SNK's upcoming releases for X360 & PS2


KOF’98 is supposed to be a special edition (a la KOF’94-Rebout) and I’m guessing Garou Densetsu Batlle Archives 2 will have the Real Bout Fatal Fury games. As for FFS for X360, I don’t see the point in buying that if you have a PS2 capable of playing Japanese games, since you can import Garou Densetsu Battle Archives 1, which contains FF1, FF2, FF3 & FFS.

EDIT: article by IGN with complete list of games to be shown at TGS:

As far as I know, KOF Nests will include KOF 99/00/01, with arcade versions as well as the DC versions (probably the reason why they delayed the release date from July 2006 to late 2006).

Well I guess the point is people can play the games on live, If only ps2 had fighters online, with a free service, oh well.

98 rebout yea I think we knew they would be showing that soon, if its like 94 I think we know what to expect already.

That game will make all the people that hate anything after 2k2/neowave happy I surpose.

Please make a bugfixed 98- that’s all I ask. You do that, I will get a Japanese PS2 and this game.

If you throw in Kasumi,Eiji, and the 96 team, and tone down Iori/Goro’s damage 10%- you’ll have acheived near perfection.

I don’t care if they debug 98, in fact it’d be a good idea IF AND ONLY IF they keep the arcade version there. Don’t get me wrong : I’m all in for debugged games but I’m not learning the game once more and most of all I’m not finding people who don’t play arcade-only. Hell, all my versus pals play on neo: a debugged 98 is the best way to make them avoid the title (not to mention the bugs in 98 aren’t sooo hideous. It’s nothing like the 2003 wake-up grab properties…)

Hopefully they’ll do the same thing they did for KOF XI, include an arcade version and a arrange version. In that way, people could pick whatever version they like better, thus preventing people from bitching about something being broken/not arcade perfect/whatever.

To heck with KoF 98, if I find it and RB Collection, I’ll buy without a 2nd thought.

Actually many of the bugs in 98 can be quite effective in even mid-level play.

I’m also hoping for some new characters. What I would do if I had unlimited budget

-Add Kasumi, maybe Eiji, and Boss Team- I can see dumping Eiji since he’d require some new sprites for SDMs
-fix bugs

Nah. Then everybody’ll play the arcade mode and ban all the good moves.

Yes make a 98 NeoWave and add some stuff to it…give us the ultimate 98 game…

The future is now…certainly…

Join aboard…SNK is feeding us plenty…

Now Spudly…we gotta get your selfesteem up man…we gotta get that signature you have better than that man! :lol:

My self-esteem is unreasonably high! (and for damn good reason) But I do generally suck at fighting games.

And yeah…me siggy does suck.

Why are SNK giving us XBOX Live Arcade games we don’t want!!!

Screw that, and gives us NGBC and XI for 360 live, or at least KOF 98 regular and Kizuna Encounter for Live Arcade:bgrin:

Im sure those other Live Arcade games took more space than a mid KOF game.

Hey theres always hope right??? If they can do all this they can do all the other ones too…surely…and see we thought XBL was dead because of slow sales with NeoWave…

I wonder when they’ll be releasing the Samurai Shodown PS2 compilation… and what would be on it.

They’d break up 1-3 and then do 4,5 and V Special…

doesnt really matter shits ganna be laggy anyways if its played online.

True, but from what I hear there are some versions of KOF NeoWave on XBL that have NO LAG…

Where is garou and last blade and SS:Tenka…or NGBC? Also wiill 98 get competitve play at majors…i guess we can wait and see.

This is very true. Neowave on Live is nearly lagless.

A full list of games SNK needs to give the US for poor bastards like me who can’t import:
The Entire Fatal Fury Series(1,2,3,Special,RB,RB2,RBS,MOTW and Wild Ambition just for kicks,Yes all of it, as a collector and fighting gamer i would love to say I own 100% of a classic series)
The Last Blade 1and2(never played it but it sounds really awesome)
**SamSho Series(**1,2,3,4,5,5s,andSSTK,2d ones, not sure how the others were but I loved SS2 in the arcades before it was shutdown and i never had the chance to play Samsho ever again)
AOF:(now i heard it was a far from perfect game but y’know what Ryo and Robert are my favorite SNK chars so i need these 3)
KOF '94-'99 and XI(It’s KOF)
and lastly NGBC

“Where is garou and last blade and SS:Tenka…or NGBC?”

The Last Blade games were already compiled on a PS2 collection and released in Japan last year (or maybe the year before.) So were the Garou (Fatal Fury) games, except for Mark of Wolves, (which was rereleased before on the PS2 with one of those nice Neo*Geo sticks.) As for the newest Samurai Spirits, I can’t remember whether its already been released or has just been announced.

As a general rule of thumb, any SNK made Japanese pack that has already been release probably won’t get a US launch.