So When Was The Last Time You Rented A Movie?

So as more and more video stores go out of business, it got me thinking, when was the last time I rented a movie? Granted that with all the options we know have with regards to watching movies, it’s no wonder that a lot of these stores are going out of business.

However, I can’t even really remember the last movie I rented. For some reason, the movie The Perfect Score comes to mind, but I can’t even be sure about that. I guess I would go into a store and maybe rent a game, but usually I just look at videos online and read reviews and make up my mind.

So, are there people here that still regularly go to a movie store? Or is it all about Netflix or straight up downloading your movies now?

The last movie I walked into a store to rent was The Strangers from BlockBuster Video. I only remember this because it was a complete rip off to rent a blu-ray for almost 10 bucks.

Now I got Netflix. Streaming movies and tv shows is just too good.

Geez uh…personally? YEARS ago, so long I can’t even remember.

The last movie I rented was Spider-Man 2 in early 2005. One of my uncle’s still rents from Hollywood Video, I noticed he rented Iron Man 1, Mission Impossible 2, and Avatar in late May 2010.

years ago, 20/20 video in los angeles with then girlfriend, pre-netflix. don’t remember the title

I’m going to assume 2002ish? Maybe even longer before that.

Netflix and downloading > renting at a store any day.

Same quality without having to do anything and cheaper. I mean you can d/l straight .iso and blu ray now.

I think I read something that says BB lost over $400 million. Damn…

It’s been a few years…actually, it’s been quite a few years since I’ve even gone to a Blockbuster at all…or a random other video store.

*this also reminded me that there was a gorgeous older white woman that worked at the local no-name video store in Memphis(they had a superior selection that was killing the Blockbuster down the street, imo. Stuff like “Women’s Penitentiary 4” or “Bare Witness” in the “Erotic Thriller” section? Yeah, they got it covered. You wouldn’t ever see that kind of shit at bitchmade ol’ Blockbuster.)…she had such a great ass…nice legs too. I remember sneaking a peek up that skirt one time when she bent over…I simply pretended to look at something on the lower shelf…yeah, niiiiice.

Anyway, I’m surprised Blockbuster has held on for so long, since hardly anyone goes there anymore…really, there’s no reason to.

Some years ago when we had a ps3. I didnt want to pay full price for brd’s so we rented them at blockbuster. Of course blockbuster started renting brd’s online and we havent rented a movie in store since then. We did the online thing, so when we returned one of the mail ones in the store we got a free rental. Like 3 a month that way and after the 3 the cost of rentals was discounted.

I rented a game (Halo Reach) last week.

Does Red Box count?


earlier this year,they closed both the hollywood videos here,I don’t like blockbuster,I bought the wrestler out of the red box like a month ago for 5 bucks.

I don’t think I’ve rented a movie since 2001…

Been a long time. I only rent games through Gamefly. Movies I just buy. I dont even rent the games much I usually just straight buy em. I know what I like.

Man, I also remember those “Be Kind Rewind” stikcers on VHS tapes. It’s funny how within a couple of years a company like Blockbuster which easily made millions every year is wiped out because it refused to adapt. There is absolutely no question Blockbuster would be where Netflix is right now if they actually payed attention to their consumers.

i think i stopped renting the min i figured out how to d.l movies.

Red Box for $1 a night (plan ahead so you don’t get screwed), but the selection is usually limited to popular.

Netflix is the shit. Netflix is everywhere, their application works on most BluRay/DVD players even, not just computers and video game consoles. I work right next door to Netflix in Los Gatos. Maybe I should be working there?! I wonder if I’m the right type of software engineer…

Uh I went to Blockbuster to rent SC4 when it came out (for laughs). I had to SIGN UP for their ridiculous card which I threw away immediately. I have a fucking credit card assholes. Blockbuster has been managed into the ground through a combined force of asshole enforced rules and ignorance of basically everything Netflix has been doing for years.

February. eventually though i just got sick of paying such outlandish prices for a 3 day rental. few months later they went out of business which was great for me. got fanboys for $5 and full metal panic! mission 1 for $1.

Great old school Blockbuster memory was when one near me was going out of business and I got Super Mario RPG and Earthbound for 5 bucks each. Good times.


sometime around 2004-2005 rented a movie for film class.

The last time I rented a movie/game, Hollywood Video was still alive <- - - DAMMNN!!! Loooonnnggggg ass time ago.

Yesterday. We don’t have the awesomeness of netflix here.