was your tournament performance this year?

Mine? Horrible

I got 4th at Sinsation for HD remix. think i tied for 7th in SF4 at that tourney also…not too sure though

There were a few other times i think i was tied for 7th, 9th, 13th or whatever in SF4. but aside from those few times i got bodied all year!!!

But this recent NEC I went 0-2 in everything. I used to be a contender!!! what happened homie???

I had the most fun ive ever had in tournaments this past season and it was my worst performances also. gonna try to change that shit when super drops

So for those who travel to the multiple majors and local tournies how did you do this year? :nunchuck:

Let’s seem mine. In February I went to a local monthly tournament and went 1-2 in HDRemix.

I didn’t go to another tournament until May, where I got a buy for a SFIV tournament just to go 0-2. I then proceeded to go 0-2 at this weekly tournament everytime. I did do okay during the times when they had round robin, but nothing to write home about.

I then went to the first Atlanta revival and went 0-2 again. A few more Waba weeklies saw me go 0-2. Then the 3rd Atlanta Revival I went 0-2, but no one noticed because I went down to the wire against two strong players.

I stopped going 0-2 around October at Tension Pulse II where I got top 8, but keep in mind there were only like 16 people who entered. I went 1-2 at Impact Clash V.

So at the very least I’m not going 0-2 as much. My best performance was getting 4th place at a 3s tournament.

lol all ya are nubs I get TOP 3 in two man tournies. Beat that.

LOL, top 8 like its a 100 man tourney or something :wow:

top 8 is reserved for BIG tournaments killa…

I only went to the first empire sf4 tourney and I think I tied for 5th or 6th out of like 40 something people(could have been more I forgot) thats it. I dont care about sf4. I mean Id play but I am not traveling far. I went to that one because that place is like 10 minutes from me so whatever.

also won that shitty gamestop pad but I forgot if it was this year or last year :wtf:

you are too old…stop playing…



This was my first year getting out and going to tournaments, so there’s nowhere to go but up.

I started the year out really well winning something like 3 decent sized midwest tournies and placing at least top4 in every other.

I got 4th at MWC then went like 7-2 at evo before losing a close match to Ricky Ortiz to miss making it out of my pool.

After that up until now ive been pretty bad cause I kinda got bored with sf4.

SoCal Regionals 3v3: 3rd place
[huge break]
some singles tournament in North Carolina, 5th I think?
team tournament in North Carolina, 2nd
[huge break]
Denjin SF4 ranbat, 1st place
[huge break, like 4-5 months]
West Coast Warzone, went 1-2
Denjin SF4 tourney, 1st place
ActiveGamers Triple Threat, went 1-2

And I think that’s all for the whole entire year. I think there might have been another tournament since my last big hiatus, but I don’t remember for sure for some reason. In any case, man, I didn’t realize that I’d played in so few tournaments since I came back to the scene in like early September, that’s crazy. I’ve been playing casuals at least once a week most weeks, but I rarely make it to tournaments. I really need to step it up!

Went 2-2 at most majors I attended, not too shabby for a first run out I guess. Weekly local tourney performance varied. Some days I won, other days 0-2.

I feel you. SinSation doesn’t count, because that’s the first time I’d played the game so all I did was run around with akuma, throw air fireballs and try to anti-air ultra fools. I didn’t do shit in any of my other games though. 2-2 in GGXX, 2-2 in SC4. I didn’t even get to play the game I’d been practicing, HD:Remix because I had to duck out on Sunday and spend some quality time with the girlfriend. My best tournament was the free single elim alpha 3 tournament the threw. I managed to tie for 3rd since I was one of the only people who remembered a V-ism combo.

Final Round, swapped SF4 mains from Akuma to Balrog mid tournament, and it was a smart move since I tied for 17th, losing to some Rufus player named Justin and some Abel player named Hold Dat :blush: 0-2 in Tekken 5, 2-2 or 1-2 in GGXX, I don’t remember. I know Kensou put me out of the tournament and I was thinking “son of a bitch, I HATE Eddie vs. Chipp.” And I went something like 3-2 in the alpha 3 tournament. undefeated against people who didn’t pick V-ism, 0-2 against people who did :lol:

April C3, I think I got tie for 9th. I know I lost to Eric V and Hav, so solid losses.

Then had a bit of a tournament drought because every tourney seemed to happen on weekends I had to work.

Went to August c3 and was disappointed. Scrubbed out 0-2 in Blazblue. Took up Sagat in Sf4 over the summer so I could play 2v2 with my friend, a Rog player. Lost to solid players, Mammation/Steve H and DevilJ1n/his brother, but going 1-2 was not as far as I’d hoped.

SB4: 3-2 in Blaz, 1-2 in HD Remix, and 2-2 in SF4. Losing to Andre’s (NY) Bison was fun though.

The last local tournament I went to, I felt like I played pretty poorly. But I think I was burnt out and tired. After SB4, I every day off traveling 90 minutes either to see my girlfriend, play SF/Tekken or for both. I needed a break. So yeah, similar to you, I had a great start to SF4, but I haven’t leveled up like some of these guys have. Oh well, like my girlfriend tells me when I start to bitch “Have you practiced 5 hours a day like a Japanese player?” “No, Honey :sweat:

My first major I participated was at Evo this year. Street Fighter 4.

First round I lost 1-2 to a blanka player…debuted on the bigscreen. Lost 0-2 in loser’s bracket.

Other than that…nothin. Will dedicate more time in improving my Ken (less flowcharting), Hwoarang, and Tager for next year’s bouts.

For SF4:
0-2 (+ a bye) at Fuddruckers in May
0-2 in two local weekly
1-2 at UC Davis team tournament sometime during the Spring

For SF3: 3rd Strike
3rd at a UC Davis tournament, and 4th in another
~24th at NorCal Regionals (2-2).

Tekken 6:
1-2 (top 48?) at NorCal Regionals

As you guys can probably tell, SF4 isn’t my best game :rofl:

7th at Cali Regionals at hdr
9th at devastaion at hdr
0-2 at evo hdr - lost to afrocole and daigo, fuck my life

Best thing I did this year was beat Li Joe’s C viper only to get crushed by his Sagat.

Tekken is the only game I entered this year where I didn’t go 0-2. I’m not really playing anything else anymore.

I always average about 4-2 or 5-2 in 3s. I usually play a noob then play one of best players in the country, get embarrassed and attempt to fight way back up to the top before losing again. SF4 is hit or miss. I’m usually about 3-2 in that but went 0-2 at SB4.

its really easy to go 0-2 in a major or if you live in a scene with HUGE comp. Sometimes, its a luck of the draw and you get the short end having to go up against 3 or more top players before top 8 or you sail all the way to top 8 with only 1 hard opponent.

1st place at 7 or 8 local tournaments in Chicago in HD Remix

2nd place at a Chicago bi-weekly with over 40 people in HD Remix

2nd place at Naptown clash in HD Remix

Top 12 at Midwest Championships in HD Remix

Won every money match I played at MWC in HD Remix

2nd place in Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken 5 DR at MWC.

Won a tournament to qualify for the HD Remix 5v5 at evo (but couldn’t attend due to last minute complications :frowning: )

2nd place at 2 local Arcana Heart 2 tournaments

1st place at 2 scrub SF4 tournaments in Wisconsin

2nd place at a Chicago 2v2 team tournament for SF4.

5th place at Fight it Out 3 in SF4 singles (*single elim)

3rd place in KOF 12 at Fight it Out 3

2nd place in HD Remix at Fight it Out 3

Finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at 3 Tekken 6 tournaments I entered.

Won 2 small Melty Blood Actress Again tournaments. One in Wisconsin and one in Chicago.

And my best accomplishment

I won a fighting game tournament at an anime convention!!! (AH2)

Small victories but better than anything I’ve done in most games outside of Tekken. This is the first year I’ve been playing where I netted money vs entry fees and most travel expenses, which is great.

LOL my first ever year of playing SF. Won a ranbat, finished top 10 in points for the season missing a 6 out of 15 days and going two and out the first three or four weeks while I learned the game

man syxx i feel honored that i even won couple matches off you! good wins man.