#SNKPlaymore @ EFnet - The home of SNK on IRC!

Hey if anyone here uses IRC, you can come chat/idle/matchmake in #SNKPlaymore on EFnet. Most people use mIRC. In the channel you’ll find players of all skill levels to talk strats or set up matches on GGPO/2DF. Come join!

If you don’t use IRC, here is how to join the channel with mIRC:

  1. When you first use mIRC, a window will pop up and you can put your nickname, plus other stuff like real name/email, you can put whatever you want and click OK at the bottom (not ‘Connect’).

  2. You’ll have a big empty chat box in front of you. Click on the line at the bottom to type, then type /server irc.easynews.com and press Enter. You can also use irc.efnet.org, which will get you a random EFnet server, but I find a lot of them are not reliable, but the easynews one is good so I recommend that one.

  3. After you’re connected to EFnet, there will be a favorites box that pops up. You can just close it for now, and check the box to have it not pop up again. In the same chat box as before, type /join #snkplaymore. You should now be in the channel.

  4. (optional) If you want to join the channel automatically after connecting to EFnet, bring up the favorites menu again (it’s the little heart icon at the top, by default it’s the 3rd one on the newest mIRC). Click Add, type the channel name in the top box (include the #), then at the bottom under Networks click add, then find EFnet on that list and click OK. If you want the channel to be automatically joined, just check the Join on ‘connect’ check box and you will join automatically when you connect to EFnet.

If you don’t want to use mIRC (which I recommend, because it takes up very little resources and is less annoying than always having your web browser open), you can use Mibbit, which is a web-based IRC client. To join with Mibbit, just go to http://www.mibbit.com/chat/. Next to ‘IRC:’, select ‘EFNET [webirc]’ in the drop-down menu. Type your nick next to ‘Nick:’ and ‘#snkplaymore’ next to ‘Channel:’ and click ‘Go’.

Dandy J for mod status!

Odd. Whenever I log in, after 60 secs I get Connection timed out.

Try using a different EFnet server, some of them are really crappy. In my experience, any EasyNews server works nicely.

this deserves a sticky

Bumping this thread that contains information regarding a permanent chat room of which the focus is the developer of the game that this forum was made for, which will not receive regular posts because of the nature of the content provided within.

Honestly this is the kind of thread would be swell to lock and sticky since the discussion is nice and open, even more so now that 12 is imminent

Which is why this thread shoulda been stickied a month ago.

hmm thats a good point emx

I can’t wait till XII comes out, and be able to get matches up/get tips. Thanks!

Bumping this again. What’s really good?

thank you, i’ll check it out

Added a short guide on how to join the channel for those that aren’t familiar with IRC.

you can also go directly to http://www.efnet.org/ and log in on the site as an alternative, tho MIRC is def more convenient.

Can a moderator please sticky this thread?

yeaaaaaaaaaaa KOF!!!


We are running team round robins now!

I wanna get in on the Roundies. Cheballa at cheaaaaaaaaaaaa BWOY!

Yeah, we’re not doing them anymore…