Snoring problems! Help!

So, everyone who knows me knows I’m a fairly fatty guy. And I’ve been losing a lot of weight lately and slowly my snoring has been going away, but it’s still actually really bad. Everyone who stays with me in my hotel during tournaments are like damn nugga you be snoring like crazy.

Anyways, help me SRK!!~ What’s the best option =. I’m still losing weight… I don’t know what else to do. Do nasal strips work? :\ Surgery costs too much… I don’t have health insurance.

I’m pretty sure there are other snorers here too ;[. I need help asap! Thanks :smiley:

Lose weight. Get better at LoL. Stop smoking/drinking. Get better at LoL.


Yeah, I have it pretty bad too.

Basically snoring or sleep apnea has two main causes: weight on the throat/nasal passages or blockage of the throat/nasal passages.

I think everybody knows that losing weight helps.
Never used nasal strips personally, so I don’t know how effective they are, but no doubt they’re the easiest option to try.
If you haven’t had your tonsils or adenoids removed, that could be a factor too, but surgery to remove that for snoring is a little extreme IMO.
Sleep clinics are also available to help you, usually they can prescribe a CPAP breathing machine to sleep with, although without medical insurance that’s probably too expensive. Plus I never found using a CPAP machine comfortable. It stopped my snoring, but it also hurt my nose and kept ME awake all night due to the noise and pressure on my sinuses.

Another thing people over look is a good sleeping pillow. It could be the pillows you’re sleeping on aren’t firm enough to support your head.
Investing like $20-30 for a really, really top-tier pillow that you can take anywhere and helps your snoring and makes you rest better would go a long, long way (definitely cheaper than going to the doctor or buying strips all the time).
Hope this helps.

Also avoid alcohol and caffeine before bedtime.

Losing weight is probably the best advice I can give (coming from a guy who was huge and had an even huger snore) I found after losing weight I slept better and my snoring all but stopped. I find sleeping on my side helped the snoring too

i would suggest Breathe Right Strips. they helped me out a lot with my snoring.

Yeah. Losing weight, better pillow, try not to pass out drunk. Alternatively, pay for a larger share of the hotel room with that EG loot and tell people to deal with it.

Good pillows cost way more than $20-$30.

yeh 1. lose weight, 2. sleeping position, your head position will have an effect on how easy you breath, tilting your head back will clear your air ways and make it easier to breath.

I was in your boat too. I used to snore terribly. I lost a lot of weight, but I went through a body building phase in my younger days, so I’m left with a thick neck anyway, lol. Regardless if the tissue is muscle or fat, when you fall asleep all of the tissue in your neck relaxes and snoring occurs.

Losing weight may help a bit, but I would advise you to get your doctor to refer you to a sleep clinic immediately. It’s no big deal, you basically stay the night in a replica hotel room with sensors attached to your body. The technicians there monitor your sleep through the entire night and are able to pinpoint the exact cause of your snoring, whether it be sleep apnea or a more minor situation like poor pillow support.

They diagnosed me with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP machine to sleep with at night. Whenever I use it I no longer snore. It can be tricky getting used to it, but once you pinpoint the correct air pressure it works like a charm.

I don’t know what to tell you about going to tournaments though. My buddies have the same complaint about me, lol. I dunno about you, but I think I’d be too self conscious to bring my CPAP machine along. But on a hopeful final note, my wife tells me that I don’t snore nearly as badly as I did before on those nights when I don’t have the machine with us. I think it can condition your unconcious sleep habbits too.

Good luck!

I used to snore like a motherfucker then i quit smoking, that shit ended it right there.

Keep losing weight to that shit will help.

when I lost my weight, I stop snoring.

lose weight, get a better pillow & sleep on your side.

buy your mates earplugs

You should be taking advantage of this ability, get all the good players in your room and keep them up all night with your snoring, and then watch them lose the next day due to lack of sleep. ADVANTAGE- YOU.

Keep at it.

agreed… that response is just epic! but he would have to go with a REALLY nice set at least.

you may want to take a sleep study to see if you have a bigger problem like sleep apnea. it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Previous incarnation of thread has some information:

is amazed that no Snorlax joke has been popped yet


haha why you care so much, if im snoring & waking people i dont give a fuck. It would be their problem not mine…