So Maximum Impact 3 maybe?

I know 4 years in development, and they never talked about the seriese being dropped. It should do well right?

Falcoon is gone and a bunch of crying fanboys hate the MI series.

:u: That pretty much sums things up…

dude i love the maximum impacts… i hope they make a new one… or atleast throw some of the mi characters into the mainstream series…

I was going to make a topic, but I’ve gotten my answer here. I wonder if the psp version of the first king of fighters maximum impact that I’ve heard about was declined, since the director is gone? This is just terrible. I think people need to stay with what gameplay is preferable to them, so it won’t interfere with a game title being discontinued. Not everyone wants more of the same.

We had two new confirmed MIs and one rumored (PSP version), but SNK fans whined soooo much about Falcoon (like you couldn’t just change the character’s outfits and like MIA wasn’t fucking great) that he got fired and the games were scrapped.

Way to go, SNK fans! Hope you enjoyed KOF XII instead!

Mira is fine!!

MIRA was decent and much better than MI2, the problem is than still, the cons outweighed the pros, and at this point, SNK is not in the best shape, so dropping those game that weren’t a big profit was a common sense decision, this wasn’t because the fans hating falcoon or anything, if that was the reason, he would’ve been fired in the 2004

I will not say that it was a good riddance, but honestly, they needed to focus in the game that could save the company, KOF XIII, if the game works, maybe we could see MI3 or MIRB in the near future

I will argue to the death that going 3d and refining the MI series is the only thing that would save SNK’s presence in the West, not KOF XIII.

Tell us you argument.

I want to hear this.

I would like to hear this as well.

Believe it or not, a lot of people bought 2006 (aka MI2) here in the states. But no one was willing to run tournaments for the game because it sucks and MIRA is better. SNK already fails to most clueless folks in our competitive community (ala SF nut huggers). So that alone doesn’t help the “MI getting popular” cause. And the SNK ogs, who are strict in their ways, don’t want to bother with something new/different…3d KOF. Again…that doesn’t help with the MI getting popular cause either.

But…if MIRA was released in the states, then more people (casual players and MI fans) could buy and have access to the game (you’d be surprised how lazy America is, outside of the competitive community, not wanting to mod systems). And those who are “clueless” might think the game is “new” (laughable) and “fun to play” (very likely). Sure they may be a lil discouraged that most of the “fun cosmetic features” are gone from 2006 (MI2). If they even remember what was in 2006 in the first place lol. But when they realize the game is better over all vs. 2006 (MI2): then maybe more people will like it, play it, and could develop some type of scene for it. I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

Of course this is all wishful thinking, for those who actually like the MI series (like myself).

So with that being said…

I strongly believe they don’t need to make a completely brand new MI game. It’s seriously great just the way it is. But as I mentioned before: all they need to do - is add 4 or 6 more characters (king, Joe, Robert, Andy, Vanessa, and some Pyscho Soldier…probably Kensou) to fill in the team gaps (they could even release them as DLC. to get a couple extra bucks back making these characters), release the game on psn/xbl to purchase, and add online play (with hopeful decent net code). And if you want to reach a lil bit…add story mode too.

I’m sure this is the cheapest most beneficial solution. And you actually could title the game KOF: MIRA 2.

Everyone wins. The end. :cool:

If they would simply release MIRA on the PS3, I could be happy and not worry about a future version.

The game was good enough and it’s a real shame it never got a US release.

…Street Fighter did it and is successful?

(Went 3D graphically I mean)

Yeah I got nothin.



Good to see u stil post on SRK.


OK, I’ll bite:

KOF XIII can probably expect to do Blazblue sales numbers in the US at best. While those kinds of numbers wouldn’t be terrible, per say, it’s not enough to sustain the company in the long run.
It’s pretty obvious that they’re pulling out the stops out for XIII. The problem is then…what next? The video game industry imoves so fast these days, because there’s such an emphasis on NEW, NEW, SHINIER, SHINIER that even a game can be a success, and then two years later be promptly forgotten by the casual audience.
So even if KOFXIII is a minor success…then what about KOF XIV 2 years down the road? How is SNK going to convince Johnny Donuts to pay another $60 two years down the line for a sequel to KOF XIII which will probably reuse 90% of the same graphics? Hell, if Johnny paid $60 for fucking XII, I don’t see how easily he’ll be sold on XIII no matter how good the game is.

For better or for worse, the casual audience is now the main market.
For better or for worse, you must appeal to them in order to stay relevant.
For better or for worse, people aren’t going to keep buying a game every two years with the same graphics.
There is no way for SNKP to reliably haul out a plethora of new hand-drawn 2-d animated sprites every two years, which is the requisite time period to remain even somewhat up-to-date with their presence in the US market. Ergo, a game with hand-drawn 2-d animated sprites is IMPOSSIBLE to develop a consistent market presence in the US. Let’s not forget that most of the casual audience considers ANYTHING 2-d to be “Super Nintendo graphics”, no matter how good the animation or high the resolution.

king of fighters is like the madden of fighting games lol


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