So i just got into a car accident and almost died


Wide awake. Sober. It starts to rain and I hydroplane it right off the road. Sideways at 60 miles an hour.

Not through one yard.

Not through two.

Not through three.


I slammed into some guys parked new car. Some bushes.

The airbag punched me in my fucking face, the passenger airbag punched me in the shoulder.

And then I got a ticket citation just because its protocol.

The guy whos car I hit bitched at me, while I was in full tear-mode.

I dont even know why I was crying. I didnt start to cry until about 10 minutes after I realized what happened. Then I called my mom and it was all downhill from there.

For anyone whos never been in a car accident, ill tell you exactly what it feels like. Pressure and inertia. The car actually absorbs the blow, its your raggedy ass body that then slams into the car. But then its weird like, you are still moving forward, into something thats not giving in, and it gets harder and harder. Like youre being smashed. This is instantaneous.

Then the neighbors came outside and started bitching about their yard being fucked up. Looking at this mans vehicle, like my body wasnt in more pain than the car. The lady who called the cops told them I didnt look like I needed an ambulance.

You know what. Im just gonna finish watching Full Metal Alchemist on dvd and probably cry myself to sleep or something.

Pain is no biggie to me, but owing money sucks ass. I feel your pain in that regard.

But you’re kinda srk famous arent you? You could probly set up a paypal and get moniez.

The “help me pay off this ticket I got for crashing my car” fund.

I literally got a ticket that says “tires not safe for the operation for a motor vehicle” How the fuck do you get a ticket for hydroplaning going the fucking speed limit?

Rotfl. Im just a big ball of emotions. ive went from stunned, to crying, to full of laugher.

I need something. Meaningful.

Were your tires balding? That might be it. Also…you should’ve cried while the officer was talking citations. They almost always give women breaks when they bust out the tears (unless they’re ugly or fat). You…ARE a girl, right? (just assuming from all the crying you did even though nothing was broken and you didn’t mention bleeding, or bruises or anything)

two things lead me to believe your a woman.

  1. Crying.

  2. Getting in a car accident for no reason when your sober.

Speaking of car accidents, some dipshit ran a red light and hit my friend head on. So the cops come and start talking to him while he’s concussed because someone said he ran the red…and they charge him with drunk driving…seriously cops can be really stupid sometimes.

The crying is confusing me, unless you’re a girl then I suppose it’s okay.

One time going down the highway at about 60 or 65 someone in front of me decided to go into one of those turn arounds for “official use only” but rather than slowing down on the shoulder they stopped dead on the highway so I had to swerve to the right lane to avoid them which caused me to skid and sbusequently try to correct myself resulting in oversteering. Long story short I skided left then right then left then right and finally did a complete 180 in the middle of the highway and came to a dead spot and my car shut off.

Thankfully all of the other people on the highway saw it all happen and were able to stop before hitting myself or the people behind me. It could have ended so much worse than just some rubber off my tires.

I’ve also gone into a few ditches because Michigan winters are a serious fucking bitch.Thankfully one time I was literally 100 feet from my own house so I just sprinted through the deep snow and blizzard to my house and called a tow truck. The other time I was about a 1/4 mile from my dads house so I called him and he was able to come help me get the car out with just a shovel and some muscle.

I crashed into someone who did a dead stop infront of me in a rainstorm because they decided to stop in the main lane rather than the turn lane(literally stopped right next to the turn lane and waited for cars to clear rather than stopping IN the turn lane)

Every time I was went compeltely numb and everything happened in slow motion. It didn’t seem “real”.

Don’t kno why I shared all of this. Maybe to help you feel better? Maybe to make myself feel important. Who knows.

Well im male.

Sorry that I cried. Kinda just flew off the road and pretty much assumed I was dead.

I know all you manly men of SRK never shed tears.

Your choice of avatar isn’t helping you either.

Pick Tager.

i’ve been in 8 accidents in my life. never behind the wheel for any of them. i cried during the first accident, but that was probably because i was 4 and i didn’t know what was going on. :cool:

Not since age 17. Other than that, no real reason to cry, other than when your mother or longtime pet (not something you keep in a cage and interact with remotely. Something like a dog or cat) passes away. Those 2 events get free passes. You can even sob. I’m not gonna give you grief for it, though. Just playing with you. Mental discipline, emotional control and the ability to stay cool under pressure is not easily attained in this age of touchy-feely womanly crap women foist off on their kids these days.


yah yaahh b*tch! sounds like a god damn asian teenage girl with all the crying and shit driving he does.

:Thumbs down:

I have no sympathy for you. You hydroplaned according to you through 4 yards which means you must of been driving pretty fast in a residential zone. Dude who’s car you hit was justified in bitching you out.

You guys can be real pathetic yknow. The dude nearly died, he has a bunch of fucking assholes moaning at him for damaging their property (when he nearly died), so what he was upset. Jesus.

Crying wouldn’t bring you back to life anyway, what waste of precious moisture.

Anyway a few months back some police cunts in a 4x4 went through my dad’s hatchback at 90mph (no lights or siren) as he pulled out of a junction and took the right wheel and everything ahead of the front axle with them, so I was in the passenger’s side and smashed my head off the window shattering it, was dazed and bleeding but even moreso pissed at the shitbags as they’d messed up my plans for the day. Oh and the driver got off of his charge of dangerous driving unsurprisingly while my dad got points on his license and fined, corruption is srs bznz.

He nearly died due to his own incompetence. Maybe if he lost a limb he’d learn a lesson but I bet he’ll be out driving like a shit cunt again in no time, posting about screwing up some more in the near future.

Shit drivers piss me off. Teenage Asians, women on mobile phones and the eldery are the worst offenders. God I hate them.

If anything, the citation should have been “driving too fast for conditions”. Everyone who read their state’s DMV driver’s manual when applying for a license knows that you’re supposed to reduce speed by 5 or more miles per hour when it first starts raining because that’s when the oils and fluids are brought up to coat the road, and are later mostly washed away by continued rain. Then again, i notice a lot of people took that driver’s ed class in high school (I didn’t), and never seem to have been told this.

60 miles an hour, in the rain, in a residential area or damn close, without even realizing what condition your tires are in is not the sign of a good driver. Having a car is more than just knowing how to put the keys in it and moving sticks and a wheel but most people don’t realize that until it’s too late. These people are usually irresponsible teens that don’t value anything because shit is usually just handed to them. Op should just be glad that his insurance will take care of it, too bad about that premium and your payments.

In this thread, the rarely-seen Angelpalm’s patented angelfacepalm: the most epic facepalm ever. :tup:

I’m Canadian, so everything is in km’s, but…60 miles = 100 km, isn’t it? What the hell were you doing driving at that speed in a residential zone? No wonder you got bitched out.