, Sarah got nerfed unusally bad considering that she wasn’t that dominating in tourneys before or anything.

CaliJared, you lie! I just bought them all on ebay myself!

Well, technically the last EVO to have VF (Evo2k4 VF4: EVO) had Sarah player Shou take 2nd place. I’m sure Sarah was prety nasty in Japan too, though I guess people didn’t notice cause Homestay and Chibita were freaking insane back then.

Sarah was very good in Evo/FT, I’d say top tier even. But she is not popular. I couldn’t tell you why though, my guess is that VF players pick characters they can identify with.

The most popular characters in VF are Jacky, Kage, Akira and Lau. They have been dubbed the VF Four Horsemen.

shag when we gonna play again wolf demands blood!

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