So..uh... Divorce.... Anyone ever get one?

It’s happening to me right now. What can I expect? We just got married in September, and my past came back to haunt me. Any advice? :frowning:

I am not a religious man, but may the Gods have mercy on your soul.

We have a relationship thread for a reason. Also: You better have that Phoenix Wright assist.

Do you own a house or anything together? Also what state are you in, that determines how fucked you are. Honestly you were married such a short time you may get out without getting feeling the true wrath of the family court system. Also do you have kids? If so, then you are 100% fucked.

I am going through the same thing and she just had our child, don’t worry man…and may you supply enough lube to make the raping the courts provide less painful

No children, no house. Apartment and a dog. That’s it and charlie88 I’m so sorry bro :frowning:

Doesn’t sound your marriage lasted that long. Why so soon? Without any kids or house, you two should be able to work it out I think.

Where are you from Rumble?

Woman get married out of desperation nowadays, minea literally said to me after we seperated that she was with me because I was the only one that TRIED to lovee her and that she didn’t think anyone else would. Lmao hoes nowadays don’t know what they want. They have been brainwashed. Just let hee go fight her bs as best you can. Hell I got this new chick now, things are great she loves me and worships the ground I walk on. That’s better than my bs marriage

So cal. And it was cause of infidelity. With someone who supposedly has our child. This shit sucks.

Wait, our child? You and your wife? I’m a little confused as to what actually occurred.

Say good bye to your dog, unless it was hers from the beginning.

Sounds like Rumble going to prison soon.

did you get you prenup?


So…you smashed the surrogate more than once or no?

Oh I’m sorry, I mean I hung out with a chick who supposedly has my son. My wife and I don’t have kids, just dog and apartment.

I think he’s trying to say that he cheated on his wife before the marriage, and now that lady is claiming that he is her baby daddy.

Yes and the baby is from when we were together 4 years ago. She is trying to come back into my life. :confused:

I’m in the process of a divorce, but we’re friendly to each other and don’t own anything so it’s not too difficult. If the only thing you share is a dog, the process should be kind of easy, although I don’t know how the dog will work out.

If it makes you feel any better, I think most people shouldn’t get married anyway. I think most people do it because “it’s what adults do” or they just don’t want to be lonely. I think both of those are horrible reasons. I think the odds of finding true, everlasting love is extremely rare. Maybe I’m different than most people, but I don’t think I could be with the same person for more than a few years anyway. For me, everything gets stale; sex, conversation, etc. Watch the movie Don Juan, he’s got the right idea.

Hope you feel better and only time will heal you, but my current mindset is - I’d rather be single and 100% free to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Watch this if you have further doubts (it’s short)

This is what SF4 does to people. I’ve never seen somebody fuck up so much in so few words.

You need to spend less time consulting this thread and more time mashing on lawyers.