So That New Karate Kid Movie

Isn’t based on Karate, but Kung Fu… WTF? And Jackie Chan is all for it?

The movies called kung fu kid…

everywhere except america

smh @ america

fuck you will smith. fuck you and your whole family

not seen the movie yet

I bet it still won’t top the original karate kid. Part one owns…

I can’t wait to see this movie.

when I heard about the remake, my first thought was “why the **** are they living in China/Hong Kong/Tokyo/wherever this place is?”

I’m guessing the writers had to be particularly creative to have an excuse for them to be living there.

sweep the leg.

Will smiths kid = huey freeman…

Kung fu Kid probably doesn;t roll of the tongue as nice and they have to cater to something that doesn’t make since to American audiences. Also, Jackie’s the man.

Jackie Chan is a kung fu master not karate

put him in a body baaaaag

wait it really is called kung fu kid outside the usa?

It is. Jackie Chan is an amazing martial artist; the movie has a black kid being punked by chinese and a lot of great scenery. Really the movie doesn’t look half bad. Just shouldn’t be called Karate Kid.

I think you mean Riley Freeman, lol.

I’m only seeing this movie for Taraji P. Henson…oh and Jackie, haha…

as someone who owns all the movies i need to see this movie. me and my friends will be loling at all the bully scenes. and we will be mad negroish yelling sweep the leg chang!

Movie actually looks good despite the name. Definite video rental.

Call it ignorant, but to Americans, Karate is colloquially synonymous with martial arts, and when you can ride the coattails of an established franchise, why not? All hail the movie industry.

Looks fucking terrible. Will Smith’s kid is no Dainel LaRusso/Ralf Machio.