So I was thinking of a huge Garou tournament

One that would take place over the next 3 months, the first 2 monthswould each have 8 tournaments in them, and you score points during each tournament based on placement. The final month would have 4 tournaments which cost points to get into, but give more points back for higher placement, and then whoever has at least an X amount of points would get into the final tournament.

And there would be prizes for 1st-3rd place folks too.

But idk if people would be interested, espically since some people are preparing for college etc, but was wondering what interest there was. (This is not confirmed to happen unless there is signifigant interest)

What kind of prizes are you talking about?. Ill probably talk with my boys to see if they want to join for this one. Cya around!

It wouldn’t be nothing big, and I don’t actually have the prizes planned out, its more like HEY COME FOR FUN and you get the prizes extra cause they won’t be super awesome. (nor will they be cash).
I’ll have more info soon though. (hopefully)

Sounds a little too ambitious if you ask me and I know online Garou tournies.

Best of luck to you in this endeavour, I’ll be keeping an eye out to see how it unfolds.

Thanks Justin I hope more peeps actually get interested in this.

I knew from the begining that money will not be the prize LOL!. Still im wondering what the prizes are going to be. Why cant you just say what they will be?

Because I don’t have them on hand yet. I know for sure that one will prolly wind up being a key to a game I own. But again its not really about the prizes, its about trying to get a huge garou tournament for everyone who loves the game (and maybe some peeps getting into it recently) to have some fun.

I’d be into this -I love Garou.

Whatever the price is, I’d make sure not to send it off if I were you :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knows, I might win, and then you’re sending it all the way to the Netherlands. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s unlikely though.

Like Nagata said, this seems sort of ambitious, but if you can pull it off, I’m in.

Like all of the prices will have ways of being sent over the internet.

could this or any garou tourny be played over Popuru?
+less laggy
+others can watch final matches without lagg interfering
-kinda difficult to get a Popuru account (i thank dandy for mine :lovin:) but there are many tutorials for it

-Less people might join cause it would wind up prolly being just for this / download size / uhhhg

small price to pay for a lag-free game with spectators and stuff, lol,
just my opinion :wonder:

Right but I want tons of people to make it really nice and fun.

Also MAME is really really good with the right servers.

Don’t get me wrong I wanna do Poporu, but a lot of people don’t want to take the time to register for it / download it / search for a KSSN.

I’d be down.

I might be able to get a Poporu account; my mom has a KSSN. But MAME would be easier.

I’m down. If I have to get Poporu, I’ll get on it.


Well apparentally Popo’s reg is down, so we’ll stick to MAME anyways.

EDIT: Goten you need to get on AIM / MSN more omg :frowning:

Man, my playing level would decrease if I were to play online. I need to do my cancels and shit on response ;.;

p.s. zuddha, you want to pm me your avatar full pic =D

Mizuki, on a private server its definately barely noticeable, plus you get used to it.


I’m giving this another week to get interest if there still isn’t much then I’ll just forget it. Theres a lot of views but few posts and I want postdsss