So SFIV is on the 4th update and Ultimate cant even get some character tweaks?

Come on now it cant be this load of BS about marvel having to “approve” things that dont tarnish their character likeness. This is ridiculous. Whats the excuse?

There cant be a single person who doesnt think Utimate could benefit from a few changes across the board.

Can’t it? Why?

But that doesnt sound like a weak excuse to you?

The fact that Marvel might need to “approve” something like maybe making Storm and Dormammu’s OTG assist come out fast enough to actually OTG…hell

I mean there are glaring issus that could be addressed in patch 1, nevermind SFIV is on patch 4 and Marvel is the newer game I just feel oddly entitled to some kind of answering seeing as Marvel is flagship game at EVO and little to absolutely nothing has been given to the community in terms of patches and tweaks to a game slowly evolving in something it probably shouldnt.

Or no?

Hsien Ko fans agree right?

I’m not in a position to comment on the strength of the excuse, as I have no knowledge of the contract between Capcom and Marvel (or if such a thing even exists any more).

I was more curious as to the reasoning behind the blanket statement that it ‘couldn’t’ be the cause, since you didn’t supply any commentary on why not.

Thats really not the point the point was whats a real reason and not a reason that you may give to a bunch of gamers insisting that they have no common sense as to why you cant patch a popular fighting game that is in desperate need of a patch.

Because the players don’t vote with their feet so Capcom can do whatever they feel like.

It doesn’t make sense that they need Marvel’s permission to update Marvel vs Capcom?

sf is owned by capcom, marvel is not. licensing, IP’s, and representation are not BS. they’re simply business realities that are essentially irremovable from the equation. not to mention, games pay for themselves (except skullgirls :D/ ). afaik (correct me if i’m wrong), mvc3 wasn’t a big fiscal success…sf4 was. considering when umvc3 was released (during the holiday season), that’s pretty telling of a games consumer reception. if your game doesn’t sell then, your budget for future updates will probably be pretty slim. at that point, your only other recourse is to ask the execs for more money, but they have to believe the juice is worth the squeeze (not likely).
then there’s also the next gen issue. releasing a game representing a genre at (or around) launch is a better business decision than releasing one for a previous console.
when you factor in everything from timing, upcoming media projects, licensing, money, next gen, outsourcing, etc., it’s understandable.

The question is what would Marvel have to say no about character tweak-wise

Again…the Capcom money scapegoat. Multimillion dollar capcom.

I just find it hard to believe with the ridiculous success of Resident Evil 6 coupled with the cash cow that is Capcom DLC (and every extra dollar from whoever bought the new DMC) not a single penny could be afforded for a patch, granted Marvel said it was okay to make Hsien Ko faster.

how about if capcom wanted to give dr. strange an SPD?
how about spiderman getting honda headbutt?
how about wolverine getting electricity?
how about skrull gaining flight and invisibility? ( :(|) )

those are all exaggerated examples, but they illustrate a point. when you’re using someone else’s IP, how they’re represented in your product is of obvious concern to its owners. hence, character modifications, no matter how small or large, require scrutiny and approval to ensure the IP is being properly represented. it makes sense.
don’t forget how important it was to marvel how something as superficial as dr. strange’s stance was to them (floating, ring and middle fingers folded inward, etc.).

read my post again. i don’t know what else to say at this point tbqh. and hsien-ko is a capcom property.

I wanna punch anyone who still questions why UMvC3 isn’t getting an update. Beating a dead horse isn’t even a good metaphor for this situation anymore.

Even if Capcom wanted to update UMvC3 the development team split up to work on other projects.

Are we going to act like a patch for a fighting game uses as many resources as a large scale action adventure game?

Is it or is it not modification of parameters to do something such as increasing or decreasing the durability on a projectile? Capcom is too swamped to do that?

Trust me, if Capcom was able to release another overly-priced cash-grab update, they would in a heartbeat because we all know how much they love money. The fact that there isn’t one means issues that are out of their control are preventing it from happening.

SF4 is in arcades, it’s still making Capcom money and they can afford to make a patch for it.
UMvC3 isn’t, it would just be a waste of time and money. UMvC3 sold less than expected as well.

Fuck dat. I wanna see the end game. MVC3 the cheap old new game.

out of curiosity, what do you mean “evolving into something it probably shouldn’t?”

No… it is far more complicated than just modifying a few parameters.

I don’t like SFIV [loved it until AE] or MVC3, but even I’m curious as to why they’ve pretty much left Marvel alone and continue to run SF into the ground. It seems like far more people have been begging Cap for the Marvel Update.