SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos Comic in stores this week

Well, it seems whatever issues Comicsone had with Capcom about this book being released here has been resolved. It’s a translation of the Honk Kong SVC Chaos comic. It’s going to retail at $13.95 and is going to be the size of a graphic novel, like Comicsone usually does. Just to give yall a heads up.

all i know is that i had scans of this and it was still interesting even though i didnt know what was actually going on cos of no translation, it seems the game actually has a backup story to it,
which is what this is, from what i could understand, great art too ill be looking out for this.
thanks for the news sano.

Nah, this comic adds LOTS of stuff to the story. Don’t think this is the official SVC Chaos story or anything. You’ll find out why fairly quickly, there are some… ‘cameos’ in the first story…

Without revealing much, it’s a Hong Kong comic. Features people loosing limbs and getting ‘healed.’ There are some good things about this book, there are some bad things. The bad things in the story outweigh the good. The Art is nice. Worth getting? I don’t know. For the art and some of the fight scenes, perhaps. I couldn’t read the story however from the Hong Kong issues, I could be wrong. But I could still see people loosing limbs and getting better and a very, interesting scene of people riding dinosaurs. Oh, Ryu fans be warned. He’s gonna get punked a lot… He’ll finish up strong though if it helps. I’ll get it because I’m a fanboy. And it’s the first time KOF characters appear in a comic in English, until Comicsone drops the Hong Kong KOF 2003 comic that is.

lol oh yea the dinos i remeber that lol but isnt it kyo that gets his ass handed to him.


i remember him fighting akuma/bison/demetri one after the other and geting a good beating as you would going up against them.

Well I didn’t really like the comic, I have to agree with some of the things Sano said,but I didn’t like the story and the pencil drawings were okay. But the paintings were just fantastic. Although it does have a lot of fighting in it, even tho some of the fights are craptastic. As for it being worth buying…well it depends really if you like the artwork in the book, and the story really. Someone should make a summary of the first volume and try to put up some sample pics. All this is just my opinion if yours is diffrent then cool. I don’t think it’s a terrible comic, but it’s not great. So I think I would say if you like Cacpom (or at least street fighter, which I know you all do.) I say give it a look. I’m gonna get it eventually anywho.

We can’t scan and put pics up, it’s not allowed. We can discuss the story and what not though, just mark such as spoilers. I have most of the original issues, but it’s probably best to get into it once the book is in English to avoid super advanced spoilers and to be able to read it to get the full story.

yes lets just wait lol even though we dont like it, we will still buy it hell i buy it for the art alone.
im sure if people look around they will find some sort of info and preview scans.
but yea like sano says you cant do that on here.

Sorry about that I didn’t know you couldn’t do that. Have any of you read the Hong Kong Street Fighter 3 Comic? I heard it wasn’t too bad.

naa i havent checked that out is it cannon that would be interesting if it was cos i know litlle about 3s universe.

I’m not sure. But yeah it would be interesting, Gill gets killed in it I think.

There’s two different SF 3 Hong Kong Comics. One for New Generation, another for Third Strike. Both are unrelated. New Generation one features lots of deaths, hope your not attached to SF2 characters… Let’s see, those who die, Dan, Sagat, Dhalsim, Balrog(Ninja), Sagat, Fei-Long, Mike Bison. There were lots more deaths. Also featured SF EX characters. Bizarre… The Third Strike one has a nice ending with Ryu walking away with Chun-Li in his arms, good for us pathetic Ryu/Chun-Li relationship fans since it will never happen in the games.

I got the SVC Chaos book. So far, gasp, I’m actually liking the story now that I can read it! Haven’t finished reading it, I’m only 20% into it, I’ll give a full report when I’m done. Now back to work…

When I went to Rupps today, they had about 4 copies. Dunno if they’ll be up on the site today or not.

I can,t wait to see it. I bet the story is gonna suck like all hong kong comics. The art rockss hard though for sure.

I’ve got the SVC Chaos on order with Amazon, has been for the last 4 bloody months! It looks pretty good(well the paintings do anyway!), I just wanna see what violent Ken’s like?!! Now if there’s limbs flying all over the gaff it’ll be Ken delivering da whoop ass for sure!

I’ve read the book. It’s better than I expected but the story is just fight, fight, fight, fight. Don’t go looking for character development here. There’s some silly stuff, there’s some cool stuff, but it’s not a bad book by any means. There’s lots of great art. So, I guess I reccomend it. And for those not able to buy the book right now and need to know what’s going on to make your decision, here’s what went down. If you don’t want to find out what happens, stop reading this post.


Ryu has a dream (SVC Chaos intro) where his fight with Kyo is interupted by Gouki and Mr. Karate. Both of them kill Ryu and Kyo. Ryu is visited by Shin from SVC Card Fighters Clash who is a mystical being working for “The Order.” When he meets Ryu he says, “My name is Shin.” which makes me think of the SFZ Anime, so I immediatly asign him Shun’s Seiyuu in my mind. :rofl: He tells Ryu that this is his fate and he is going to die unless he signs up for a tourney in this dream.

Apparently Geese is gone, I’m assuming this is supposed to take place after he fell out of Geese tower and died around 1998 or so. Vega(Cape) takes over Geese’s business/Tower. Terry tries to bust them up, but is beaten back by Mike Bison(Boxer) and a clone of Orochi Iori. Terry is captured. Shadowloo has a scientist that looks a lot like Dr. Senoh from the SF2 Animated Movie, but his name is Dr. Jones, which is almost, Senoh spelled backwards! :rofl:

After KOF '97, (in the book they clearly say KOF '97) Kyo dissapeared after the Orochi was sealed (Putting this story along with Geese’s fate around 97 - 98 or so.) Kyo dying after the Orochi saga placed him in a parallel world where fighters from all time periods can come to fight. Demitri defeats Kyo, but is chased away by the sunlight. (This is wrong. Demitri’s aura protects him from sunlight, but we can say the sunlight annoyed him and he just got away to get through this part for us canon followers, Pyron’s fake sunlight seemed to annoy him in the Anime even if it wasn’t a weakness.) Another Mystical person of ‘The order,’ Cap from SVC Card Fighters Clash visits Kyo and heals him up. he tells Kyo that Zero(Megaman Zero, the one in the SVC Chaos game) is the current tourney champ, who has even beaten Demitri.

Ryu now awake realizes that if he’s going to die soon, he wants to face Gouki one more time. He finds Gouki and Mr. Karate fighting each other. They kill each other and are granted passage way to the tourney in the parallel world by Shin for you to enter you have to die.

Chun-Li and Guile arrive in Southtown. (Guile is named William Guile here.) Later, Chun-Li comes across one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. Iori is surrounded by Monitor Cyborgs of the SF2 Animated Movie in front of the Neo Geo Arcade! This is like a fusion of the Fatal Fury and SF2 Anime Movies, both which came out in the summer of 1994! Ah, the flashbacks. Anyway, even though Shadowloo has an Orochi Iori clone, they want the real Iori. Iori beats back the robots and Mike Bison(Boxer) because all he wants is to find Kyo again. Cap visits him and tells him that if he wants to find Kyo, he’s going to have to die, so he kills himself. And that’s all they wrote, for now.

Hey Sano, I know this is off topic but, do you happen to have a way to play Japanese games on your PS2/PS1 don’t know which you have most likly a PS2. I’m also assuming you don’t have a dreamcast, but if you do and you can play Japanese games, I can show you a site or two where you can buy all three games in the series. That is if you want. Just trying to help people out who want to enjoy the Justice Series. Thanks for that summary by the by, the plot doesn’t sound too bad. I’v seen most of the comic and know what happens at the end but Im not too good at reading Chinese.

I have a Dreamcast and can play Japanese Games on it. I also have a PS2, a Saturn that can play Japanese games, an X-Box, a Gameboy Advance and a Neo Geo Pocket. The only System I don’t really mess with is Gamecube, not too much in the way of 2D Fighter exclusives over there. There are stores that will mod your PS2 to play Japanese Games, but it violates the warranty.

As for Rival Schools 2, I’m gonna wait a bit and see if Capcom re-releases it. I’m still playing part 1 and a bunch of other fighters I haven’t finished playing with for now. But you can give me the site and I’ll bookmark it because who knows.

SVC Chaos comic? I’ve seen all the issues(they were in chinese) and it looked… ‘interesting’, if nothing else. I’ll buy it. 4 words: Geese riding a mastadon. :rofl:
Thanks for da’ summary, sano.

They’re finally coming out!? Awsome! And now I got my job (games tester, whee!) I’ll hopefully be able to import these ones.

Slight Spoilers below.

When I couldn’t read it but only enjoy the pictures, the story seemed to make sence up until about issue 5 I think, when the martian men appeared, then everything seemed to breakdown and following whats going on was really difficult to impossible.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ryu get his ass handed to him by Akuma infused Dan again. Poor Ryu is everyones bitch in this one. Plus now I might be able to understand why two Ryu’s popped up. Or Ken’s reason for turning “evil” and what Terry said right before he kicked Sagats ass with one hit!

God I love Hong Kong comics.